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FreePint 20th January 2011


My Favourite Tipples

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FUMSI Features

  • HTML5 for Information Professionals
  • Improving Intranet Navigation with User Research & Testing

VIP Features

  • Building an Effective Knowledge Management Programme
  • Recent postings to the LiveWire
  • Recent postings to the Wire

Jinfo - Jobs and Events

Jobs in Information:

  • Call for Candidates
  • Senior Information Specialist
  • Knowledge Manager - West of London / M4
  • Researcher

Events in Information:

  • Online Information Asia
  • Getting the most out of Google
  • Copyright For Today's Dynamic Business Environment

Highlights from DocuTicker

  • Global Risks Report 2011
  • Annual Growth Survey: advancing the EU's comprehensive response to the crisis

Highlights from ResourceShelf

  • Reference Shelf: U.S. Government: Congressional Oversight Manual Prepared by the Congressional Research Service
  • Information Dissemination: "Will You Tweet This?"


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Michelle ManafyBy Michelle Manafy

Copyrights, Wrongs, and the Pursuit of Informed Users

We don't need to tell any FreePint reader about the challenge of keeping up with copyright in the digital age. Certainly, it was no easy matter before, but this blessing of seemingly infinite content resources delivered in myriad contexts and endlessly passed along via email, shared links, shared bookmarks, tweets, blog posts and more has made keeping up with copyright an incredibly challenging task. Add to that the complexity of licensing models, international legal differences, as well as some users' perception that anything online is free for the taking, using, remixing, and the challenge of understanding and managing copyright becomes more than most of us care to consider, much less manage.

Copyright in the digital ageDespite the name of our company—FreePint—we realize that, while information does want to be flexible and find users whenever and wherever they need it, quality content is not free to produce and those who invest in its creation certainly have the right to control its distribution. However one of the things that we are able to do that many other content buyers and sellers cannot, is leverage our community to undertake substantive research to help us all address the complex concerns that face our industry.

Contribute to our Copyright Research

Currently, we are in the final phase of collecting data for the 2011 edition of our report: FreePint Research Report 2011: Copyright Policies and Practices. Our aim is to understand how organisations manage copyright and its risks, as well as identify any gaps between policy and practice in the workplace. We are examining this complex issue from two perspectives, that of the Information Manager and that of the End User. Join us in this project by participating in our survey by providing your input into the research phase.

We invite all information managers responsible for setting and maintaining copyright policy for at least one department or location to help us gather information on current copyright policies, training and staff support for copyright compliances as well as pressures and priorities relating to copyright.

Managers: Copyright Policies, please complete the survey here »

We also invite information end users to participate in order clarify how you are interacting with protected content.

Information Users: Copyright Practices, please complete the survey here »

In either case, you are welcome to participate anonymously and your confidentiality is guaranteed. We value your insights and input into this complex issue. We plan to complete our research phase at the end of this month, and to publish our 2011 report in March. However, if you have an immediate need for copyright research, please do have a look at FreePint Report: Copyright Policies and Practices from 2010.

Thanks so much for your help in our continued effort to help track the moving target of copyright in the digital age. As ever, we are here to work with you to keep pace with the rapidly evolving information industry. Please let us know if there's anything you'd like us to take a closer look at. Robin Neidorf, FreePint's Director of Research, is here to help you with any custom research requirements you may have. And I am always interested in any content comments and suggestions you have on any of our content. Also, if you'll be in New York for the Software and Information Industry's Information Industry Summit later this month, look for Robin and me, and help us make FreePint work better for you.

Best regards,
Michelle Manafy,
Director of Content

FreePint is a Registered Trademark of Free Pint Limited (R) 1997-2011

 My Favourite Tipples

Jed CawthorneBy Jed Cawthorne

Like many other recent Tipplers, I have moved on from "back in the day" where you could visit a different web site first thing every morning each day, to get your updates and technology fix. So instead of using a browser to access Information Week, or ZDNet New or the Register, now it's all dragged into my RSS aggregator (of course it might be published as ATOM rather than RSS). So -- rather than provide specific information sites -- here are my five 'tools' for information gathering and information exchange:

  • RSS - Google Reader: Always open in a browser tab, so if I have a few minutes between tasks I can grab a quick update. Names to Google for and feeds to add to your reader if your not already aware of them include; 1. Dion Hinchcliffe (E2.0), 2. CMSWire, 3. Word of Pie (ECM), 4. Groklaw (open source and general IT legal stuff) and 5. The Real Story Group

  • Twitter: I am still surprised that sometimes you have to explain to people that it's more than just 140 characters on what Demi Moore had for breakfast! If you find someone you like to follow, look through who they are following, or even better look at their lists. I can't run a desktop client in the office, so the new web interface helps. Again, it is always open in a tab.

  • LinkedIn Groups: The new Yahoo Forums? There many good groups with lots of conversation going on. Great place for asking questions; you never know who might answer!

  • A very useful resource for getting a quick overview of a subject, especially if you know someone is an expert in their field and you can search by their name. Of course sometimes "you just have to be there" to get the full impact of a presentation, but there is plenty of good stuff on

  • Meetups: yes, that's right, real face to face meetings, in the pub or wherever, after work with like minded individuals. Whether it's the Last Thursday of the month group organized by email, the local SharePoint User Group, or a group (like Knowledge Workers Toronto). These meetings can be an invaluable source of information.

Jed Cawthorne works for one of the world's largest professional services firms in a global Knowledge Management role. He has worked as project manager, program manager and consultant in the Enterprise Content Management, Intranet, Enterprise Search and CMS software space since 2004. Jed has an MBA from the Open University and is a Chartered IT Professional with the British Computer Society. Jed occasionally blogs at ECM Stuff and writes a monthly article for He is @jedpc on Twitter.

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Using Factiva's powerful search features you can find results fast and monitor news on companies, industries, issues and regional affairs.

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 FreePint Bar

The FreePint Bar is where we publish information about the latest content from across the FreePint Family of resources.

The FreePint Bar is sponsored by:

Dow Jones     Financial Times

Latest posts at the FreePint Bar:

  • [FUMSI] Latest popular articles

    The following are the most popular FUMSI articles over the last 30 days:

    * Microformats: Digging Deeper into the Web
    * Software for Taxonomy Creation and Management
    * Search Engines Revisited
    * Improving Intranet Navigation with User Research & Testing
    * US Private Companies: Research and Analysis

    Free uses of FUMSI articles are supported by our sponsors.
    Read posting online »

  • [VIP] Latest popular LiveWire posts

    There's a lot of valuable comment at the VIP LiveWire. The following are the most popular posts from our contributing editors over the last 30 days:

    * The rise and rise of free information
    * LexisNexis introduces eBooks
    * Xing moves into events
    * 'Delicious' leaves a bad taste
    * Open Government initiatives abound

    Subscribe to the free VIP Wires Weekly to stay informed. Your comments on any posting are always welcome.
    Read posting online »

  • [VIP] Contributing Editor featured

    Kudos to VIP Contributing Editor Anne Jordan, who is featured on the SLA-Europe blog in an interview.

    In addition to Anne's excellent work as the editor of the SourceWire feature in VIP (highlights of changes to source availability in aggregator platforms), she is the author of Love Well the Hour, a biography of Lady Colin Campbell.
    Read posting online »

  • [FreePint] Leadership Team Plans for 2011

    Happy New Year from FreePint. Back in November, we announced the addition of Michelle Manafy to our leadership team as Director of Content. She started this week, and from London, Connecticut and Minnesota, new ideas are already emerging.

    From FreePint's Director of Content:
    There's a lot to get familiar with, since so much content is published each month across the FreePint Family. However, one of my first objectives is to learn as much as I can, as quickly as I can, about our readers. What are your most pressing issues? What internal challenges get between you and the full value of information in your organisation? What are the trends, technologies, tools, and resources you need to learn more about? And most importantly: How can FreePint help?
    Read posting online »

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 FUMSI Features

FUMSIFUMSI publishes articles, tools, and a monthly magazine, to give you practical help with information skills. Visit

However you Find, Use, Manage or Share Information, you'll find something in FUMSI to help.

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We add new articles to the FUMSI database in each practice area every month, which are free to read, browse, email, print or save. Here are the most recent additions:

HTML5 for Information Professionals

Martin BelamBy Martin Belam
FUMSI: Share

HTML5, with its 30 news tags, is not 'just' another version of HTML, it promises to bring changes that will be welcomed by information professionals as well as techies. Not only will it be easier to extract data from web pages but it will also be simpler to deliver the same article content over multiple platforms, and in multiple formats. Share Contributing Editor Martin Belam provides a non-technical overview of what to expect.

WHAT'S INSIDE: 'HTML5 is on the horizon but only a subset of its functionality is supported in some browsers at the moment, so it looks like we'll be going through a transition period for a couple of years at least. For the information professional, however, it is the changes to the structure of web documents that will be of most interest, and hopefully, in the future, of use. For example, several new tags are going to make it increasingly easier to deliver the same article content over multiple platforms, and in multiple formats.'

Read, print, save or forward this article now »

Improving Intranet Navigation with User Research & Testing

Kate SimpsonBy Kate Simpson
FUMSI: Manage

The success of any intranet is dependent on its usability and the satisfaction levels of its users. So understanding how your users browse and what journeys they take on the intranet is essential. Manage Contributing Editor Kate Simpson provides some very practical tips and tools for delving into the users' minds and turning that knowledge into navigation which optimises the user experience.

WHAT'S INSIDE: 'Understanding your users, your content and how you can connect people to information are vital research and testing phases of any intranet redesign or web-related project. Early user research, along with some discount user testing of the navigation, will save you time and money in the long run. It will help you create a useful, usable site with content that is findable.'

Read, print, save or forward this article now »


The latest recommendations and tips from our editors, contributors and community:

Visit the FUMSI Forum »

FUMSI - Forthcoming Topics

  • Skills for the Embedded Librarian
  • Patent Searching 101
  • Info Governance
  • SharePoint for Info Pros

If you have a suggestion for an article topic, or would like to write, then please contact <> or read the notes for authors at

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Think Outside the (Comment) Box: Social Applications for Publishers

Join MarkLogic's February 9 webinar, when noted web strategist Jeremiah Owyang from the Altimeter Group discusses the latest trends in social media for business.

The first generation of tools - comment boxes, Facebook pages, and Twitter accounts - is giving way to a more robust class of social applications, built by and specifically for the unique needs of publishers.

Register online here »

Financial Times

Financial Times now available on Bloomberg Professional

The Financial Times and Bloomberg have announced that FT customers with a corporate licence will be able to access Financial Times journalism via the Bloomberg Professional® service.

Read the full press release.

The new service will be available to more than 295,000 Bloomberg subscribers. To find out more, please contact the Financial Times.

 VIP Features

VIP VIP publishes in-depth, unbiased reviews of business information products. If you purchase or use premium information resources, make VIP part of your professional reading every month »

VIP issue 86VIP Magazine: Insight

In addition to providing in-depth reviews of information products, VIP Magazine features VIP Insight, which offers an inside look at information strategies and solutions at work.

The most recent issue of VIP (No. 86) includes the following in VIP Insight:

Building an Effective Knowledge Management Programme

The problem with building an effective knowledge management (KM) programme is that in almost all organisations KM activities often occur outside normal workstreams. KM teams are often found next to the research or information departments toiling away with little recognition, working hard to show their value. Over the last decade, there has been much emphasis on designing and building technology solutions that will, in theory, facilitate the capturing, analysis, dissemination and repurposing of organisational knowledge. Although things are changing and organisations are getting wise to the fact that it's not all about technology, the trend is still there. While the authors of this article were in Washington last November - presenting at KM World 2010 - we saw lots of examples of technology systems that attempt to solve KM. We believe the reason for this is two-fold. First, technology vendors recognise an easy sale when they see one and every new technology has a potential sale to a KM team. Again, this is because KM teams usually sit separately from standard/core operations so selling to them is less disruptive. The second reason is that most people still have trouble defining what KM is and what function it serves. Most people will say that knowledge management is important, but ask them how and why and the conversation comes pretty quickly to an end. Yet most companies continue to say they value knowledge management (and training for that matter), but rarely follow through with the necessary resources to move KM from a back office function to part of the core operations of the organisation.

Moving Knowledge Management from Back Office to Front Line
At A.T. Kearney Procurement & Analytic Solutions (ATKPAS), a unit of A.T. Kearney's international management consulting firm, we have had the unique opportunity to build a KM programme and embed it into our core operations. As a management consultancy knowledge is what we produce and becomes our competitive advantage. The ability to find, share, process, assimilate and repurpose knowledge quickly and effectively is critical to our success in the marketplace. Approximately three years ago ATKPAS undertook a transformation of our small KM function from back office support to strategic enablement that drives and adds value to our client delivery functions. At the core of this transformation was what we call our KM Programme. This programme rests on eight pillars - Knowledge Capture & Distillation, Different Forms of Knowledge, Syndication of Content, Results, Centers of Excellence (COE), Research, and Governance. Throughout the transformation process we embedded these pillars into the fabric of our client delivery operations allowing the knowledge we share to be turned into tangible monetised value.

Our transformation revolves around three key revelations. First, that solving the knowledge management problem requires more than just technology. There will always be breakthrough technologies that will enhance KM activities, such as all the social media tools, but at the end of the day knowledge management is simply about getting people to share what they have learned - their key insights or information on a specific topic. This means that proper attention needs to be applied to how and why people share, and the process of sharing information. Witness how easily people share on Facebook or update their LinkedIn profiles. What makes them do this? Why do they feel compelled to contribute or update their status? Once we understood why people share, then it was time to add the technology. Our second revelation was that documents do not equal knowledge. Most KM systems and processes revolve around gathering, collecting and storing documents. Recognising the failure of this strategy we started to look beyond the document. Finally, we realised that the key to a successful implementation of a knowledge sharing programme lies in the understanding that it is a change management effort. It was important for us to recognise that we were attempting to change the way people behave, which required a whole different set of expectations and efforts. This included understanding which triggers motivate our workforce - for example, rewards, competition, internal publicity.

Pillar One - Knowledge Capture & Distillation, Using a Wiki
This is the first step in our transformational journey to define what knowledge is. In our experience, sharing knowledge is almost always confused with collecting documents. The thinking goes, if one collects documents and stores them in a database then one is collecting knowledge. Further reinforcing this dynamic are technology systems that privilege the collection of documents - just look at the number of document management systems that pretend to be knowledge management systems! However, once we broke out of this restrictive thinking we came to understand that only a small fraction of the information contained within a set of documents is relevant and should be leveraged. So our goal became to distill the knowledge out of the documents and into another a centralised and more useful format. The format we chose was a wiki in SharePoint. SharePoint is our technology platform because it is the de facto collaboration platform for our client base. While we use SharePoint, any standard wiki technology can be used for this purpose. Using a wiki format allows the knowledge to become actionable, easy to find and governable. Users can collaboratively generate content, edit and add to content, as well as rate it and comment on it. Furthermore, the wiki technology enables us to track the age of the content, find out how often it has been updated (and by whom) and its user-generated rating. All this means that good content is easily shared, while not-so-good content is quickly weeded out. Taking this further, our clients are interested in a subset of the knowledge we distill out of our documents. So the process of distillation allows us to make our knowledge sharing more relevant, but it also allows us to take our knowledge and repurpose it for commercial value to our clients...

The full article can be found in VIP No. 86. Purchase VIP Magazine No. 86 from the FreePint Shop, or subscribe today »

VIP LiveWire

VIP contributing editors comment daily on what's happening in the industry.
Visit the LiveWire for their insights, and subscribe to the free VIP Wires Weekly for regular alerts.

VIP Wires Weekly is generously sponsored by ISI Emerging Markets.

ISI Emerging Markets

Most Read Postings on the LiveWire Recently...

  • The rise and rise of free information
    Even though purse strings are still tightly drawn, and information managers face tough decisions about what content is no longer worth the investment, new figures from Outsell show that information prices are on the up again. But the results of FreePint surveys throughout 2010 suggest that publishers may find this an increasingly risky strategy...
    Read posting online »

  • Evidence-based Sustainability Source
    Working on a sustainability project? Tasked with some research? Confused about where to find the latest sustainability thinking? EBSCO's Sustainability Watch, included in VIP Magazine Number 85, provides current, objective, high quality reports on sustainability topics. All reports are grounded in the latest research, and compiled using EBSCO's unique methodology to ensure a balanced and objective briefing. Sources include 15,000 academic journals, business journals and trade press boiled down into digestible report from...
    Read posting online »

  • LexisNexis introduces eBooks
    One last mention of eBooks to close out the year... in late November LexisNexis UK announced the launch of 13 titles in eBook format. As first reported by InPublishing (, the launch of the LexisNexis eBooks site ( coincides with a recent survey undertaken by Jures on behalf of LexisNexis that showed 77% of respondents favoured digital over 'traditional paper-based libraries'...
    Read posting online »

  • Xing moves into events
    LinkedIn's largest European rival, German business networking site Xing is branching out into another strand of the professional networking space. Paidcontent reported a couple of weeks ago that Xing had acquired event registration and ticketing service Amiando. This move will provide more competition to LinkedIn's events offering, which sources listings from organisations such as Eventbrite and Techweb
    Read posting online »

  • 'Delicious' leaves a bad taste
    It seems that the rumours are true and that the social bookmarking site Delicious is to close, or perhaps just change. Whilst generally being regarded as a good product (by users) Yahoo! do not find it a 'strategic fit' for them and are seeking a life outside the organisation - i.e. they are looking to sell it...
    Read posting online »

Always feel free to comment on any item on the LiveWire, and if you do not yet have a free subscription to the VIP Wires Weekly, you can sign up now »

VIP LiveWire »

VIP Wire

Information-related product and news announcements. Post your releases and subscribe to the free VIP Wires Weekly for regular alerts.

Recent VIP Wire announcements...

  • Credo Reference Announces New VP of Worldwide Sale
    Oxford and Boston, 18th January 2011 - Credo Reference, the award winning online reference library, is pleased to announce that Carol Helton is joining the company as Vice President of Worldwide Sales...
    Read Press Release online »

  • Race in the age of Obama
    New book offers first in-depth examination of the key sociological issues faced by the Obama Administration

    United Kingdom, January 2011 - As the first African-American President of the United States, Barack Obama made history in January 2009. Two years on, a new book published by Emerald Group Publishing offers the first in-depth examination of the impact that this historical election has made on race relations in the United States and the key sociological issues now facing the Obama Administration...
    Read Press Release online »

  • Reprints Desk to Offer Spend Analytics Tool
    Santa Monica, Calif., January 14, 2010- Reprints Desk, Inc. today announced that it has signed a direct agreement with the Pubget, Inc. to serve as the exclusive corporate distributor for Pubget's PaperStats product. PaperStats is the content spend analytics tool that saves organizations time and money by automating the aggregation, updating, and analysis of journal holdings and content data. Corporate information centers can now analyze usage and spending across subscriptions and document delivery for better collection management decision-making in support of scientific research...
    Read Press Release online »

VIP Wire »

VIP - Subscribe and Back Issues

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VIP Archive »

VIP publishes in-depth, unbiased reviews of business information products. If you purchase or use premium information resources, make VIP part of your professional reading every month »

VIP - Forthcoming Topics

  • Perfect Information
  • PitchBook
  • MarketVisual OnDemand
  • D&B small business credit

If you have a suggestion for an article topic, or would like to write, then please contact <> or read the notes for authors at

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Copyright Policies and Practices

Copyright Policies and Practices
Share the Wisdom in Year 2

FreePint Research is now gathering data on copyright policies and practices. Last year's report was a groundbreaking study with a gap analysis of what organisations *think* they're doing to minimise risk and what workers are *actually* doing when they interact with content.

Add your opinions and perspective.

Complete the survey for Information Managers on Copyright Policies »

Complete the survey for Knowledge Workers on Copyright Practices »

This year's research is generously sponsored by the CLA, Copyright Clearance Center, Elsevier and Reprints Desk.

Learn more »

FreePint Volume: Essential Collection on News Content

FreePint Volume: Essential Collection on News Content

From free to fee, news content is available in a range of formats to suit different business needs. Get unique insight on what you need to manage your portfolio with:

  • FreePint Research Report: Survey on News Needs and Preferences

  • Four in-depth VIP product reviews on news aggregators

Added bonus: VIP Magazine No. 84, with feature story, 'Do they have what it takes?': Compares news products on sources, search functions, output formats and more.

Buy the collection for 50% off the cost of individual reports.

Learn more and purchase now »

 Jinfo - Jobs and Events in Information

JinfoJinfo is the central location for supporting your information career. The Jinfo Jobs database lists vacancies, and the Jinfo Events database lists workshops, conferences, training, webinars and other professional development opportunities.

Start a free subscription to receive the weekly Jinfo Update, with a complete list of the latest vacancies and events, or search the databases at any time (free).

Jinfo Jobs in the FreePint Newsletter are supported through our partnership with Quantum2, an innovative skills development programme offered by Dialog. Learn more at <>.

Jinfo Jobs:

Here is a selection of the latest featured vacancies in the Jinfo database:

  • Call for Candidates
    Fabric recruitment is launching its Information Division soon; send your CV to to register...
    Recruiter: Fabric Recruitment
    Country: United Kingdom

  • Senior Information Specialist
    An excellent Senior Information Specialist opportunity has arisen with our client, a global organisation...
    Recruiter: TFPL Intelligent Resources
    Country: United Kingdom

  • Knowledge Manager - West of London / M4
    Knowledge Manager to work in newly created job West of London / M4 for dynamic and expanding business consultancy...
    Recruiter: Glen Recruitment
    Country: United Kingdom

  • Researcher
    Got a US passport or Green Card? Demonstrable research experience? If you want to work in New York supporting teams in the US & Asian equity markets, this the job for you...
    Recruiter: Sue Hill Recruitment and Services Limited
    Country: United Kingdom

Browse all Jinfo Jobs »

Jinfo Events:

Here is a selection of the latest featured events in the Jinfo database:

Browse all Jinfo Events »

Jinfo - the best place for information-related job vacancies and professional development opportunities.

    - Advertise a vacancy for just £195
    - 10% discount for agencies
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    List it on Jinfo to reach a targeted audience seeking professional development opportunities
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DocuTicker publishes citations of full-text, free reports available on the web. Visit daily for new postings, or subscribe to the weekly DocuTicker Newsletter.

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 Highlights from ResourceShelf

ResourceShelfThe editors of ResourceShelf add free web-based resources to support business and professional research by the dozens. Get weekly highlights via email by subscribing to the ResourceShelf Newsletter.

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Recent postings:

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A look back at what the FreePint Newsletter covered at this time in previous years:

FreePint Newsletter Archive »

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