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FreePint 23rd December 2010


My Favourite Tipples

FreePint Bar

FUMSI Features

  • ISKO UK's Legal Know-How Event: Organization & Semantic Analysis
  • Microformats: Digging Deeper into the Web

VIP Features

  • Sustainability and Competitiveness - A VIP Editorial
  • Recent postings to the LiveWire
  • Recent postings to the Wire

Jinfo - Jobs and Events

Jobs in Information:

  • Medical Library Manager
  • Call for Candidates
  • Senior Information Specialist
  • Knowledge Management Executives (3)

Events in Information:

  • Copyright at Work
  • Getting the most out of Google

Highlights from DocuTicker

  • 2010 Catastrophe Update: Part I, Global Insured Losses in 2010
  • 2010 Financial Report of the United States Government

Highlights from ResourceShelf

  • FCC Acts to Preserve Internet Freedom and Openness
  • A New Portrait of America, First 2010 Census Results


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Robin NeidorfBy Robin Neidorf

We're celebrating the holiday with our best pricing on VIP and FUMSI ever -- 40% off the cost of an annual subscription for both publications, but only through 4 January 2011. If you're catching up on professional reading during the in-between week, take advantage of the chance to be informed throughout 2011 at a budget-conscious price. Learn more and order online now »

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We have plenty to celebrate, and hope you do as well:

A Terrific Team

Warmest wishes to you for a happy and successful 2011I often say in this editorial how important are the people we work with. It can't be said too often. The FreePint Family staff and contributors are among the best out there.

When it comes to good people, you can never have enough. Do you want to contribute an article, product review, insight or tip? Learn about contribution opportunities, then email our newest team member, Michelle Manafy, Director of Content, with your ideas:

Great Tools, and Continuous Improvement

Just a few weeks ago, we implemented FreePint Family Search as a way to search across all the pages on all the sites in the FreePint Family -- all 290,000 of them! I've already rediscovered gems in our own collection of content I'd forgotten about. If you haven't yet tried it, I promise you the cross-site search will guide you to content you never knew we provided... much of it free to use, through the support of our sponsors. Try a search now »

That's only the more visible of the focus on continuous improvement. A lot of behind-the-scenes work has been going on as well, making the ResourceBlog and DocuBase more functional, for example. We get feature requests every day from readers and contributors alike. Even if we can't do everything immediately, your ideas always help us think harder about what we should be doing next.

Have a suggestion for a feature that would make FreePint Family resources more useful to you? Please submit to our online suggestion box, or take a few minutes to complete our brief online survey on topics you want covered in 2011.

Global Resources, Desktop Results

In an average week, I'm communicating with contributors in the United Kingdom, North America, and Europe; supporting customers in Australia and New Zealand; reading content that relates to every continent except Antarctica (and I'll bet there are a few postings relating to the Ross Ice Shelf, if I only looked for them). FreePint makes the world smaller, by building global connections.
At the same time, the value of FreePint can only be measured one desktop at a time. Did we make a job easier for someone today?

Here's a recent comment from a VIP subscriber:

VIP is the most important magazine around these days for content buyers. It has invaluable reviews, comparisons, up to date product news and what's next in Technology. It is well rounded, informative and gives an unbiased opinion which helps you navigate yourself through the tangled jungle of what to buy in the Online product market.
-- Craig Moran, Grant Thornton UK

That's what it's all about for us. Get some of that benefit for yourself when you subscribe to VIP, or take advantage of our year-end special 40% off pricing for VIP + FUMSI.

Warmest wishes to you for a happy and successful 2011,

Robin Neidorf
Director of Research

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 My Favourite Tipples

Jan KnightBy Jan Knight

When asked to supply some Tipples, I realised that rather than think of websites I first thought of e-newsletters that I receive and scan regularly. Some of the following sites require logins but the newsletters are free. For me they provide thought provoking ideas or information to share with colleagues and clients in addition to just being of personal interest.

  • Springwise: "Your daily fix of entrepreneurial ideas"
    Springwise editors, with the help of thousands of 'spotters', scan the globe for smart new entrepreneurial business ideas. The newsletter is visually pleasing and provides a great summary of ideas from all over the world. When I scan their weekly newsletter I'm often left wondering 'Why didn't I think of that?'

  • EPM Communications, Inc.: This site provides research and tracking trends in consumer behaviour, marketing and media use. Specific topics include data on youth, women, ethnicities and consumers overall. I subscribe to the free newsletter called RA Datafile (Research Alert) and use the snippets of diverse information either for my own general interest or send to clients and colleagues as a great way of keeping in touch. Did you know that survey data shows that '44% of workers would go to work with a fever'!? Very timely for the December cold season!

  • This Executive IT Management Briefing is part of a family of newsletters from this site that also covers IT for Healthcare, Government, Financial Services, Compliance and BioTech. The Healthcare IT newsletters often helps to keep me alert to everyday issues for my personal use and the BioTech IT is useful for many of my clients. Again, a good resource for sending on useful snippets of information now and then to people you might want to connect with regularly.

  • The WayBack Machine at This is actually one of the more popular sites that I share when giving workshops on market research and looking for business information. I suggest people use the WayBack Machine (see center of the home page) when researching former product lines and histories of companies or organisations. It attempts to provide earlier versions of websites to be seen as they were at the time. It's fun, for example, to see how companies change their branding over time.

  • Beloit College Mindset List: If you want to feel old and dated, check out the list. This may be more pertinent to US readers than to others but it's something I love to read once a year. Since 1998, Beloit College has published this list of 'cultural touchstones' that shape the lives of entering first-year university students. It has become a catalogue of the 'rapidly changing worldview of each new generation' and the current one highlights that mindset for students hoping to graduate from college in 2014. Its Facebook page receives more then 400,000 hits annually.

Jan Knight is an independent market research consultant and President of Bancroft Information Services. She provides customised business intelligence and secondary market research to consultants and companies in all industries. Her work helps to shape business plans, marketing strategies and new business development for a diverse set of clients including start-ups, technology companies, marketing strategists, and small and medium businesses. Jan is also the newest member of the team of contributing editors for the VIP LiveWire.

Would you like to add your Favourite Tipples suggestions for the FreePint Newsletter or write an article for FUMSI (Find, Use, Manage or Share Information?).

If so, please submit them to

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 FreePint Bar

The FreePint Bar is where we publish information about the latest content from across the FreePint Family of resources.

The FreePint Bar is sponsored by:

Dow Jones      Bureau Van Dijk

Latest posts at the FreePint Bar:

  • [FreePint] Year-end limited time discount

    If you're working during the quiet, end-of-year period, consider taking advantage of the deepest discount we've ever offered on VIP and FUMSI subscriptions: 40% off a one-year package of VIP + FUMSI, if you order before 4 January 2011. Learn more and order now.
    Enjoy your holidays... and catching up on your professional reading!
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  • [FUMSI] Latest popular articles

    The following are the most popular FUMSI articles over the last 30 days:

    * Software for Taxonomy Creation and Management
    * Community is a six letter word
    * US Private Companies: Research and Analysis
    * Corporate Culture vs The Social Intranet
    * Treasuring Twitter: The Why and How of Preserving Tweets

    Free uses of FUMSI articles are supported by our sponsors.
    Read posting online »

  • [VIP] Latest popular LiveWire posts

    There's a lot of valuable comment at the VIP LiveWire. The following are the most popular posts from our contributing editors over the last 30 days:

    * Infopros and social media 1: culture or toolkit?
    * Evidence-based Sustainability Source
    * Clipping service customers need a licence
    * State of US Internet and Mobile Usage
    * Blogs set to disrupt B2B publishing

    Subscribe to the free VIP Wires Weekly to stay informed. Your comments on any posting are always welcome.
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  • [FreePint] Topics to cover in 2011

    We're working on our editorial planning for 2011 and want to be sure to hit the topics and issues that matter to you.

    Please take a few minutes to complete this online survey on your needs and interests:

    I look forward to learning what you want in FUMSI, VIP and across the entire FreePint Family!
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 FUMSI Features

FUMSIFUMSI publishes articles, tools, and a monthly magazine, to give you practical help with information skills. Visit

However you Find, Use, Manage or Share Information, you'll find something in FUMSI to help.

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We add new articles to the FUMSI database in each practice area every month, which are free to read, browse, email, print or save. Here are the most recent additions:

ISKO UK's Legal Know-How Event: Organization & Semantic Analysis

Fran AlexanderBy Fran Alexander
FUMSI: Manage

The inability to find certain information when searching is frustrating to all info pros but for those dealing with legal knowledge that missing document could have devastating consequences. To provide help, ISKO UK ran a Legal Know-How event which covered faceted systems, taxonomies, metadata, ontologies and centralised repositories, all of which aim to help reduce the time spent searching and potentially missing that vital document.

WHAT'S INSIDE: 'A review of ISKO UK's Legal Know-How event on legal knowledge organisation which covered the legal practitioner's viewpoint, practical knowledge management, exciting research into using ontologies and challenges for the future.'

Read, print, save or forward this article now »

Microformats: Digging Deeper into the Web

Ben WardBy Ben Ward
FUMSI: Share

Extracting, repurposing and combining information is a core activity for info pros so it's good to know that we are being helped with this on the Web, even if we are not aware of it. Ben Ward describes how microformats - vocabularies which enable recurring information to be described and then reused - are making content available in a richer form and facilitating the combining of data.

WHAT'S INSIDE: 'Microformats were invented to make it possible for recurring content like news updates, contact details and event information to be reused; consumed in simple, common ways and understandable between different applications. Microformats are primarily vocabularies plus a small handful of parsing patterns for developers so are easy to implement. The most significant implementation so far came when Google implemented an enhancement to Google Search called Rich Snippets resulting in search result listings now being enhanced using page content marked up with microformats.'

Read, print, save or forward this article now »


The latest recommendations and tips from our editors, contributors and community:

Visit the FUMSI Forum »

FUMSI - Forthcoming Topics

  • Embedded librarians
  • HTML5 for info pros
  • The Big Three: Comparison of Bing, Yahoo! and Google
  • Newspaper paywalls: What they mean for info pros

If you have a suggestion for an article topic, or would like to write, then please contact <> or read the notes for authors at

Browse all FUMSI articles »

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Financial Times

Financial Times now available on Bloomberg Professional

The Financial Times and Bloomberg have announced that FT customers with a corporate licence will be able to access Financial Times journalism via the Bloomberg Professional® service.

Read the full press release.

The new service will be available to more than 295,000 Bloomberg subscribers. To find out more, please contact the Financial Times.

40% off FreePint Volume subscriptions for VIP & FUMSI!

New Year's Sale: VIP + FUMSI for 40% off!

Two weeks only - sale ends 3 January 2011

Single-site access to VIP and FUMSI for £230.40 for one year (normally £384)

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  • VIP Magazine

  • FUMSI Magazine

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 VIP Features

VIP VIP publishes in-depth, unbiased reviews of business information products. If you purchase or use premium information resources, make VIP part of your professional reading every month »

VIP issue 85VIP Magazine

Sustainability and Competitiveness - A VIP Editorial

By Scott Brown

Looking back at the year, what would you say were the information themes of 2010? 'Green' efforts? Social networking? Mobile apps? Cloud computing? eBooks? Copyright? Competitive intelligence? Proving your value? Maybe simply surviving as an information function, or as an information professional?

In many ways, this edition of VIP feels like a microcosm of the information industry developments in 2010. Tim Buckley Owen discusses Outsell's new Information Management Trends and Benchmarks survey, which echoes FreePint findings. The main messages? Diversify and prioritise your offerings; manage your money and vendors; and 'get on board the device train', delivering content via mobile devices.

On the 'green' front, Jan Knight discusses the opportunities for venture funding of green initiatives, and Sarah Dillingham of Tribal Group reviews EBSCO's Sustainability Watch product, a collection that pulls together current thinking and best practices in environmental issues. Dillingham points out that Sustainability Watch pulls together many of the scattered resources on environmental issues, with some good functionality, but suffers from a lack of non-US information, and an interface that could use an update.

This issue of VIP also features the first competitive intelligence software review of our series. We kick off the series with a review of Cipher's Knowledge.Work product. The product has particular strengths in the collection of secondary and primary information, and provides some tools to help in the planning and direction phase of the competitive intelligence cycle. Look for reviews of other CI software products in upcoming issues.

Other features in this issue include Joanna Ptolemy's views on Apple going after the healthcare industry; Nancy Davis Kho's perspective in judging the Software and Information Industry Association's CODiE awards; Safari Books' new iPad app; Tim Buckley Owen's overview of the ongoing struggles with social media; and Penny Crossland's piece on US eBook sales reaching $1B by the end of 2010.

In the midst of putting together this issue, some of the VIP staff are just back from exhibiting at Online Information 2010 in London, where social media was a big topic of the conference. From exhibiting at Online, the VIP staff gathered a lot of input from customers and subscribers about products to cover in the coming year, so look for new reviews in 2011. Suggestions for reviews, of course, are always welcome. Please send your suggestions to Nancy Davis Kho, Product Reviews Editor ( Suggestions for products to review and topics to cover are also welcome via the VIP online survey at

VIP readers are also encouraged to complete the information manager survey on copyright policies at Participants in the survey will receive a free copy of the full report. This year's project is sponsored in part by Reprints Desk, the Copyright Clearance Center, the Copyright Licensing Agency, and Elsevier.

In the meantime, if you have suggestions for product reviews, features VIP should add or topics to cover, please let us know at, or share them via the VIP suggestion box at

Scott Brown

Scott Brown is owner of Social Information Group, an independent consulting and information practice focused on the effective use of social networking tools for sharing and finding information.

This editorial appears in VIP Magazine No. 85, December 2010.

Purchase VIP Magazine No. 85 from the FreePint Shop, or start your subscription now »

VIP LiveWire

VIP contributing editors comment daily on what's happening in the industry.
Visit the LiveWire for their insights, and subscribe to the free VIP Wires Weekly for regular alerts.

VIP Wires Weekly is generously sponsored by Financial Times.

Financial Times

Most Read Postings on the LiveWire Recently...

  • NOOKcolor
    It's got a full color multi-touch screen, runs apps, allows you to surf the Web...and yet it's not made by Apple. This week Barnes & Noble rolled out its newest iteration of the NOOK, NOOKcolor, and it appears to be an evolutionary jump from the standard black and white eReader towards a more fully functioned tablet PC. As James McQuivey, who covers consumer product strategy for Forrester, pointed out in his Oct 26 blog posting, 'Because one day, all eReaders will be tablets, just as all tablets are already eReaders'...
    Read posting online »

  • Social networks - companies still aren't ready
    As business becomes more social and social network users become more business-savvy, is business ready to cope? One analyst believes not. Collaboration is one frequently touted solution that social media offer business. Having previously integrated its collaboration platform with Microsoft Sharepoint, social software specialist Socialtext has now added a connector to the customer relationship management community operated by
    Read posting online »

  • Social media guidelines = happy campers?
    On the 17th August Roche Pharmaceuticals publicly published their worldwide guidelines on the use of social media. It was such a noteworthy occasion in the pharma and healthcare sector that I wrote specifically about it for LiveWire - 'OK for employees to tweet'...
    Read posting online »

  • Evidence-based Sustainability Source
    Working on a sustainability project? Tasked with some research? Confused about where to find the latest sustainability thinking? EBSCO's Sustainability Watch, included in VIP Magazine Number 85, provides current, objective, high quality reports on sustainability topics. All reports are grounded in the latest research, and compiled using EBSCO's unique methodology to ensure a balanced and objective briefing. Sources include 15,000 academic journals, business journals and trade press boiled down into digestible report from...
    Read posting online »

  • Legal information growth? It depends...
    Nothing less than transformation is forecast for the legal, tax and regulatory information sector as it struggles to emerge from some uniquely troubled times. Small wonder, therefore, that Thomson Reuters and LexisNexis continue striving to outdo each other in the product innovation stakes...
    Read posting online »

Always feel free to comment on any item on the LiveWire, and if you do not yet have a free subscription to the VIP Wires Weekly, you can sign up now »

VIP LiveWire »

VIP Wire

Information-related product and news announcements. Post your releases and subscribe to the free VIP Wires Weekly for regular alerts.

Recent VIP Wire announcements...

  • In the firing line - football managers
    In the firing line - should football managers face the boot mid-season? New research highlights the impact of firing football managers on sporting performance - read it free until the 31 January 2011...
    Read Press Release online »

  • TDI Transitions Customers to Reprints Desk
    Reprints Desk, Inc. today announced that Calif.-based TDI Library Services has completed the transition of its nearly 100 customers to Reprints Desk. TDI Library Services, a research services provider in the multi-billion dollar scientific, technical, and medical (STM) information industry, previously provided single article document delivery services to customers in the life sciences, energy, aerospace, industrial products, food and beverages, consumer packaged goods, information technology, legal, and government. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed...
    Read Press Release online »

  • EBSCO Awards Five Scholarships for Librarians to Attend ALA Midwinter
    Birmingham, Ala. -- Dec. 8, 2010 - In co-sponsorship with the American Library Association (ALA), EBSCO awarded five librarians $1,500 scholarships to attend the ALA Midwinter Meeting in San Diego Jan. 7-11, 2011. As part of the application process, EBSCO asked librarians to write an essay on the topic: "Thinking outside the box: using technology to help in challenging times."...
    Read Press Release online »

VIP Wire »

VIP - Subscribe and Back Issues

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VIP Archive »

VIP publishes in-depth, unbiased reviews of business information products. If you purchase or use premium information resources, make VIP part of your professional reading every month »

VIP - Forthcoming Topics

  • Perfect Information
  • The Practical Law Company
  • Knowledge Xchange
  • The New Dialog

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FreePint Volume: Essential Collection on News Content

FreePint Volume: Essential Collection on News Content

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  • FreePint Research Report: Survey on News Needs and Preferences

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Added bonus: VIP Magazine No. 84, with feature story, 'Do they have what it takes?': Compares news products on sources, search functions, output formats and more.

Buy the collection for 50% off the cost of individual reports.

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 Jinfo - Jobs and Events in Information

JinfoJinfo is the central location for supporting your information career. The Jinfo Jobs database lists vacancies, and the Jinfo Events database lists workshops, conferences, training, webinars and other professional development opportunities.

Start a free subscription to receive the weekly Jinfo Update, with a complete list of the latest vacancies and events, or search the databases at any time (free).

Jinfo Jobs in the FreePint Newsletter are supported through our partnership with Quantum2, an innovative skills development programme offered by Dialog. Learn more at <>.

Jinfo Jobs:

Here is a selection of the latest featured vacancies in the Jinfo database:

  • Medical Library Manager
    Are you interested in a move overseas? Here is a chance to enjoy a balmy climate all year round.
    Recruiter: Sue Hill Recruitment and Services Limited
    Country: United Kingdom

  • Call for Candidates
    Fabric recruitment is launching its Information Division soon; send your CV to to register...
    Recruiter: Fabric Recruitment
    Country: United Kingdom

  • Senior Information Specialist
    A senior information specialist is currently sought to support the creation and ongoing development...
    Recruiter: TFPL Intelligent Resources
    Country: United Kingdom

  • Knowledge Management Executives (3)
    To be involved with the execution of strategic knowledge initiatives in the financial sector...
    Recruiter: Glen Recruitment
    Country: United Kingdom

Browse all Jinfo Jobs »

Jinfo Events:

Here is a selection of the latest featured events in the Jinfo database:

  • Copyright at Work
    Organiser: Copyright Clearance Center
    Date: 4th Jan 2011
    Country: Online

  • Getting the most out of Google
    The course provides a basic introduction to the skills of information organisation in the context of library & information service.
    Organiser: CILIP
    Date: 1st Feb 2011
    Country: United Kingdom

Browse all Jinfo Events »

Jinfo - the best place for information-related job vacancies and professional development opportunities.

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 Highlights from DocuTicker

DocuTicker publishes citations of full-text, free reports available on the web. Visit daily for new postings, or subscribe to the weekly DocuTicker Newsletter.

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Recent postings:

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 Highlights from ResourceShelf

ResourceShelfThe editors of ResourceShelf add free web-based resources to support business and professional research by the dozens. Get weekly highlights via email by subscribing to the ResourceShelf Newsletter.

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Recent postings:

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A look back at what the FreePint Newsletter covered at this time in previous years:

FreePint Newsletter Archive »

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