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FreePint 18th November 2010


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  • Supporting international students in HE
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  • Inside the Global Asbestos Trade
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By Robin Neidorf

Robin Neidorf

'Tis the season to refine budgets. The period between mid-November and mid-December (when so many of us check out mentally even before the holiday starts) is, in many organisations, budget season. The first draft has been reviewed, and the serious work of making the case for the right expenditures is underway.

November News MonthA number of FreePint Family resources can help with the budgeting process:

'November News Month' - VIP Trial Subscription

If you need a helping hand with product evaluation, VIP is the right resource. Our in-depth product reviews are like having an extra staffer, tasked specifically with seeking out and evaluating content resources.

This month is a particularly valuable time to start a trial subscription, as it's 'November News Month', when VIP content focuses on one of the most important and at times confusing content categories: business news.

Start your three-month subscription to VIP with November News Month,and you'll get a host of reports and features all examining news content in detail, including:

  • The VIP Report: Product Review of Dow Jones Factiva and a feature story on criteria to consider in selecting news sources with tables comparing 5 popular premium news offerings on a number of dimensions.

  • You'll also get the FreePint Research Report: News Needs & Preferences, our detailed analysis of this year's survey on what content buyers want and need in their news offerings. Over 30 figures explain the data from the survey, and open-ended comments add texture. One respondent comment reflects themes emerging throughout the study:

    "We can't live without premium news sources... but the overall value of news content to the organisation has decreased; we will significantly scale back one large product next year to cut costs based on lower usage."

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FreePint Research Report:
Economic Impact

If you need a broader perspective on developments in the industry and ideas for how to plan for 2011, consider the FreePint Research Report: Economic Impact, published in September 2010. This report, based on survey input from over 400 knowledge workers and information managers, tracks developments in budgets and staffing and highlights emerging opportunities even in challenging times.

Jinfo - Build Your Team

Hiring is starting to pick up. If you've been given the green light to expand your team, consider a listing on Jinfo. In an average month, Jinfo hosts 20,000 keyword searches from professionals seeking information-related roles. Your listing is live in the database as long as you need it there for a single low cost and is also sent out to job seekers via the Jinfo Update and in the FreePint Newsletter.

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See You at Online Information 2010

Mid-November is also when we at FreePint are putting the final touches on our exhibition plans for Online Information. Will you be there? Please stop by Stand No. 123 to talk about FreePint Family resources and plans for 2011 and how we can help you.

Robin Neidorf
General Manager

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 My Favourite Tipples

Kate Simpson

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By Kate Simpson

Design Patterns

As someone who often finds herself working in Knowledge Management, I am drawn to re-using what the experts have already done in my field, and avoiding reinventing that all important wheel. Rather than a list of 'best practices' in interaction, information and usability design, these libraries offer lots of inspirational alternatives when architecting or wireframing your new website, intranet or other web-based application.

  • Yahoo! Design Pattern Library is probably the most popular and famous within UX/IxD, and is the best place to start. It covers the broadest spectrum of patterns involving social media and rich interactions (eg. where interfaces are dimmed to allow the eyes to focus on the important stuff of your website etc).

  • Having done a number of enterprise search implementations I became just a little obsessive about designing search results pages that actually aided the user in findability - a search box alone can't solve it. The two top 'search pattern' libraries that became my most visited during design phases were: Peter Morville's collection on Flickr (as well as his O'Reilly Book on Search Patterns) and Endeca's YAPL (Yet Another Pattern Library) which is a more recent but hugely welcome addition to the pattern library genre.

  • Although they are the best three by far, I do have a couple of others that now sit in my Delicious bookmarks sidebar: Factory Joe's listing (also on Flickr) captures 'consistent, unique or interesting interfaces and design flows from across the Web'.

  • And's Interaction Design Pattern Library - who lists the very simple to the very complex interactions with good examples from the web of where the pattern has been used well. Like the other libraries it does a good job of describing the 'when to use, how, and why':

  • And the other is for mobile interfaces (which I haven't yet needed to design for - I just like to know why I wish my mobile did some of this findability better). It is a 2-part article on designing faceted search pages for mobile.

Kate Simpson is the contributing editor for FUMSI: Manage and is a freelance information & knowledge architect based in Toronto, Canada. She's spent the last 10+ years turning a legal education into a passion for complex information spaces (law firms, publishing, government, etc). Through her company Tangledom, Kate tends toward the obsessive when exploring the different ways we can make information and knowledge easier to find, use, share and manage within our organisations. Find out more at her website and keep up to date with her thoughts on

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Latest posts at the FreePint Bar:

  • [FUMSI] Latest popular articles

    The following are the most popular FUMSI articles over the last 30 days:

    * Software for Taxonomy Creation and Management
    * Curated information: what it means for researchers
    * Mobile Technologies in Libraries
    * Creating Information Communities with Twitter: Notes for Publishers and Content Providers
    * For Digital Asset Management, Search is Not Enough

    Free uses of FUMSI articles are supported by our sponsors.
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  • [VIP] Latest popular LiveWire posts

    There's a lot of valuable comment at the VIP LiveWire. The following are the most popular posts from our contributing editors over the last 30 days:

    * ILI 2010: the future lies in the cloud
    * NOOKcolor
    * Social media - time for some clear heads?
    * Overload - discipline or gizmos?
    * UBM shows B2B how to evolve

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  • [RS] Resource of the Week: GIS Bibliography

    GIS, of course, is an acronym for Geographic Information Systems. And ESRI is the company most closely associated with GIS. You probably don't know that ESRI is the acronym for Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc., founded in 1969 by Jack Dangermond -- "one of several GIS pioneers who studied at the Harvard Laboratory for Computer Graphics and Spatial Analysis."
    Read posting online »

  • [FreePint] Info on the Go

    There's still time to participate in the FreePint Research Survey: Enterprise Market for Mobile Content. Unless you have no mobile devices (and yes, I know there are a few Luddites out there), your input on this very brief survey will help us create a useful benchmark for growth of small-screen information resources in the future. You'll get a free copy of the full report upon publication.

    Why focus on mobile devices? Simply put, mobile computing is one of the most dynamic areas of the information world today. Twice in the past two months, as I prepared presentations for different industry groups, I had to remind myself that the launch of Apple's iPad was only 10 months ago -- already it feels like it should be longer ago than that!

    Most of the trade commentary, however, looks at adoption in the consumer space. In the enterprise arena, a number of key factors, such as security, infrastructure investment and licensing questions, have prevented market demand from growing as quickly. The first phase of FreePint Research: Enterprise Market for Mobile Content surfaced many of these barriers. If your company would benefit from an insider's look at those barriers, consider booking a custom webinar briefing on the results.
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FUMSIFUMSI publishes articles, tools, and a monthly magazine, to give you practical help with information skills. Visit

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We add new articles to the FUMSI database in each practice area every month, which are free to read, browse, email, print or save. Here are the most recent additions:

Software for Taxonomy Creation and Management

Heather HeddenBy Heather Hedden
FUMSI: Manage

There are many tools that can be used to create taxonomies from Excel, for those that are simple, to large scale, multi-user thesaurus systems, for those that are complex. In addition, there are many systems which are built for one purpose (for example content management) but also offer some taxonomy functionality. To steer us through the maze, Heather Heddon looks at the pros and cons of a range of approaches to taxonomy creation and management.

WHAT'S INSIDE: 'Taxonomies are useful tools for bringing users to desired content, but tools are also needed to create and manage taxonomies. Choice of software should depend on your platform/system architecture, number and location of users, auto-classification needs, import/export capabilities or plug-ins, and the need to integrate with other business software systems.'

Read, print, save or forward this article now »

Corporate Culture vs The Social Intranet

Andy TeddBy Andy Tedd
FUMSI: Share

Some senior managers think that 'social=not work' so, coupled with their concerns about the level of investment required and when they will see any return on it, promoting the implementation of social media as part of an intranet development has its challenges. But using the arguments and examples in this article from Andy Tedd, it's possible to show that the use of social tools makes for a better workforce...and which senior manager could argue with that!

WHAT'S INSIDE: 'The most common questions seem to be: What's the ROI on social media?; Do we implement from the top down or bottom up? However the debate around whether or not corporations should implement social media is a philosophical one rather than one which can be determined by metrics. Also implementing a basic social media framework does not need to cost the kind of money that will even be noticed. As for 'top down or bottom up', a successful implementation programme will include both elements, even if by accident rather than design.'

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The latest recommendations and tips from our editors, contributors and community:

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FUMSI - Forthcoming Topics

  • Embedded librarians
  • HTML5 for info pros
  • Finding private company information
  • The Big Three: Comparison of Bing, Yahoo and Google
  • Newspaper paywalls: What they mean for info pros

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 VIP Features

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VIP issue 84News - A VIP Editorial

News has been in the news a lot lately. First there was the issue of whether the Newspaper Licensing Agency (NLA) was legally entitled to charge commercial aggregators for the use of links to its members' news items - then more recently the paywall erected by News International around the Times newspaper and its companion publications.

Both these issues are ongoing. The NLA is awaiting rulings from both the Copyright Tribunal and the High Court, and early subscriber figures suggest that the Times experiment is indeed proving to be pretty high risk. Meanwhile above all this glides the Financial Times, shunning the NLA's services and relying on its status as a must-read for business to erect a paywall of its own that has so far stood the test of time.

So to say that FreePint is carrying out its latest News Needs and Preferences Survey in interesting times is a bit of an understatement. Presenting the key results in this issue of VIP, FreePint's Robin Neidorf highlights a real dilemma for news vendors: users acknowledge that premium sources do offer search, targeting and analytics that the free services can't match - yet they still intend to increase their use of free resources, and are actually asking the premium vendors to focus on cutting prices, not increasing the very features that distinguish them from the free stuff.

There is a crumb of comfort for the vendors. A year ago, in the economic mire, customers were focused almost exclusively on driving down costs; now, with the way ahead a little clearer, they are able at last to take a more balanced view.

Which means that it's also a great time for VIP to be reviewing two news products that focus sharply on the value they can add to the raw content: Newsdesk 4 from Moreover Technologies, and Factiva, owned by News Corporation subsidiary Dow Jones.

They make an interesting comparison. As reviewer Heidi Longaberger points out, Factiva is long-established and pre-eminent - an 'establishment' tool, if you like - that is just now doing an excellent job of incorporating news from the blogosphere and other social media into its portfolio, as well as adding platforms and upgrades to its mobile offering.

Meanwhile fellow reviewer Penny Crossland explains that Moreover already aggregates a myriad of social media sources, applying far more efficient filters to its search results than would be possible just using a conventional search engine - although closer to a search engine it is in other respects, because it doesn't syndicate content, but simply provides links to the original articles.

It's an intriguing juxtaposition. Does one represent the past and the other the future? Or is there room for both models as they profit from access to a rapidly growing audience?

Add to this rich fare Heidi's excellent essay on what she looks for when evaluating a news product, and all our regulars: Tap the Wire, In Scope, Horizon, and Anne Jordan's meticulous assessment of what's in and what's out sourcewise.

Happy reading? Possibly. Intriguing? Definitely.

Tim Buckley Owen
News Editor, VIP

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Most Read Postings on the LiveWire Recently...

  • Business networking -- broader and smarter
    Both LinkedIn and ZoomInfo have announced new service developments recently. But while the mighty LinkedIn continues to branch out through acquisitions, ZoomInfo is boxing clever with new software to attack the perennial bugbear of user-generated content: how to keep it up to date...
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  • ILI 2010: the future lies in the cloud
    Day two of this year's Internet Librarian International Conference, held in London on October 14 and 15 concentrated on the use of digital media in a library environment and included some thought-provoking presentations. The overriding theme of the day was: embrace the virtual world or become irrelevant...
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  • New Private Company Data Source: Quid
    A story by Bloomberg News this week introduced Quid Inc (, a startup based in the San Francisco Bay Area that is jumping into the private company database game. According to the piece by Bloomberg News writer Ari Levy, Quid - founded by Yelp and YouNoodle alumni - is focusing on private companies in the tech space...
    Read posting online »

  • NOOKcolor
    It's got a full color multi-touch screen, runs apps, allows you to surf the Web...and yet it's not made by Apple. This week Barnes & Noble rolled out its newest iteration of the NOOK, NOOKcolor, and it appears to be an evolutionary jump from the standard black and white eReader towards a more fully functioned tablet PC. As James McQuivey, who covers consumer product strategy for Forrester, pointed out in his Oct 26 blog posting, 'Because one day, all eReaders will be tablets, just as all tablets are already eReaders'...
    Read posting online »

  • Information industry looks to growth and greenness
    Emerging economies and sustainability are often seen as being in conflict with one another. But information and technology companies are starting to show their credentials in both spheres...
    Read posting online »

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VIP Wire

Information-related product and news announcements. Post your releases and subscribe to the free VIP Wires Weekly for regular alerts.

Recent VIP Wire announcements...

  • Berkshire Publishing Collection now on Credo
    Boston and Oxford, 11th November 2010 - Credo Reference, the award winning online reference library, has significantly expanded their agreement with the Berkshire Publishing Group. Five major Berkshire resources--31 acclaimed volumes in all--will be available for the first time through the Credo Publisher Collection service.
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  • announces new affiliate scheme
    Today, announces the launch of an affiliate scheme which allows third parties to offer its online catalogue in return for revenue share. The scheme is managed by Trade Tracker a leading affiliate networking company.
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  • University of Edinburgh gets PebblePad
    The University of Edinburgh offers students and staff online personal learning system, PebblePad

    Staff and students at the University of Edinburgh are now benefitting from access to award-winning online learning space PebblePad. All staff and 22,000 undergraduate students have access to their own PebblePad accounts which are hosted by Pebble Learning in a software as a service model. Established over 400 years ago, the University is one of the UK's largest and Scotland's number one research university...
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Financial Times

FreePint Research: Mobile Enterprise Market for Mobile Content

Insights from in-depth interviews with information managers at large organisations regarding their wants, needs and challenges around mobile content.

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Research supported by the Financial Times. Find out more about the FT's award-winning iPad app.

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JinfoJinfo is the central location for supporting your information career. The Jinfo Jobs database lists vacancies, and the Jinfo Events database lists workshops, conferences, training, webinars and other professional development opportunities.

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Jinfo Jobs:

Here is a selection of the latest featured vacancies in the Jinfo database:

  • Researcher - Maternity Cover
    A leading financial services advisory business is looking to hire a Researcher to cover Maternity...
    Recruiter: TFPL Intelligent Resources
    Country: United Kingdom

  • Knowledge Management Executives (3)
    Knowledge Management support opportunities (3) for candidates who are experienced and passionate about K.M. implementation on a global basis.
    Recruiter: Glen Recruitment
    Country: United Kingdom

  • Business Researcher
    Do you have Bloomberg & Datastream experience? Looking for temp & perm research roles in London? We need you. Contact us on 020 7378 7068 or email
    Recruiter: Sue Hill Recruitment and Services Limited
    Country: United Kingdom

  • Junior Research Analyst
    Prestigious management consultancy is looking to hire a Junior Research Analyst to support its UK...
    Recruiter: Sue Hill Recruitment and Services Limited
    Country: United Kingdom

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Here is a selection of the latest featured events in the Jinfo database:

  • Supporting international students in HE
    This one-day workshop will focus on practical approaches to supporting international students in higher education.
    Organiser: CILIP
    Date: 30th Nov 2010
    Country: United Kingdom

  • Mobile Cloud Computing Forum
    1 day conference and exhibition on Enterprise Mobile Cloud Computing and Enterprise Apps.
    Organiser: Keynote
    Date: 1st Dec 2010
    Country: Online

  • Online Mobile Cloud Computing Forum
    Free to View event streaming.
    Organiser: Keynote
    Date: 1st Dec 2010
    Country: Online

  • Online Information 2010
    The leading UK event covering the full spectrum of online content and information management solutions.
    Organiser: Incisive Media
    Date: 30th Nov - 2nd Dec 2010
    Country: United Kingdom

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Recently published:

Resource of the Week - The Chile Pepper Institute

I did not realize that the chile pepper was New Mexico's state vegetable, but...of course it is. I happened upon The Chile Pepper Institute website at the Day Job, while helping a food writer. The bricks-and-mortar institute is located at New Mexico State University in Las Cruces.

The Chile Pepper Institute (CPI) is a research-based, international nonprofit organization devoted to education, research, and archiving information related to Capsicum. We are dedicated to educating the world about the wonders of chile peppers.

For research purposes, you'll want to click on the Chile Information link. You'll find some statistics on acreage, cash receipts, etc. (alas, 2005/2006 vintage) and a quite extensive library of guides and circulars, including... View entire posting, including live links »

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