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December 2009

Robin Neidorf Another Online Information exhibition is complete. We had a great week talking with contributors, subscribers, fans and sponsors - thanks for all the great feedback and ideas for how we can make FreePint Family resources even more useful to you.

And we've already received the first few contributions to FreePint's Online Information 2009 Special Report, to be published in January. If you were at the event, please share your observations - anything from a few sentences to a few paragraphs - on what you learned, saw and experienced at the show and conference. We'll include your comments in our report and then send you a free copy, giving you the greater benefit of all the contributions, plus our editorial framework.

(Couldn't make it? You can still complete the form to request a free copy. Or better yet: If you followed aspects of the event via Twitter, blogs, or other means, you can still offer up your perspective on the event. Tell us who you followed and why, what you learned, and how those at events can better connect with those who can't attend.)

As we come up on the holiday season and the New Year, the entire FreePint staff and I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your feedback, ideas, and contributions this year. You've submitted suggestions, participated in research projects, posted questions to the FreePint Bar and contributed to knowledgeable discussion at the VIP LiveWire. Every time you talk to us, we learn something new about what we should be doing better... or at least differently.

Keep the input coming. We can't wait to hear what you need next.

Robin Neidorf,
General Manager, FreePint

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Latest Postings:

520001: Re: Internet Resources Newsletter - Final issue (Tom Szczepanik)
519688: Vintage and Antique market (
519705: France, contracts, indexing value (Mirjana Martic)
519934: Re: France, contracts, indexing value (Mirjana Martic)
519859: market information for Latin America (britta nordstrom)
521134: digital pens or e-pens (Annabel Colley)
521188: [FreePint] Contribute to Online Information Report (Robin Neidorf)
521264: Special libraries market (Hazel Mumford)
521265: Special library closures (Hazel Mumford)

[520001] Re: Internet Resources Newsletter - Final issue

Author:Tom Szczepanik
Date:02/12/2009 08:31 pm
Category:None selected ...

Reply To:(#519658) Internet Resources Newsletter - Final issue
Author:Roddy MacLeod
Date:01/12/2009 10:19 am

Thank you Roddy, Catherine and Marion for the Internet Resources Newsletter. It always had something interesting and will be missed. Trust you will enoy being a silver surfer! Cheers, Tom

^ Contents

[519688] Vintage and Antique market
Date:01/12/2009 02:03 pm
Category:Company, Industry, Country and Product Research

Does anyone know how I can get figures on the UK online vintage/antique market. ie; visitors, average amounts spent per annum etc...? I can only get a few figures from individual traders, but as most sites are quite small or specialist, it is hard to get a larger picture.! Thanks.

^ Contents

[519705] France, contracts, indexing value

Author:Mirjana Martic
Date:01/12/2009 04:53 pm
Category:Company, Industry, Country and Product Research

Hello, I need to find out what is wastly used in France in contracts to assure a perenity of the value (i.e.contracted price + inflation) Do they use the IPC as an measure or other index. I'm completely at lost here, where to look for it. Thank you, Mirjana Martic Business Information Specialist - Business Information Center Strategic Development Societe des alcools du Quebec 905 De Lorimier Montreal (Quebec) H2K 3V9 Canada Phone: 514 254-6000 ext.5542 Fax: 514 255-7214

^ Contents

[519934] Re: France, contracts, indexing value

Author:Mirjana Martic
Date:02/12/2009 03:14 pm
Category:Company, Industry, Country and Product Research

Reply To:(#519705) France, contracts, indexing value
Author:Mirjana Martic
Date:01/12/2009 04:53 pm

Just to close the subject: the answer is found in the INSEE (National institut of statistics and economic analysis and the shortest form of it is that yes, IPC is used, among other, in contracts (l'IPC, publié au Journal Officiel chaque mois, sert à indexer de nombreux contrats privés, des pensions alimentaires, des rentes viagères et aussi à indexer le SMIC.) Mirjana Martic

^ Contents

[519859] market information for Latin America

Author:britta nordstrom
Date:02/12/2009 11:33 am
Category:Company, Industry, Country and Product Research

I need some good sources for Company and product information for any Latin American country. It does not have to be in English- Spanish and Portugese is fine

^ Contents

[521134] digital pens or e-pens

Author:Annabel Colley
Date:07/12/2009 04:36 pm
Category:Computers and Software

Hi Does anyone have any experience with digital pens or electronic pens (e-pens)? I am overwhelmed with the choice and want to buy one as an xmas present. Logitech? Dane-Elec ZPen? Digiscribble? APComE-Pens? They all allow you to write your handwritten notes on normal paper and it sends the data wirelessly to a USB clip that clips onto the top of the paper you are writing on. You can then USB it into your PC where the writing can be converted to printed text (word etc) / imported into various applications using software that comes with the Pen. User reviews obviously vary, but training to handwriting and OCR drop out seems to be a key issue. They range from as low at £30 (too good to be true? ) to £200+ Any freepinters had any experience good or bad with these devices? Thanks Annabel Colley

^ Contents

[521188] [FreePint] Contribute to Online Information Report

Author:Robin Neidorf
Date:08/12/2009 12:43 am

Hi -- What a great experience we had at Online Information 2009 last week! We'll be sharing photos shortly... In the meantime, we're already getting our first contributions to the FreePint Online Information 2009 Special Report. Share your insights -- anything from a few sentences to a few paragraphs -- on what you learned, saw and connected with at the event. Online submission form: All contributors receive a free copy of the full report upon publication. Couldn't attend? Please complete the form to request your free copy. Can't wait to see what new ideas everyone took home-- Robin Robin Neidorf General Manager, FreePint

^ Contents

[521264] Special libraries market

Author:Hazel Mumford
Date:08/12/2009 10:23 am
Category:Information Issues

I'm trying to get a feel for the current market size for special/technical information services in the UK.

^ Contents

[521265] Special library closures

Author:Hazel Mumford
Date:08/12/2009 10:25 am
Category:Information Issues

I'm looking for information on the closure of special/technical libraries, over the last few years.

^ Contents

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