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June 2009

Robin NeidorfHow do you add value to information projects? What are three ways you can use social media for competitive intelligence? Is the free news resource, Newser, really free? Where can you get quality government information from UK and European entities, easily online without paying for it?

These are all questions FreePint has helped you answer... in the past 6 weeks alone. That's not even the tip of the iceberg. It's more like the dusting of snow at the top of the tip.

Across the FreePint Family of publications, our hard-working editors and contributors put their experience and insight to work for you. Since the start of the year, we've made often-requested changes to how we publish our flagship resources:

VIP Reports: It's now easier to purchase just the product review you need. VIP Reports on Products provide the unabridged review in a stand-alone format. Check out all the new offerings in the VIP Shop.

FUMSI Reports: The tips in the FUMSI article database offer a wide range of insight on how to Find, Use, Manage and Share Information at work. FUMSI Reports now include Folios - collections of topic-focused articles that you can use for training, orientation, reference... or even customise.

That's not to mention the addition of Jinfo Events, the VIP Wires Weekly, FUMSI Focus... and new offerings we're almost ready to launch for ResourceShelf and DocuTicker.

We're incredibly excited to be exhibiting next month at SLA's Centennial conference, in Washington, D.C. We're exhibiting at TT-9 - don't forget to RSVP your interest in FreePint's SLA Special Report to receive your free copy.

Robin Neidorf,
General Manager, FreePint

P.S. If you haven't taken a look at VIP or FUMSI in the last two months, request updated samples today and see for yourself how the changes improve their usefulness.


"FUMSI is nothing less than a vital resource for me - thank you so much!"
Sarah Hinton,
January, 2009

"I will certainly be renewing my subscription to VIP. There is so much quality content in it that it is a virtual information bonanza for me."
Government information centre Knowledge Manager
December, 2008

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The FreePint Bar Digest is a summary of the latest postings at the FreePint Bar.

The FreePint Bar is a free Q&A forum where you can ask your tricky research and information-related questions. Reply to any posts or add your own questions, and participate with a global community of other contributors.

'Being new in post, I was recently asked a question which I had very few ideas on how to answer. However, after posing the question to FreePint's online community, I had all the information I needed within a few hours. A great service, which I find invaluable.'
-- Peter Coyne, UK
August, 2008

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493773: Re: Photo storage / photolibrary systems (Catherine Johnson)
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493567: Re: Water cooler dealers in Europe & MidEast (marc willems)
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494006: Media Monitoring Agencies (Esther Odiase)
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[494031] Re: Media Monitoring Agencies

Author:Alex Mason
Date:29/05/2009 01:01 pm
Category:Company, Industry, Country and Product Research

Reply To:(#470771) Media Monitoring Agencies
Author:Phil Caisley
Date:17/03/2009 10:12 am

Dow Jones provide a bespoke media evaluation and analysis service, check out

[493773] Re: Photo storage / photolibrary systems

Author:Catherine Johnson
Date:28/05/2009 11:36 am
Category:Computers and Software

Reply To:(#488431) Photo storage / photolibrary systems
Date:05/05/2009 05:20 am

Hopefully you can get some money to preserve this archive.

I used to work in a photo archive for a charity and we reviewed picture management systems a few years ago. Based in the Netherlands these guys are great, really helpful and will advise you. Flexible pricing too.

Good luck!

[493565] Re: Corporate Debt by sector

Date:27/05/2009 02:32 pm
Category:Company, Industry, Country and Product Research

Reply To:(#490682) Corporate Debt by sector
Author:Jennifer townsend
Date:13/05/2009 01:56 pm

If you have access to Bloomberg you could do this for listed companies. Quite a bit of fiddling around though.

[493567] Re: Water cooler dealers in Europe & MidEast

Author:marc willems
Date:27/05/2009 02:39 pm
Category:Company, Industry, Country and Product Research

Reply To:(#492370) Water cooler dealers in Europe & MidEast
Author:Andrew Denny
Date:21/05/2009 11:13 am

Hi Andrew,

Not much of a list of dealers, however a list of names in the UK of water cooler producers/ as a starting point? At the bottom of the page it says, "view a full list of" and that is even printable.

kr, marc
sr information officer

[493531] Internet Resources Newsletter: June issue

Author:Roddy MacLeod
Date:27/05/2009 11:16 am
Category:Information Issues

The latest edition of the FREE monthly newsletter for academics, students and researchers is now available at:

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Internet Resources Newsletter by email and RSS
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A-Z New & Notable Web Sites:
About 100 new and notable websites: new services, ejournals, directories,
search engines, publishers, government sites, booksellers, calls for papers, software,
news services, conferences, research groups, plus anything else of interest, etc, etc.

Nice Web Site(s):
Springer Exemplar

Blogorama and Twittersphere
Selected interesting blogs, RSS feeds and related news items, plus various Twitter items

Recent Internet Books in the Library

Get a life! Leisure Time
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Published by Heriot-Watt University Library, and edited by Roddy MacLeod (, Catherine Ure and Marion Kennedy

[493976] Mobile phones

Date:29/05/2009 06:46 am
Category:Communications and Publishing

I am looking at mobile phones /SMS for specific health purposes and in particular if there have been any reviews of the literature that are recent ? There is also the bigger picture of SMS and related social networks such as facebook and its been hard to find any critical takes on the increasing interest for cost reasons rather than proven efficacy...Bit heavy first thing but can anyone refer me on?

[494006] Media Monitoring Agencies

Author:Esther Odiase
Date:29/05/2009 10:26 am
Category:Company, Industry, Country and Product Research

Hi. I'm new on this site. I'm a Nigerian conducting a research on media monitoring agencies. I'd like to know how the organization functions, how they foster the relationship between advertising agencies and media organizations and if the monitoring results are always accurate. I'd also like to know if controversies arise through these results. An immediate reply will be appreciated.

[494008] Re: Media Monitoring Agencies

Date:29/05/2009 10:33 am
Category:Company, Industry, Country and Product Research

Reply To:(#494006) Media Monitoring Agencies
Author:Esther Odiase
Date:29/05/2009 10:26 am

hi there - i guess you are just interested in the ad spend side of media monitoring?

no service is 100% accurate. they can't be because they do not have access to commercially sensitive deal information (ie when procter and gamble do a big ad deal with media owner x).

however, these services all run on the same principles. they count the number of incidences of ads appearing (either manually or with TV by taking broadcast logs) multiplying this by media rates (the cost of an ad) and often incorporating a discount to produce a value.

its in the interests of these services to talk regularly with media owners and buyers so these both give a good steer on who accurate their information is.

hope this helps!


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