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FreePint 8th September 2011


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  • Managing Stakeholder Relationships - the importance of cognitive behaviour
  • Write Here, Right Now - How Tumblr Changed Blogging: Part Two

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  • Bottom line business and legal research
  • Recent postings to the LiveWire
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Jobs in Information:

  • Records Management Support Officer
  • Knowledge Management Lead
  • Legal Researcher - LEEDS
  • Archivist
  • More...

Events in Information:

  • AIIP Webinar: Leadership Development the AIIP Way
  • TFPL Cloud Event - Sharing
  • Enterprise Search Europe 2011
  • KMWorld 2011
  • More...

Highlights from DocuTicker

  • Mobile Education Landscape Report
  • UK: Income inequality: Trends and Measures

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  • Pew Report: Social Location-Based Services
  • New Bibliography on Institutional Repositories


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Michelle ManafyBy Michelle Manafy

Hot news in August

August is usually one of those months (December being the other) in which it is an ideal time to take a holiday because everyone else does ... so companies don't generally make major announcements and B2B media go fairly quiet. Yet, as pointed out by a Wall Street Journal column last week, "When it Rains, It Pours: Yes, August Really Was a Huge News Month".

When it rains, it poursNow of course the WSJ is considering a much broader news perspective than our information industry niche - remarking on how "From Gaddafi to Irene, the month that ended yesterday was hardly languid: London erupted, Steve Jobs resigned and the markets returned to crisis mode. Oh, and that earthquake, huh?" Even here, though, we see implications for our industry including the shakeup in Apple management and the ripple effect of social media and mobile in London's riots, including discussion of blocking sites such as Twitter and Facebook during civil unrest.

The software and information industry experienced a flurry of news announcements that kept journalists (and probably a fair number of other information workers) from lounging poolside. Google's $12.5m (£7.7m) bid for Motorola Mobility was not small news, particularly given some very interesting speculation about the reasons behind it (such as its desire to go head to head with Apple and move into the hardware space, not to mention fattening up Google's patent portfolio).

Then there were the two back-to-back analytics acquisitions by IBM: a $375m (£231m) buyout of Canadian risk analytics firm Algorithmics and the purchase of UK-based fraud, crime and security threat analytics company i2 for an undisclosed sum. Another UK-based company, Autonomy, which is known for its search, document, and other information and content management solutions, was purchased for $10.2b (£6.2bn) from US-based HP. Our own Tim Buckley Owen shares his thoughts on this acquisition on the VIP LiveWire looking at how HP's move signifies its desire to move beyond selling printers and PCs into software, particularly into the growing cloud computing space.

Fellow VIP LiveWire contributor, Penny Crossland, examined a different set of August acquisitions that shows another company seeking to update its image and expand into digital territory: R. R. Donnelley & Sons Company, known as a provider of print and related services, snapped up LibreDigital, which offers digital content distribution, eReading software and related services. Like IBM, this was the company's second acquisition in a two day span, the other being of Sequence Personal, which provides software that enables readers to select relevant content to be digitally produced as specialised publications.

And of course, do not let me forget Bloomberg's further foray into the legal and government info space with its $900m (£555m) acquisition of The Bureau of National Affairs, Inc. (BNA), which we noted on the VIP Wire. As I wrote in my last column, Bloomberg is one to watch. And we are: look for our forthcoming FreePint Research Report: Company Report on Bloomberg in early October.

So much for a quiet August, eh? Simply recapping the major events of the month has left me in need of a break. That said, if August was this big a news month, one wonders what we might see this autumn, in what is usually our busiest news cycle as the information industry enters conference season. Stay tuned to FreePint: we've also got your news covered via our VIP Wires Weekly newsletter and we encourage you to follow FreePint and VIP on Twitter. That way, the industry news that matters most will find you ... even on a well-deserved holiday.

Best regards,
Michelle Manafy,
Director of Content

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 My Favourite Tipples

By Ned Potter

My tipples below are all things which have had a fundamental effect on the way I work. I can clearly chart my professional existence pre-them and post-them - and things are much better since I found each one.

  • Twitter: I know everyone says Twitter in these things, but it really is the sun around which all my other online-activity-planets revolve. For me it is the king of the social and professional networks because it aggregates the best content of all the others, plus it acts as a human Google if you need to ask a library related question. All traditional objections against Twitter can be rebuffed with the response: it's a conversation.

  • Evernote is an organising tool at heart, but with a lot of potential applications. You make to-do lists, or notes at a conference, or take screen-grabs from the web, or whatever you want to do - then you press 'Sync' and it all appears on all the devices you have: your phone, your laptop, your work PC, and your home PC. It means you can keep really essential information with you wherever you are, without transferring files etc. Incidentally, starting a list entitled "Things people are waiting on me to do" was the best thing I ever did.

  • Slideshare is a fantastic medium for disseminating information. A great set of slides will reach a far greater audience than a blog post or a print article, because people enjoy the design as well as the content and that makes them more likely to share it with friends and colleagues. With all the information out there about creating great presentations, there's really no excuse for making PowerPoints that are anything other than fabulous, these days...

  • Podcasts were all zeitgeisty in about 2007, so I stubbornly ignored them - here I am 4 years later, belatedly realising their value. You can take in information on the move! Brilliant. Journeys are never dull, and time at your desk can be spent more productively because you don't need to read so much stuff - you heard it on the way in. I'd encourage anyone to log into iTunes and see if there are any highly rated podcasts that cover the areas that interest them (professional and otherwise).

  • LISNPN is a network for new professionals - library and information workers who've joined the profession in the last decade or so. Full disclosure: I created it. But it's grown into a global network with over 1000 members from 19 different countries; I use it to share advice, get advice, connect with people and find out what's going on in library-land.

Ned Potter is Academic Liaison Librarian at the University of York. He won the SLA Europe Early Career Conference Award 2011 and was named a Library Journal Mover and Shaker in 2011, although those are NOT his real teeth in the picture they used. As well as founding LISNPN and co-founding the Library Routes Project, he is authoringThe Library Marketing Toolkit for Facet Publishing, coming out in 2012. He blogs as thewikiman, often writing about the movement to market and advocate libraries outside the echo-chamber.

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FreePint Research Report: Insights on Meltwater

Meltwater: Everything You Need to Know

New FreePint Research Report: Insights on Meltwater

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  • History
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  • Growth strategies
  • Legal challenges
  • SWOT analysis
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Latest posts at the FreePint Bar:

  • [FUMSI] Latest popular articles

    The following are the most popular FUMSI articles published in the last 60 days:

    * SharePoint and the law firm intranet
    * Tricks of the trade show: Making the most of your field research
    * A construction industry approach to using information - BIM, a shared knowledge resource
    * Write here, right now - how Tumblr changed blogging: Part One

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  • [VIP] Latest popular LiveWire posts

    There's a lot of valuable comment at the VIP LiveWire. The following are the most popular posts from our contributing editors over the last 30 days:

    * GigaOM: A new technology research model?
    * FirstRain: Searching the Business Web
    * WestLawNext: Simplified, unified legal research
    * LexisNexis shifting some ops overseas?
    * Plain speak about social media

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  • [FreePint] Stealth mode and undercover information

    You can't blame a start-up for operating in stealth mode. It makes sense that, if you are in the initial phases of product rollout, you'd want to limit exposure of possibly negative (even if constructive) feedback. There's also something sort of cool about the whole stealth concept - could be from the James Bond Stealth Ship or from the stealth fighters it is modelled after, with the point being to stay under the radar and avoid detection.
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Managing Stakeholder Relationships - the importance of cognitive behaviour

Emma KinaniBy Emma Kinani
FUMSI: Manage

Successfully managing stakeholder relationships is vital to any organisation which not only wants to grow but also retain its customers. Defining stakeholder groups and their characteristics is the start of the process but going back to the basics of human cognitive behaviour is at the heart of it. In her article, Emma Kinani looks at to how to build up communications with stakeholder groups and the impact of social media tools.

WHAT'S INSIDE: 'The method of understanding and processing information determines the outcome - the purpose of the information, decoding the message, and dissemination. Similarly, organisations can use information to steer their business one way or the other to develop a form of relationship that will ultimately lead to business growth. No matter the nature of business, it is imperative to go back to basics and formulate a model that seeks to address the underlying motive. Organisations are built by people who have vision; they have goals, dreams and personal hopes to see their business grow and flourish. Philanthropic or otherwise, the result is the same for all - to make it work! Defining the stakeholders are, and how to manage both internal and external communications to engage both groups, is therefore vital.'

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Write Here, Right Now - How Tumblr Changed Blogging: Part Two

Will MyddeltonBy Will Myddelton and Martin Belam
FUMSI: Share

In the second part of a two-part article, Will Myddelton and Martin Belam look at how Tumblr is being used by a range of organisations, from libraries to news organisations, and how easy it is to search for niche information and follow tumblelogs.

WHAT'S INSIDE: 'Tumblr is being used by a range of organisations including libraries, museums and news organisations. The Economist use their Tumblr presence to provide an alternative window into the content on their website and have customised the Tumblr code to present a very visual, magazine-styled theme. Huffington Post similarly use their Tumblr to showcase the best of the content they are publishing while the New York Times focuses on their style coverage. At the 2011 SxSW Festival, The Guardian experimented with Tumblr by pairing journalists with a web developer attending the event, and producing joint tumblelogs from Austin, Texas. The content was then aggregated back on the main website.'

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  • Predictive Search
  • Using a comms strategy for better use of government data
  • Reinventing librarians Part 2
  • Sharing resources using Twitter

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VIP issue 93VIP Magazine: Bottom line business and legal research - A VIP Editorial

By Scott Vine

The task of searching for valuable, relevant and up-to-date information is one all of us in the library and information sector will be familiar with. It is often the lifeblood of what we do. It has certainly been central during my own personal information journey.

One of the reasons it is nice to be asked to guest edit this particular issue of VIP is because the two products under review deal with the topics I have most been called upon to research over my career - business and law.

As someone who started out working in public libraries, (in particular, a large reference library in Swansea) assisting people doing business research has always been a significant aspect of my job. Of course the tools at my disposal back in the early 90s were a world - and a web - away from where we are today. Back then we still had to rely on multiple hard copy directories, loose leafs, and very basic database access via CD-ROM. Very little was internet-based. It was a world where the pen, notepad and the photocopier were king.

What a difference 20 years has made. Now the majority of information you could once only get offline is available online - a wonderful thing. However, because of the millions of web pages now accessible to us every day, trying to pull together the most relevant information on specific topics using traditional search engines such as Google or Bing, even using advanced search options, is no easy task. No surprise, then, that businesses have grown up in the past few years to try and filter web content in ways that Google and other search engines are not set up to do. FirstRain, reviewed by Perrin Kerravala in this issue, is an example of such a business that looks to provide a solution to that problem for business information. It provides a current awareness research tool that searches and filters the web just for business-related content...

Scott Vine

Scott Vine has over 20 years' experience of working in the library and information sector, both in the public and private sectors. He is currently Senior Information Officer for the Communications, Media and Technology practice area of the global law firm Clifford Chance LLP.

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Most Read Postings on the LiveWire Recently...

  • Meltwater Press Mini-Review: Part 1

    Meltwater, a 10-year-old media monitoring company, is best known for Meltwater News, which monitors web-based news distribution and provides customers with alerts, and Meltwater Buzz, which offers a look into social media activity and sentiment. These compete with similar offerings from companies like Cision and Burrelle's in the media space and with products like NewsDesk (Moreover) and Factiva (Dow Jones) in the news space.
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  • GigaOM: A new technology research model?

    GigaOM Pro tags itself as a "simplified solution to market research". I call it a welcome relief to market research. This is not because technology research is lacking in quality or depth, plus analysts report that it a $36 billion market. However these services are often geared towards the multi-user company, making them out of reach for many...
    Read posting online »

  • Pubget: get the science, ever faster... Part 1

    Yes, Pubget is another new biomedical search engine, but primarily it is a PDF browser. Pubget differs from similar literature search engines in how results are displayed: the purpose is not to give you an extensive list of hits like the competition does, but rather to give you immediate access to the science articles you need.
    Read posting online »

  • Meltwater Press Mini-Review: Part 2

    Finding journalists through search means pulling up a list of contacts who have demonstrably produced content on the topic of interest, no matter how niche or esoteric. Once I have created the list through an initial search, Meltwater Press provides me with a number of intuitive options for working with those contacts...
    Read posting online »

  • FirstRain goes with the workflow

    Whether because the role of the information professional is fading in many organisations or because that role is to empower ever more users in the enterprise with information to get their jobs done, information service providers are increasingly working to broaden the potential user base of their tools. Today's announcement by FirstRain - a business intelligence monitoring engine - takes a tool already aimed at a broad swathe of information end users and strives to further simplify the process of tracking critical developments in the news that may impact business
    Read posting online »

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VIP LiveWire »

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Recent VIP Wire announcements...

  • Springer and NAAL Sign eBook License

    The Network of Alabama Academic Libraries (NAAL) and Springer have signed a ground-breaking license which grants the consortium perpetual access to Springer eBooks on SpringerLink. This statewide agreement includes a customized license for Springer's eBook Collections in Business and Economics, Biomedical and Life Sciences, and Behavioral Sciences. From large academic libraries such as Auburn University and the University of Alabama, to smaller institutions such as Tuskeegee University and Spring Hill College, all of NAAL's 21 general members will have access under this agreement...
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  • Morningstar Announces New Alternative Fund Categories

    Morningstar, Inc., a leading provider of independent investment research, has added 18 new alternative investment categories to its fund category classification system for UCITS funds available for sale in Europe and Asia...
    Read Press Release online »

  • LexisNexis Reaches Agreement with New York Times

    LexisNexis, a leading global provider of content-enabled workflow solutions, has announced it has signed a long term extension of its worldwide licensing agreement with The New York Times that secures content from the premier daily news source for LexisNexis customers for the next 10 years...
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  • Infotrieve Mobile App
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Jinfo Jobs:

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  • Records Management Support Officer
    Records Management Support Officer at MRC for 18-month...
    Recruiter: Medical Research Council
    Country: United Kingdom

  • Knowledge Management Lead
    A Senior Knowledge Manager is currently sought to introduce knowledge management into an innovative...
    Recruiter: TFPL
    Country: United Kingdom

  • Legal Researcher - LEEDS
    LEEDS - Experienced legal researcher with training abilities, online skills and excellent communication skills.
    Recruiter: Glen Recruitment
    Country: United Kingdom

  • Archivist
    A London-based membership organisation requires a temporary Archivist to manage and develop its reco...
    Recruiter: Sue Hill Recruitment and Services Limited
    Country: United Kingdom

  • Taxonomist/Lexicographer
    Develop taxonomy, evaluate software, develop process to deploy with clients in news and other for-profit industries...
    Recruiter: MEI
    Country: United States

  • Taxonomist/Lexicographer - PT, fixed contract
    Part-time/contract taxonomist to support client work in the news and other for-profit industries...
    Recruiter: MEI
    Country: United States

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Jinfo Events:

Here is a selection of the latest featured events in the Jinfo database:

  • Dewey Decimal Classification Executive Briefing
    CILIP's fourth annual Executive Briefing with OCLC will address the exciting opportunities DCC offers through case studies, panel
    Organiser: CILIP Events
    Date: 15th Sep 2011
    Country: United Kingdom

  • AIIP Webinar: Leadership Development the AIIP Way
    This webinar focuses on what it takes to be an AIIP leader
    Organiser: AIIP
    Date: 15th Sep 2011
    Country: Online/webinar

  • Digipharm Europe 2011
    Digipharm Europe 2011 is Europe's leading digital marketing conference for senior pharmaceutical executives.
    Organiser: Health Network Communications
    Date: 27-30 Sep 2011
    Country: United Kingdom

  • TFPL Cloud Event - Sharing
    A one-day event on library and information strategy with cloud-based systems.
    Organiser: TFPL
    Date: 20th Oct 2011
    Country: United Kingdom

  • Enterprise Search Europe 2011
    New conference offering European perspective on the technology, implementation & optimisation of enterprise-wide search.
    Organiser: Information Today Ltd
    Date: 24-25 Oct 2011
    Country: United Kingdom

  • KMWorld 2011
    Learn practical, hands-on techniques from leading edge speakers. A must-attend event!
    Date: 1-3 Nov 2011
    Country: United States

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