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Focus on Product Evaluation

Stay informed about the fast-changing marketplace of information and data products, and dig beneath the marketing language.

Access our ever-growing collection of product reviews, walkthroughs and commentary, researched and written by analysts who understand how these resources need to deliver value.

Get clear guidance on creating reliable evaluation methods, with our practical, activities-based articles and reports.

Don't reinvent the wheel - start here, and combine your insider knowledge of business use cases with our foundation of product research and rigorous evaluation techniques.

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Activities-based articles and reports to update your evaluation skills

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Need guidance? Recorded Webinars

Go deeper into "how to," in our Webinars, featuring evaluation examples and walkthroughs of best practice

Comparative product evaluation - breaking it down into manageable pieces

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How do other information teams do it? Community dialogue

Join Community sessions for discussion with your peers and Jinfo's product analysts on what works and why, and opportunities for practicing fresh evaluation approaches that work for the new, innovative products available to you.