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FreePint 13th October 2011


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  • Powering up with predictive search
  • In the thick of it: Why information professionals should be at the heart of government digital engagement activity

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  • The Competitive Intelligence Toolkit
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Jobs in Information:

  • Information Executive - LIS Systems
  • Senior Research Analyst (6 month contract)
  • Client Training Manager

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  • TFPL Cloud Event - Sharing
  • Evaluating Information Industry Services & Vendors: Best practices for info pros and IT staff
  • Enterprise Search Europe 2011
  • Designing intranets that work - London
  • More...

Highlights from DocuTicker

  • Household Income Trends During the Recession and Economic Recovery
  • Data Mining: DHS Needs to Improve Executive Oversight of Systems Supporting Counterterrorism

Highlights from ResourceShelf

  • Thomson Reuters Launches Book Citation Index for Web of Knowledge
  • American Libraries Launches E-Content Blog


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Michelle ManafyBy Michelle Manafy

Fresh air and information governance

Information is like air. We are utterly surrounded by it and rarely give it a second thought - with the notable exception of when the requisite quantity or quality is lacking. Of course an excess of a good thing can be bad, even in the case of oxygen and certainly in the case of information. Here again is another similarity in that information governance can be a lot like air management. Managing something as plentiful and amorphous as air or information makes herding cats seem like an organised undertaking by comparison.

Fresh air and information governanceLet's start with the definition of information. Merriam-Webster defines it as the communication or reception of knowledge or intelligence; knowledge obtained from investigation, study, or instruction; intelligence, news; or facts, data. Wikipedia, however, points out one extremely relevant fact, "as a concept, however, information has numerous meanings".

Right. To those on the technology side of the business, it comes down to bits and bytes. To those on the business side, it is the stuff upon which every decision is based. It is also the direct or indirect product of almost every action - from phone calls and emails to spreadsheets and reports. And, as if this weren't enough, it is vastly more.

However intangible it may be, we all know that information is essential. Certainly legal issues such as copyright, discovery and retention require organisations to come to terms with that which must be managed. Recognising the difficulty in defining the scope of information rights and wrongs, FreePint Research has, for several years now, explored issues surrounding copyright and the challenges and implications its management has within organisations.

Our most recent report on this topic, the FreePint Report: Copyright Polices and Practices 2011, made it clear that issues of copyright fall within a much larger issue faced by information professionals: information governance. Thus, this time around, FreePint Research takes on this more complex topic. I encourage you to contribute your insights during the research phase by participating in our Survey on Information Governance. Not only will your answers aid your peers through the provision of real world discussion of practical issues, you will receive a copy of the final report (and be invited to attend a webinar on information governance, which we'll be hosting later this month).

As our Director of Research discussed in her VIP LiveWire post, early results already reveal some significant issues. Not surprisingly, governance is most advanced in areas that have the most stringent regulatory or legal framework, such as records management and data protection. However, the results also demonstrate an opportunity for organisations to deal with these legal requirements not just as a costly undertaking but, more broadly, as part of a strategy that can help them build the value of their information assets.

We should not fail to govern resources effectively simply because they are plentiful, particularly when - as in the case of information - it is the stuff that fuels our survival. Let's take a deep breath and brace ourselves against the difficulties we face as we seek to define and address the issues it raises.

That's best accomplished if we work together. Please take 10 minutes to complete the Survey on Information Governance, particularly if you manage information functions on behalf of an organisation. We look forward to exploring the new opportunities offered for information value along with you.

Best regards,
Michelle Manafy,
Director of Content

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 My Favourite Tipples

Kristin Whitman By Kristin Whitman

My work as a librarian supports many patent "prior art" searchers: researchers who frequently use obscure sources of scientific and technical information to support patent filings or patent litigation. To do my job well, I need to be aware of as many scientific and technical literature resources as possible - even the ones nobody is blogging about. There are many directories of subject-specific databases on the web that make my job so much easier. Here are a few of the sources I find myself going to almost every day.

  • Open Directory Project/DMOZ: Maybe you remember this site from the early days of web search. It is still a valuable resource. I have found many arcane, obscure sources of information, including society websites and company product catalogues, from snooping around on DMOZ.

  • Library of Congress eResources: If you want to pick an excellent database on your topic, why not check the subscription holdings of one of the biggest and most visible libraries around? I've found many hints about good search products by peeking over the shoulder of the LoC librarians.

  • The US Department of Energy's Office of Scientific and Technical information, or OSTI, has done a great deal of work putting together searchable web databases to promote wider access to scientific research.

  • Zotero: When I'm on a long-term research project, I need something to capture the sites and documents I run across the web - including those that only seem marginally useful at first glance. Zotero lets me capture, save and annotate everything I'm seeing with a single click and saves the content to my local directory so I never lose out if a link breaks. There are other free reference manager programs out there that I'm interested to try, but Zotero was my first love!

  • USPTO Search Templates: When a sci/tech literature search absolutely has to be comprehensive, the first thing you need to know is where the baseline lies. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) examiners, who are experts in their technical fields, have created "search templates," or lists of databases that they regularly use. The templates are organized by patent class and subclass, helping users zero in on the exact topic they are interested in.

  • Intellogist Resource Finder and Intellogist Blog: Yes, these were created by my company. However, I want to include them here because I know from personal experience how useful these tools are. Resource Finder is a granular subject directory for scientific and technical databases, publications, and websites. The Intelloglist blog, to which I have contributed to in the past, is a rare find for the patent searcher.

Kristin Whitman is a librarian at Landon IP, a global provider of prior art search and analysis, patent information retrieval, and translation services. She is one of the original authors of Intellogist, a website providing free in-depth resources and educational materials for patent searchers, and contributed to Patent Searching: Tools & Techniques, a well known handbook in the field. Kristin has a Master of Library and Information Science from Rutgers University, and is currently a co-chairman of the Private Law Libraries - Intellectual Property group of the American Association of Law Libraries. She contributes to the Intellogist blog and is on Twitter @Intellogist.

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Participate in our survey, and receive a copy of the resulting report to learn:

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Latest posts at the FreePint Bar:

  • [DocuTopic] The Ubiquitous PDF in the Time of the Mash-up

    Here at DocuTicker, we specialise in digging up valuable research reports that organisations have sponsored and made available on their websites for free. We find reports that, pre-Internet, might have been printed in limited runs and made available by request until the supply ran out.

    Organisations now make their new reports available instantly on a worldwide network but, because of the document format they select, they may limit the usefulness of their reports in an online world. The format of choice for so many of the report-issuing institutions is Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF). Why PDF?
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  • [VIP] Latest popular LiveWire posts

    There's a lot of valuable comment at the VIP LiveWire. The following are the most popular posts from our contributing editors over the last 30 days:

    * Conferences are social?
    * Who is influencing the social web?
    * Social media - no knee-jerks needed
    * Computers predict sentiment -yeah, right
    * Getting strategic with information governance

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  • [Research] Getting strategic with governance

    FreePint Research has launched the Survey on Information Governance. Read about early results on the VIP LiveWire, and then take 10 minutes to participate.

    Your anonymous input will contribute to industry knowledge, and you'll receive a free copy of the resulting report upon publication.

    This project has been generously sponsored in part by Burrelles-Luce, Copyright Clearance Center and Moreover.
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FUMSIFUMSI publishes articles, tools, and a monthly magazine, to give you practical help with information skills. Visit

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Powering up with predictive search

Tasha Bergson-MichelsonBy Tasha Bergson-Michelson

One of the most difficult aspects of searching for information on an unfamiliar subject is knowing the appropriate vocabulary to use. Each sector and industry has its own terminology which can cause a search barrier for the uninitiated. Tasha Bergson-Michelson shows how to overcome this barrier through the use of predictive search which involves visualising what the answer might be.

WHAT'S INSIDE: 'One of the most crucial skills in searching for electronic information, whether in free or proprietary sources, is simply to stop and think. I envision the likely author/publisher/poster of the information, and the format or medium in which I expect it to appear. I then use these clues to determine which operators and filters are available to help me match the picture in my head with a source on the web. The process of discerning what your answer will look like in order to strategise how to find it is called "predictive search". Beyond developing a sense for language, however, predictive search is about drawing on what one knows about how and where different types of information are commonly communicated.'

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In the thick of it: Why information professionals should be at the heart of government digital engagement activity

Lesley ThomsonBy Lesley Thomson

As government strives to create two-way communication with people, librarians are ideally placed, and equipped, to be at the heart of this digital engagement. Lesley Thomson describes the perfect skills government librarians have to facilitate this engagement and the value breaking into this new "information territory" would bring.

WHAT'S INSIDE: 'Good use of social media can help governments better attract, understand and respond to the attention of specific audiences. However, the ability of civil servants to use social media and the growing demand for these channels is causing tension as government departments update pre-digital processes which do not work as effectively in the digital era. Digital engagement is about changing the mentality of government so that we are driven by people's needs - librarians know that information doesn't equal power; rather, information sharing amplifies power.'

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  • Where the jobs are: listings and resources for LIS professionals
  • Using and understanding Online influence and social captital - some general lessons and tips from the pharma sector
  • Reinventing librarians Part 2
  • Presenting better presentations - Running a conference "predux"

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VIP issue 94VIP Magazine: The Competitive Intelligence Toolkit - A VIP Editorial

By Estelle Metayer

Ever since companies discovered the concept of Competitive Intelligence, analysts have struggled with one key question: how best to organise the information and the vast amount of data that has been collected, synthesise it and spot emerging patterns, then share the insights so that decision-makers have the data they need when choosing a strategic or growth path.

At Competia, we have for many years been following the trends and are very excited by the recent changes in the market: the Invisible Web is finally getting structured, social media offer a new path to identify information and best practices, and the Cloud allows even smaller organisations to store data in a way that was previously not economically viable.

This month's VIP product reviews provide a good illustration of the solutions that are now coming to market. Intelligence Plaza is tackling the difficult task of obtaining and manipulating multiple, vibrant sources of information and, in particular, newsfeeds. It is allowing users to organise the information and access it remotely. It is tapping into all the relevant trends today: mobility, crowdsourcing and curation. With dashboards and alert systems, it will allow users to make the best use of their time, and focus on what is important - getting the insight from the data collected.

The second part of this article can be found in VIP No. 94. Purchase VIP No. 94 in the FreePint Shop or subscribe today »

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Most Read Postings on the LiveWire Recently...

  • Conferences are social?

    I was at a day conference recently when I was asked to turn off my smartphone. I gasped - the event was on participation using online technology!

    On the LiveWire many of my colleagues report from conferences on a regular basis. This type of event is seeing many changes in terms of the traditional approach that it has held for many years.
    Read posting online »

  • Social media - hand-holders wanted

    Bosses and new recruits seem to be of one mind when it comes to social media according to one recent survey, while another highlights some of the qualities these newcomers will need. There's going to be no shortage of touted solutions for them to assess - or advice either.
    Read posting online »

  • Who is influencing the social web?

    Social media metrics is one of those topics we get asked to write and comment on all the time on the LiveWire, and Tim Buckley Owen has commented very recently. In FUMSI we have commissioned specifically with this in mind. Being social is not about the numbers of followers, it is about what is being said and by whom - your measure of influence.
    Read posting online »

  • Moreover repackages Newsdesk

    While some news aggregators such as Meltwater have been making the headlines with their battles against the UK's NLA, others like Moreover have decided to work with the major publishers. In June this year Moreover joined the NLA's eClips service, enabling them to provide their customers with content from newspapers with online paywalls, such as The Times. This, they argue, avoids the need to scrape the web for this particular content and offers their customers a more direct and therefore quicker service.
    Read posting online »

  • Plain speak about social media

    Social media seem to have a knack of constantly finding their way back into the news - most recently in the context of the riots in British cities. But there are also hints that some people may be getting a bit tired of them - social media, that is, not just riots...
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  • Meridith Webster to Join Bloomberg

    Bloomberg L.P. has announced that Meridith Webster will join the company as Director of Communications and Public Affairs. She will join Bloomberg's senior communications team and will oversee the expansion of Bloomberg's communications and public affairs efforts in Washington, New York and globally to support the company's continued growth worldwide.
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  • Springer digitizing entire book collection

    Springer Science+Business Media has started its extensive digitization project, Springer Book Archives (SBA). The SBA initiative will include nearly all books that have been published since the 1840s. Springer expects that the book archives will contain around 65,000 titles. Titles include academically and historically unique works by Albert Einstein, Niels Bohr, Sir John Eccles, Lise Meitner, Werner Siemens, and Rudolf Diesel, to name just a few. The works in the digital archives will be available on the company's platform SpringerLink just like all other Springer books, which have routinely been published in electronic and print versions since 2005. When this mammoth project is completed at the end of 2012, Springer will be able to offer more than 100,000 eBooks on
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  • Webinar: Evaluating Information Services

    The latest FreePint Webinar is now open for registration: Evaluating Information Industry Services & Vendors: Best practices for info pros and IT staff

    The information industry is again changing rapidly. First-time and replacement solutions offer many benefits, but moving forward involves a certain leap of faith. Before working with a new vendor or implementing a new product for you and your own customers, you cannot truly know how things will unfold. Yet without taking these risks and re-evaluating, progress stagnates.
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  • Factiva
  • LexisNexis
  • StrategyEye
  • Highline Financial

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  • Creating a process and structure for evaluation
  • Scoring solutions based on value outcomes and total cost of ownership
  • Mapping existing processes and identifying benefit of improvements
  • Creating and communicating the business case.

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Online Information International Conference 2011

Online Information Exhibition

29 November - 1 December 2011, National Hall, Olympia, London

More than 150 international vendors and comprehensive seminar programme covering:

Content Resources; ePublishing; Library Management; Content Management; Social Media and Search Solutions

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Jinfo Jobs:

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  • Information Executive - LIS Systems
    Professional body is recruiting for an information professional to join their team in a newly created...
    Recruiter: Sue Hill Recruitment and Services Limited
    Country: United Kingdom

  • Senior Research Analyst (6 month contract)
    Senior Analyst / Researcher required for initial 6 month Maternity Leave to work for global organisation based in Central London.
    Recruiter: Glen Recruitment
    Country: United Kingdom

  • Client Training Manager
    A leading law firm is seeking to recruit a Client Training Manager.
    Recruiter: TFPL
    Country: United Kingdom

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