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FreePint 17th March 2011


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  • The people have spoken: Tapping into the collective intelligence of social media to brainstorm a new project
  • Embedded Librarianship Part 2: A case study from Spain

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  • Capital IQ: How does your garden grow?
  • Recent postings to the LiveWire
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  • Research Analyst
  • Library and Information Services Manager
  • Competitive Intelligence Analyst
  • Information Manager

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  • Fundamentals of Journal Finance - An Online Seminar
  • Online Information Asia
  • TFPL SharePoint Summit 2011
  • GIA Conference, a leading Strategic Market Intelligence event
  • More...

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  • How Mobile Devices are Changing Community Information Environments
  • Europe: Energy Efficiency Plan 2011

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  • New Copyright Blog Now Available from Wolters Kluwer Law & Business
  • LinkedIn Today - The Most Shared News on LinkedIn


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Michelle ManafyBy Michelle Manafy

Charting a clear copyright course

In the information business, copyright has always been of paramount concern. Unfortunately, for content producers and consumers alike, this area of the law has never been easy to navigate. Certainly, it's not news to any of our readers that with new content discoverability, dissemination and delivery mechanisms cropping up all the time, the copyright landscape has become increasingly fraught with peril.

Just ask Google, which took another hit in French courts last week, with a $600,000 judgment against it for allowing content to appear in search results that the owners had asked to be removed. The week also saw the US Supreme Court agree to hear the Golan v. Holder copyright case, which will have widespread implications on how US copyright law can (or should) be reconciled with international treaties. Australia's Internet Industry Association (IIA) also announced plans to draw up a code for the role ISPs play in copyright enforcement.

Charting a clear copyright courseAll this–and much more–was copyright news that occurred in just a matter of days, which serves to demonstrate the importance of vigilantly monitoring information use in our organisations. Many of you probably read our first edition of The FreePint Research Report: Copyright policies and practices, published in March 2010. This month, we're releasing the second edition, which not only examines the issues addressed last year, but begins to look at the changing attitudes over time as well as approaches to copyright risk management. You can preorder a copy today, and this month's VIP Magazine will also include a preview of highlighted results.

The fact is that those who manage information resources inside organisations are among those most dedicated to copyright comprehension and to the legal and ethical use of information inside their organisations. This requires them not only to chart a clear path through this ever-changing copyright landscape, but also to lead staff safely through to make the most of their information resource investments. Unfortunately, our current research notes that there is still a daunting lack of consensus in the industry regarding copyright norms.

However, we also found good news: our research finds that both information users and managers have increased confidence over last year in their ability to manage the risks associated with copyright. End users are much more confident than information managers in how well they understand the risks, responsibilities, and expectations around copyright, and the gap suggests that the pressure is not off these managers to carefully examine the difference between what workers think they know and what current law and licensing agreements actually mandate.

It is interesting to begin to see how our readers' perspectives on copyright evolve along with copyright legislation itself. Without doubt, those of us on the content front lines will need to keep a sharp eye out, as we explore the opportunities and complexities of the unfolding information landscape together.

Best regards,
Michelle Manafy,
Director of Content

PS If copyright risk management is on your organisational or departmental agenda, the FreePint Research Report: Copyright policies and practices 2011 is one you won't want to miss, so be sure to preorder your copy.

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 My Favourite Tipples

Martin WhiteBy Martin White

The fascinating, and at times frustrating, aspect of being an intranet consultant is that I need to track a wide range of topics to ensure that I understand (and better still anticipate) the issues that are putting pressure on clients to make enhancements to their intranets. In 2011 mobile access is going to be a hot topic, and that is technically quite complex.

  • ZD Net Blogs: I make a point of checking in to the ZD Net Blogs every day to catch what is going on in the IT business. The technical range is just what I need, but just as important are the quality of the analysis and the consistent style of presentation.

  • First Monday: It is very easy to get so immersed with the way in which the internet is transforming the enterprise, and in doing so forget the impact if the internet on business, education and society. The quality of the papers in First Monday is very high indeed.

  • Intranet Lounge: This is an integration site for intranet blogs and papers. The range of sources is wide and this is the main way in which I manage to track developments and be challenged by opinions by intranet authors around the world

  • NothingbutSharePoint: Although I am strictly vendor-neutral as an intranet consultant much of my work has a SharePoint element to it. Until late 2010 there were multiple blogs from some exceptional writers, but they have now all integrated their posts into this site. Early days yet, but it seems to be working out well.

  • CMSWire: What I like about this site is that the columnists (and I am one!) are encouraged to have opinions, but are forced to focus their views into just 800 words. The site covers all aspects of content management, including intranet and search technology.

Martin White is Managing Director of Intranet Focus Ltd, which he founded in 1999. He consults on intranet and information management strategy, technology and governance. His latest book, The Intranet Management Handbook, has just been published by Facet Publishing. His blog is published at and you can follow him on Twitter @intranetfocus.

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 FreePint Bar

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Latest posts at the FreePint Bar:

  • [FreePint] Facing SharePoint Fears and Analysing Content

    Forming a constructive relationship with SharePoint
    To keep your organisation working together and effectively informed, intranet design, management and improvement must be a focus of intelligent investment and our just-published FUMSI Report: Folio on Intranet redesign provides hands-on insights into how to maximise intranet effectiveness.

    Interestingly, one of the big names in intranets, SharePoint, increasingly strikes me as being an information professional's best frenemy. If you're unfamiliar with the term (that is, don't spend much time on TMZ or frequently converse with tweens), a frenemy is both friend and enemy. No, I'm not trying to imply that SharePoint will be telling you how cute your outfit is while stealing your beau anytime soon. However, SharePoint is a tool with which info pros have a pretty public love-hate relationship. Common criticisms include difficulty in navigating and locating information, its lack of lightweight (read: "easy to use") collaboration tools and difficulty to implement.
    Read posting online »

  • [FreePint] Focus on strategy and customer needs

    Alchemy, Info pros and knowing better
    During this eventful first month as Director of Content here at FreePint, I have focused much of my attention on getting to know the team and our readers. It is a testament to the quality of the FreePint editorial staff that in almost every chat, our editors and frequent contributors asked if we could provide them with reader feedback more often. Then, when I was discussing some of the insights I've gained so far through these conversations with FreePint's Publisher William Hann, and Director of Research Robin Neidorf, William expressed a desire for the holy grail of knowledge, asking if we couldn't create a way to capture customer interactions and share them in real time so that everyone could benefit from anyone's ad hoc customer contact.
    Read posting online »

  • [FreePint] The Enterprise App-Gap

    FreePint Research has published the results of a two-phase project examining the barriers and market opportunities around delivery of mobile content in the enterprise.

    Despite the surge of activity among consumers and individuals to go mobile, larger organisations are slower to deploy content to mobile devices. This two-phase project surfaces a number of surprising reasons why.
    Read posting online »

  • [FUMSI] Latest popular articles

    The following are the most popular FUMSI articles over the last 30 days:

    * US Private Companies: Research and Analysis
    * Improving Intranet Navigation with User Research & Testing
    * HTML5 for Information Professionals
    * Creating User Centred Taxonomies: Part One
    * Microformats: Digging Deeper into the Web

    Free uses of FUMSI articles are supported by our sponsors.
    Read posting online »

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FUMSIFUMSI publishes articles, tools, and a monthly magazine, to give you practical help with information skills. Visit

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The people have spoken: Tapping into the collective intelligence of social media to brainstorm a new project

Andrew RiederBy Andrew Rieder

Tapping into the collective intelligence tha's out there in social media is a great way to brainstorm when starting a new research project. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and blogs are particularly useful, as are social media search engines such as Social Mention and Whos Talkin. But, as Andrew Rieder explains, you have to be prepared to invest time in building up relationships if you want to get the most out of these sites.

WHAT'S INSIDE: 'If you want to add a little variety to your preliminary research, consider using social media and blogs as a way to spice things up. There are many social media platforms to choose from but some are more useful than others. I have found, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and blogs to be particularly useful. Millions of people with similar interests are conversing in groups, forums and other online communities every second just waiting for you to ask them a question. The more time you put into networking within each of these groups, the more efficient your future brainstorming projects will be.'

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Embedded Librarianship Part 2: A case study from Spain

Nicolas Robinson-GarciaBy Nicolas Robinson-Garcia

Librarians have struggled hard to be recognised as a profession in Spain, despite LIS being a five-year degree, but progress is now being made thanks to the introduction of embedded librarianship in some universities. Using the skills they already have but applying them in a different environment is adding value and making librarians irreplaceable.

WHAT'S INSIDE: 'Despite all the work done on library advocacy, it seems that there has been no impact at all on society in Spain, and librarians still struggle to get recognition from other professionals. However, a new service has been developed which is related to the embedded librarian concept but focused on research assessment, research information and data management. This new role involves working with researchers in their offices managing their output, assessing dissemination strategies and monitoring the impact of their production through bibliometric indicators.'

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The latest recommendations and tips from our editors, contributors and community:

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FUMSI - Forthcoming Topics

  • Environmental Resources
  • Making information services more usable
  • Library social media strategies
  • Introduction to Linked Open Data and the semantic web

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VIP issue 88VIP Magazine: Insight

In addition to providing in-depth reviews of information products, VIP Magazine features VIP Insight, which offers an inside look at information strategies and solutions at work. The most recent issue of VIP (No. 88) includes the following in VIP Insight:

Capital IQ: How does your garden grow? A brief on Capital IQ's expansion

By Heidi Longaberger

As information professionals it has become a common occurrence to be greeted on an otherwise routine day with an enthusiastic email from our favourite research service announcing a merger, acquisition or partnership. A wide spectrum of reactions can ensue, from "Great, we've been needing that additional capability", to "What will they charge for this now", or more incredulously, "What are they thinking?" Indeed, it is reasonable to question what is a research provider thinking when they decide to add-on to their arsenal of services. You are right to wonder whether there a grand master plan they are seeking to fulfil or whether they're making these moves to fulfil the current wishes of their client base. As ever, it could all come down to revenue stream growth or a response to a competitor making a similar play. And ultimately, information managers have to wonder if they changing or expanding their focus or customer target and, most importantly, how it will affect their end users. While each research provider's strategy is different, the answers can satisfy all or one of these motivations.

One vendor of note that has been active in the acquisition and partnering arena is Capital IQ, a provider of data and analytics for global financial professionals. Specifically, in September 2010, Capital IQ made a major acquisition of, a provider of equity research (see VIP LiveWire Post "Capital IQ is knockin' on Thomson's door", and the VIP Report: Product review of This topped a year of both partnering and proprietary development of services that have been integrated into the current Capital IQ platform, or offered as an add-on service. I had the opportunity to speak with Ted Vivian, Head of Client Development for EMEA out of Capital IQ's London office, where he has been tasked with expanding the provider's international presence, which is a large part of Capital IQ's growth strategy. Vivian's perspective is particularly informative because he just moved over from a Commercial Operations leadership role at Thomson Reuters, so has a good deal of insight into the inner processes of global financial services data providers.

A little background on Capital IQ will help illuminate the provider's growth path. The company started out in 1999 with the goal of being the very best in its niche. That focus was - and continues to be - to meet the data and analytical needs of private equity, M&A and corporate finance professionals. A natural inclusion to that client base as the database grew was buy-side investment managers. Vivian emphasises that Capital IQ "didn't want, and still doesn't want, to be everything to all of financial services, but will grow to meet client need, to generate revenue and to compete". He added that their vision never included "competing with the real-time data providers, nor are we after the mass market".

While much of Capital IQ's expansion strategy is dictated by client demand, other growth initiatives address competition and generation of revenue. At the end of the day, this is still a business that must turn over a profit to survive, like any other. Control of content is another main factor to consider. "If content isn't controlled by Capital IQ, a partnering company can be bought, go under or change focus," Vivian explains. This has been a problem for many research providers, so under this model the respective parties need to have a very tight relationship.

Many of these qualifications need to be met concurrently before a decision to merge is made. is a good example of meeting many of the requirements for acquisition. According to Vivian, " was part of the plan for a while. There was customer need, it was a natural fit, we had a good established relationship with them already (access to had at one point been offered via the Capital IQ platform but remained a separate entity), and now we could compete directly with Investext (Thomson)". Furthermore, Vivian explains that this acquisition satisfied two key points that are always considered at Capital IQ: 1) Does this satisfy customer demand of having content all in one place that can be screened and has quantitative analytical functionality? 2) Will this broaden Capital IQ's footprint? The acquisition satisfies both of these stipulations: adds the missing element of investment research reports and offers workflow enhancements such as broker provided financial models that can be integrated and manipulated with a user's own proprietary data. Also, there is now additional reason to compete head to head with some of the Thomson products. According to Vivian, Capital IQ does not compete, and never will, with the entire stable of Thomson products, which numbers over 1000. But, it will compete with Thomson One Banker and Thomson One Analytics.

If it makes business sense, creates revenue and mitigates risk, Capital IQ will forego the M&A route and build proprietary solutions. One example announced in 2010 is intraday financials, a technology developed to access financial statements minutes after release, and reportedly faster than any other financial data provider. This addresses the workflow needs of the customer base, and Capital IQ controls the process and content once it is released. ClariFi, a research and portfolio management platform targeted at the investment manager audience, was originally acquired by Capital IQ's parent, Standard & Poor's, in 2007. Since then, Capital IQ has built proprietary capability into the original platform. The latest version, ClariFi 5.0, released in June 2010, features new screening and quantitative analysis functionality, plus a refreshed interface. "Customers may have the desktop platform and nice content, but what they also want is the ability to analyse ... in this case, Capital IQ developed ClariFi as a standalone product that exports data from our platform into the ClariFi platform ... this product also competes with Thomson Content Analytics," reports Vivian.

New customer growth is another segment addressed through M&A or build-out. New market growth is coming mainly from international efforts, contributing 20% of Capital IQ's growth rate in 2010. "The U.S. is well sold", adds Vivian. "There we are just taking market share from an existing competitor, but there is new growth in international markets." He names Europe as the main market outside the US, with Asia positioned to garner a larger footprint. "Growth in 2009 for some markets was 6%, for Thomson the same market was 1%." Vivian illustrated how Capital IQ approaches a new market using M&A, partnering or proprietary build for establishment and to gain share. He explains "I have a team that researches the market ... looks at market potential, revenue potential, where can we get the data, can we add on to an existing relationship ,(D&B (Dun & Bradstreet) for example), or does a local supplier make sense."

Capital IQ, like many research and data providers, addresses the need for growth by examining many aspects that affect the business. Satisfying client need is always foremost yet must be balanced with staying competitive and bringing in revenue, while attracting a new client base or market that is a natural fit to the provider's focus. This is not always a smooth or easy process for everyone involved, including the current client. But trust that these changes can affect your job and profession positively, and hopefully satisfy the evolving workflow and content needs of your clients or company.

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  • Inc 500 Companies - more social media savvy
    Knowledgespeak this week alerted us to an interesting study on social media usage amongst the USA's Inc 500 companies, an index of the fastest growing private businesses in the country...
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  • Social Media - Creepy as Hell?
    As both Hoover's and Experian announce new social media related initiatives, the march of social networking into business continues unabated. But should other new developments with perhaps less obvious benefits be starting to ring alarm bells? ...
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  • Outsourcing - once it's gone you can't get it back
    No-one seems greatly enthused at the idea of outsourcing information services but most people seem to agree that it's here to stay so they might as well make the best of it. That seems to be the message of an intriguing new guide from Outsell on how to make it work...
    Read posting online »

  • Stunned by Tablet Growth
    The Book Industry Study Group (BISG) is slated to release volume one of its two-part study of Consumer Attitudes Towards E-Book Reading this week. According to a blog post by consultant John Parsons, who is working with BISG on the study, some of the emerging trends are 'stunning.'...
    Read posting online »

  • Content Farms: Fertile ground for controversy
    Recent headlines on "content farms" have caught my attention. It's a controversial topic that has been causing a lot of buzz and the buzz is coming from all angles ranging from information experts, blogs, search engines and mainstream media like The Wall Street Journal and PBS...
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  • The first practical guide to e-books in libraries now available
    Facet Publishing has announced the release of E-books in Libraries: A practical guide, edited by Kate Price and Virginia Havergal, the first practical appraisal of e-books for library and information professionals.

    CILIP Vice President Phil Bradley said, "Given the current controversies surrounding e-books - the formats, costs, availability and e-readers - this is a timely publication that considers their role within a library service. E-books are already proving very popular with all readers, but within a library environment they give the library service a perfect opportunity for outreach to their members. E-books provide access to reading materials for those people in society who are, for whatever reason, unable to visit a local library."...
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  • Pier Professional partners with Pubget
    Pier Professional ( announced today that its 15 year journal article archive is now fully searchable with Pubget.

    Pubget makes scientific research easier by simplifying the process of finding, managing and analyzing scientific papers. Pubget's core solution, at, provides article-level tools making content discovery, access and copyright management much easier for the user. As a standalone article destination, Pubget delivers millions of PDF articles from thousands of publishers in one interface...
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  • Now 17 cutting edge eFocus collections available
    We are once again very proud to introduce six brand new, cutting-edge eFocus collections, taking the grand total up to 17.

    All of the collections include a cross-section of materials including reference works, overviews, and original research to provide a wealth of material for a wide range of users...
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Pre-order the FreePint Research Report: Copyright Policies and Practices 2011

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  • Critical gaps continue to exist between policy and practice
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    Recruiter: TFPL Intelligent Resources
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    Competitive Intelligence Specialist to use primary and secondary sources and work in Financial Services sector to produce insightful analysis...
    Recruiter: Glen Recruitment
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