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FreePint FreePint Newsletter No.349
19th April 2012

My Favourite Tipples

FreePint Research

  • Semantics questions
  • Supporting Information Strategy


  • Putting Twitter in your knowledge management toolbox
  • Sharing documents socially


  • Product Review of ProSearch from Pantros IP, Inc.
  • Latest LiveWire articles



  • The US-UK Extradition Treaty
  • The Gender Wage Gap by Occupation


  • Research Data Curation Bibliography Now Available
  • Oxford University, Vatican Libraries to Digitize Works

About FreePint


By Michelle Manafy

Michelle ManafyWelcome to this issue of the FreePint Newsletter, which features a range of insights on information value and engagement. I've just posted a FreePint Features article that looks at the importance of plain talk and good listening skills.

While I focus on the basics, our FUMSI contributors examine some new-school tools including "Gamification for the enterprise" and using Twitter to manage information. This issue also includes the FreePint Research invitation to participate in Benchmarking on Mobile Deployment and highlights from the most recent VIP Subscription content, including product reviews of Pantros IP and

Michelle Manafy
Director of Content, FreePint

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 My Favourite Tipples

Seth GrimesBy Seth Grimes

Creating a Tipples list is a challenge when you're (like me) a believer in Information Anarchy! That belief fits my work: I'm an industry analyst and consultant covering analytics and semantics, that is, technologies that help us make sense of numbers and a world of "unstructured" data.

I don't have a set of even five tools or sites I use regularly. Instead, I use "smart filters," namely folks (and a few tools) I trust to find, weigh, and relay news, papers, and resources I'll likely find useful. Here are my favourite filters:

  • Twitter is an unmatched way to stay on top of fast-emerging issues and community attitudes. I have 5 accounts but do most of my reading and tweeting via @sethgrimes. Take a look at who I'm following to find some to add to your reading list.

  • Google Alerts is the only automaton tool that makes my list. Choose the right, narrow search terms and be near-instantly informed when news hits the web (which for our purposes is synonymous with the Google search index.)

  • LinkedIn Groups represent self-forming special-interest communities. There's a lot of overlap among groups, and the Discussions can be full of noise, but I've nonetheless found the groups to be a great way to identify and communicate with folks whose interests I share. Similarly, e-mail lists still deliver huge value for me. Have a look at those I belong to if you'd like.

  • I love conferences. They're an opportunity to focus on the topics, people, and companies that matter to you professionally, to learn and network. And yes, I even put on my own. My next is the 4th Sentiment Analysis Symposium, 8 May in New York.

  • The daily newspaper, two of them for me, The New York Times and the Washington Post, which I read on paper (!). We still need the editorial judgment and sustained, deep coverage that these media deliver, and I love the open-to-new-things experience of reading a publication printed on broadsheet.

My attitude is, Get your information-gathering methods right, and you open yourself to a world of content.

Seth Grimes is principal consultant at Alta Plana Corporation, which he founded in 1997. He writes, speaks, and consults internationally on the business application of analytical and semantic technologies, notably business intelligence, text analytics, and sentiment analysis. Follow Seth on Twitter at @sethgrimes.

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Robin Neidorf, FreePint ResearchFreePint Research combines our internal pool of contributing editors, analysts and researchers with our global audience of information practitioners to study changes and trends in the information industry.

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FreePint Research
Budgets, Staff, Resources: The constant is change

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VIP LiveWire The VIP LiveWire has daily comment from VIP contributing editors about what's happening in the industry.

Latest LiveWire articles:

  • Hard and tricky work: information mining by Joanna Ptolomey
    Data and text mining techniques are used for analysing competitor behaviours and workflows as well as customer and market needs. These methods could also be used for open access, however, the full potential is not being realised as data is limited, there is no established user community and there are licensing issues. Full article »

  • Research from behind the wall? by Joanna Ptolomey
    The debate about open access publishing continues with strong representation from the Gates Foundation and the Wellcome Trust for the idea that if research is publicly funded it should be open to all. However, both in the UK and the US there seems to be some hesitation which could mean that the only winners will be the big publishers. Full article »

  • The big data conundrum by Tim Buckley Owen
    Chief information officers' latest headache may be the purchase of big data solutions, with major companies competing in this market. However, it will be the expertise of information professionals that will ultimately prove the success or otherwise of the venture. Full article »

  • Pricing - time to end the poker game? by Tim Buckley Owen
    A new survey from LinkedIn shows over a third of professionals are hesitant in dealing with financial transactions, some likening the process to a poker game. Information professionals seem more confident in this area and their superior negotiating skills have trumped Elsevier leading to a potential boycott of the company. Readers and researchers want open access. Full article »

  • ... more ...

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