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FreePint 24th July 2008

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By William Hann and Robin Neidorf

William HannWe're on an economic rollercoaster, and there's no telling where the track will twist next. It's almost impossible to attend any networking or professional development events without hearing another tale of a resource centre shutting down, redundancies, cost cutting and other tales of financial woe.

Robin NeidorfWhich makes Veronica Kennard's recently published FUMSI article all the more timely. Veronica, an industry veteran who has led the information department of Rothschild since 1991, has seen her share of ups and downs, and she offers practical advice for surviving and even thriving in a down economy. Among her top tips are the following gems:

Hang on for the ride

  • Understand how a downturn changes your employer's business focus
  • Provide the right resources to reflect these changes
  • Have clear usage figures so you can contain costs
  • Train end-users to use information services cost-effectively
  • Update your core skills - and be visible!

In other words, it's possible to become more rather than less valuable, when times get tough. Be nimble, be well-trained, be informed and be indispensible!

Some skill-sets never seem to go out of style, no matter what's happening in the larger economy. For example, our ongoing relationships with recruiters and employers through our Jinfo service have given us the insight that qualified records managers are in high demand. Regardless of economic hardship, organisations are beholden to statutes and regulations that demand rigorous standards of records management. If you are qualified for these roles, subscribe to the free Jinfo Jobs Update, as you may find good leverage for negotiating your next pay rise. And if you aren't qualified for these roles, perhaps it's something to explore!

Our jobs are changing, our businesses and organisations are changing, and the metrics by which we measure success are changing. Our industry as a whole is changing. One of the striking observations of our reporting on SLA's 2008 Annual Conference in Seattle is how much the information industry continues to contend with major shifts. Social media tools, mobile resources and devices, teleworking trends... these topics and more were raised and discussed by conference participants in VIP Magazine's SLA Special Report. (A copy of the report is freely available to all SLA members, as well as VIP and FUMSI subscribers -- simply complete this form to request your copy. Non-members and non-subscribers can request a copy when they complete the VIP Sample Request form at - simply note 'SLA Special Report' when asked how you heard about VIP, and we'll include a copy with your sample.

How are you engaging with change? Talk about your challenges, experiences and emerging needs at the FreePint Bar. You're sure to find others who can help you along the way.

William Hann, Publisher
Robin Neidorf, General Manager
Free Pint Limited

FreePint is a Registered Trademark of Free Pint Limited (R) 1997-2008

Dow Jones Factiva

Reading the Technology Tea Leaves: Trends in Media and Information Technologies

The recorded presentation is now available

Join the Dow Jones webcast and hear Greg Merkle, VP and Creative Director, Dow Jones & Company discuss the impact of new technologies and highlights some of the emerging tools that organizations will soon need to adopt. Listen now and feel free to share with others.


To blog or not to blog... That is the question.

Get business-oriented answers with the New FUMSI Report: Social Media Tools Report and Tool Kit

Author Patrice Curtis provides organizations with answers rooted in business strategy and goals. 7 hands-on activities create structure, build a business case, and create measurable outcomes with social media tools. Get your questions answered, and make social media tools a strategic part of your communications and community-building plans.

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 My Favourite Tipples

By Sara Waddington

Sara Waddington

These tipples are based around switching off your computer and making the most of your leisure opportunities by planning a day, or evening, out.

Have fun!

  • The Ramblers' Association promotes British walking and aims to improve conditions for all walkers. Paths and routes, walking events, equipment shops and a range of practical information for walkers can be found on this website.

  • Weather worrying is a typical British pastime, but the Met Office website really helps you to forward plan a journey by checking UK, European and world weather forecasts, with weather warning feeds and research facts and figures (such as climate change).

  • Google Maps provides detailed and zoomable maps focused on an address or post code. Maps can be searched by business category. You can also download driving directions to route plan a journey and check distances.

  • What'sOnStage is a handy portal to search theatre listings across the country. Show news and reviews, as well as a magazine, are available as well as online links to ticketing sources, promotions/offers and availability and a theatre club.

  • If you are looking to buy a new or used car or wish to compare car financing packages, find insurance, look for car hire/parts/accessories or even look up the latest news and reviews on various models, then the AutoTrader website is a useful tool.

Sara Waddington is senior managing editor of Free Pint Ltd. She can be contacted at

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LexisNexis Butterworths vs. Westlaw UK

VIP compares them on sources, searching, interface and output

Plus an exclusive interview with Clare Hart, and an in-depth review of CCH from Wolters Kluwer.

VIP Magazine: premium reviews and analysis for premium content purchasers:

 FreePint Bar

By Sara Waddington

Sara WaddingtonThe FreePint Bar is generously sponsored by Dow Jones Factiva

Sovereign Wealth Funds, market research, information risk, book marketing and knowledge management are hot topics on the Bar at the moment. See a round-up of recent conversations below and click through to join the discussion. Post your research dilemmas to the FreePint Bar

  • One FreePinter is looking for reports and information on Sovereign Wealth Funds? Can you help?

  • Another Pinter is looking for a source which provides market research on the global online information services market. Please send over your suggestions

  • Does the Bar have a good definition of "information risk", to support an information audit project? One Pinter is helping a colleague write an information risk policy and they are stuck at the first hurdle ..... (And for your own information audit project, check out Information Auditing Report and Tool Kit, a FUMSI Report.)

  • Another Pinter is seeking ideas on how to increase availability of a book published two years ago. Suggestions are needed as to what he can do to ensure a reliable channel of supply to which he can refer customers? Any ideas?

  • A Barista, soon to start a new job, is setting up a Knowledge Management function in a small but high growth potential management consultancy. However, he has always used existing bespoke systems ad would love to hear advice from others who have set up new systems, how they selected vendors, what the pitfalls might be and any other advice.

Sara Waddington is senior managing editor of Free Pint Ltd. She can be contacted at

The FreePint Bar is where you can get free help with your tricky research questions <>

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 FUMSI Features

FUMSIFUMSI publishes articles, tools, and a monthly magazine, to give you practical help with information skills. Visit

However you Find, Use, Manage or Share Information, you'll find something in FUMSI to help.

We add new articles to the FUMSI database in each practice area every month, which are free to read, browse, email, print or save. Here are the most recent additions:

The EU: Closer Than You Thought!

FUMSI: Share

There is a plethora of information available on the workings of the European Union and European Commission, but it's not always easy to know where to find it. Judith Schilling presents a guide for individuals and institutional researchers to the best starting points for finding official EU information.

WHAT'S INSIDE: 'So enthusiastic is the demand for EU information in the United Kingdom that, in 2007, about one third of all publications ordered via the EU Bookshop from privileged partners in the EU27 was delivered to recipients in the UK.'

Read, print, save or forward this article now. »

Do We Have To Work Harder in a Downturn?


During times of economic turbulence, information professionals are under particular pressure to show the value of their work. Veronica Kennard provides practical advice for weathering the storm by maintaining visibility, striving for cost efficiencies and, above all, by creative hard work.

WHAT'S INSIDE: 'In a downturn, management's eyes are focused on costs as revenues fall. Information professionals need to understand the changes in the business and what new areas are important to fee earners. It may be that different industry sectors or geographical regions are taking precedence. Information resources need to be available for the new focus.'

Read, print, save or forward this article now »

Also recently Added to the FUMSI Database:

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VIP Special Report - SLA

VIP Special Report -

SLA Members, VIP and FUMSI Subscribers:
Get your Free Copy of VIP Magazine's SLA Special Report

We asked participants to share their insights, learnings and observations -- the resulting report offers a unique view of the 2008 Annual Conference. Request your free copy today.


FUMSI Tools: Flexible Resources for Information Projects

New from FUMSI:

Individual tools get projects off to a strong start. Purchase individually, or receive *all* tools as part of your FUMSI Subscription.

 Jinfo - Jobs in Information

JinfoThe Jinfo service enables you to search and advertise information- related job vacancies.

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Here is a selection of the latest featured entries in the Jinfo database:

  • Freelance information researchers/analysts
    Freelance research/analyst positions for regular market research projects
    Recruiter: Juicy Info
    Country: United Kingdom

  • Sector Analyst/Researchers (3)
    To specialise in either TMT, Retail or Financial Services / Real Estate sectors - SOME HOME WORKING POSSIBLE
    Recruiter: Glen Recruitment
    Country: United Kingdom

  • Information Officer
    A 6 month role working as part of an on-going project in Manchester.
    Recruiter: Weekes Gray Recruitment
    Country: United Kingdom

  • Assistant Information Professional
    Based in Knowledge Centre of the Security Service, participate in front-line investigation, liaise with information officers
    Recruiter: MI5
    Country: United Kingdom

  • Practice Development Executive
    Magic circle law firm has a permanent role supporting the delivery of a wide range of knowledge mana...
    Recruiter: Sue Hill Recruitment and Services Limited
    Country: United Kingdom

  • Knowledge Executive/Assistant
    To work for a global organisation in Central London and support Knowledge Managers in the Financial Services sector
    Recruiter: Glen Recruitment
    Country: United Kingdom

[The above jobs are paid listings]

NB: These are just a selection of information-related jobs in the Jinfo database <>. Receive the latest job listings weekly with the free Jinfo Update. Free to subscribe at <>

Jinfo -- the best place for information-related job vacancies.

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 Recently in VIP

VIP VIP publishes in-depth, unbiased reviews of business information products. If you purchase or use premium information resources, make VIP part of your professional reading every month.

VIP issue 55VIP issue no. 55 includes:

  • Thriving in Turbulent Times: Clare Hart, President of the Dow Jones Enterprise Media Group, talks exclusively to VIPís Tim Buckley Owen.
  • Law and Beyond: Diane Raper provides an in-depth comparison of the Big Two legal information providers, LexisNexis Butterworths and Westlaw UK, while Jonathan Gordon-Till takes a close look at, provider of access to full-text publications in tax and accountancy.
  • Asia Rising: A host of news on developments in China, Japan and the rest of the Asia Pacific, from mobile data services in China to the blossoming Asia Pacific business information market.
  • Security Data: VIP reports on alarming UK Home Office plans to collect phone, email and Internet data on a single massive database.

In the next VIP: We take a close look at the BBC News Monitoring Service and EIU World Data. Purchase VIP issue no. 55 from the VIP website, or start your subscription now:

NEW: Now publishing the VIP LiveWire Commentary on the industry, by the VIP editorial team. Get its insight on trends, products, user needs and more.

Recent posts:

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 Highlights from ResourceShelf and DocuTicker

ResourceShelfEvery week, the editors of ResourceShelf explore a Resource of the Week. Get them for free every week via email by subscribing to the ResourceShelf Newsletter.

Recently published:

Resource of the Week: Niche Statistics. I am not a specialist. I am a generalist. Numerous times in the course of the average workweek, I am asked for something I've never even tried to find before. Probably more than half the time, this involves statistics. Almost always, I can ferret out something useful and - most important - make it look easy » Read the rest, including live links

DocuTicker publishes citations of full-text, free reports available on the web. Visit daily for new postings, or subscribe to the weekly DocuTicker Newsletter.


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