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FreePint FreePint Newsletter No.350
10th May 2012

My Favourite Tipples

FreePint Research

  • Content evolution and the need to stay flexible to survive
  • "But what is it you DO?" Getting to simplicity in a complex world


  • Putting Twitter in your knowledge management toolbox
  • Latest FUMSI Focus articles


  • VIP Mini Review: Altimeter Group shakes it up
  • Latest LiveWire articles



  • "Link Rot" and Legal Resources on the Web: 2012 Analysis
  • Ukraine: Euro 2012 Jeopardised by Criminal Police Force


  • Google Trains Students With Search Education
  • ProQuest Launches Service for Researchers without Library Access

About FreePint


By Michelle Manafy

Michelle ManafyWelcome to this issue of the FreePint Newsletter, which features a range of insights on putting information to work.

I've just published a FreePint Features article that looks at the need for information to be flexible and fit for purpose, not just follow the latest trends.

Our FUMSI contributors and VIP LiveWire team also examine some trends in social business in order to help enterprise information users move past the hype and get the job done.

Michelle Manafy
Director of Content, FreePint

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 My Favourite Tipples

Arthur WeissBy Arthur Weiss

My work involves helping clients find information which means that I need to use a really eclectic set of sources, that go beyond Google and I sometimes need to look at the minutiae of the web. I also train people in finding information so keeping up-to-date on search related topics. Here are some favourite sites I use on a regular - or even view on a daily - basis.

  • Twylah is a twitter collation tool allowing twitter users to categorise their own tweets and see them in context. Users can specify a custom link (visit my Twyla site) so that recent tweets are linked by hashtag in a newspaper type fashion, allowing you to see at a glance what's been tweeted for each subject. Twylah gives twitter context!

  • Wired is a great science magazine, available offline also. I follow Wired as a way of keeping up to date on technology trends, along with New Scientist and the BBC's science and technology pages.

  • aims to keep people up-to-date with the latest information on all aspects of social media and digital technologies, and is a fun way of finding out what's hot and what's not in the digitech space. Mashable was founded in Scotland, but is now based in New York!

  • Lifehacker's tagline is tips, tricks and downloads for getting things done. That pretty much sums up the site - as every day you get a range of ideas that can help improve your life. These can range from protecting your stuff, speeding up your laundry, saving money through recycling or making something yourself plus how to tweak common software such as Firefox, etc. Lifehacker gives you ideas so that you can improve (hack) your own life.

  • is a new one, only started about a month ago. It aims to document developments in Israel and the Middle East plus news items of Jewish interest. It's approach is wide-ranging and generally apolitical which makes it refreshing (although as can be guessed by its name, it does have an inbuilt bias towards Israel).

Arthur Weiss is the managing director of AWARE, specialising in marketing & competitive intelligence research and training. Arthur's background was biochemistry at Sussex University but he's been in the information industry since 1981 when he found a job at the British Medical Association library. He then moved to Dun & Bradstreet, leaving to found AWARE in 1995. Arthur has gained a reputation as a marketing / competitive intelligence expert, lecturing worldwide on related topics and trying desperately to keep ahead of school leavers who have imbibed online technologies at birth. Particular interests are business strategy, social media and online research. Arthur is an MBA and Chartered Marketer, and blogs at, tweets @awareci and his website is

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Robin Neidorf, FreePint ResearchFreePint Research combines our internal pool of contributing editors, analysts and researchers with our global audience of information practitioners to study changes and trends in the information industry.

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FUMSI Report: Folio on Locating Internal ResourcesIt's all about who you know, and how you connect

Social media have transformed the way people interact in their personal lives. Now social media are gaining similar traction inside the enterprise as well.

The challenge of located internal resources can be simplified through strategic use of organisational social media. And the faster professionals can connect with the right internal resources, the faster they can act on those resources.

This FUMSI Report: Folio on Locating Internal Resources brings together a number of guiding articles on:

  • Managing the flow of information via social tools
  • Finding opportunity through streamlined connections
  • Enterprise microblogging
  • The social intranet

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  • Approaches to overcoming key challenges in security and authentication (among others)

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Can't submit data? You can still pre-order the initial comprehensive benchmarking report (scheduled for publication June 2012) for critical insights on these variable.

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VIP VIP publishes in-depth, unbiased reviews of business information products. If you purchase or use premium information resources, make VIP part of your professional reading every month. Visit VIP »

VIP SubscriptionA VIP Subscription brings you product reviews and industry insight to support content purchases and information strategy.

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VIP in the FreePint Shop... plus:

Forthcoming reviews: Alacra Compliance, Newsdesk, Thomson Innovation, Dow Jones Compliance Portal

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VIP LiveWire The VIP LiveWire has daily comment from VIP contributing editors about what's happening in the industry.

Latest LiveWire articles:

  • Predators snap at LinkedIn's heels by Tim Buckley Owen
    LinkedIn is extending a helping hand to recruiters by launching Talent Pipeline. Part of its Recruiter product, this new offering will allow recruiters to manage all their talent leads in one place, regardless of the source. Full article »

  • Never mind the clever stuff; what about the fundamentals? by Tim Buckley Owen
    Listening to the big data analytics pundits, you might be forgiven for thinking that all the fundamentals of business information had been sorted and that it was appropriate to move on to sophisticated exploitation of the mass of data now available to us. But they're not sorted - and perhaps information professionals should be shouting louder about it. Full article »

  • Translation tools bring back the human element by Penny Crossland
    I learnt about two translation services today, which to my mind look like useful tools for business researchers. The major paid-for online news services like Factiva and Nexis have an excellent archive of translated articles, with Factiva offering instant translation of news. However, there is usually a delay in uploading translated articles to these services and, of course, you have to pay for access. Full article »

  • Altimeter Group Shakes It Up by Heidi Longaberger
    Altimeter makes it clear that they do not cover mature markets, nor are they a competitor to the likes of Gartner. Their focus is on disruptive trends that will allow business leaders to pursue new opportunities and business models. Full article »

  • ... more ...

The VIP LiveWire is generously sponsored by
Financial Times.

Financial Times

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FreePint Buyer's Guide ReportsRequest your free FreePint Report: Buyer's Guide On Intranet Management

In addition to providing a guide to companies providing tools to power social media monitoring, this free report includes several FUMSI articles, written by experts in the field, on:

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  • INFO 2012 Annual Conference & Exhibition
    The "INFO 2012" Annual Conference & Exhibition is the major event in the information community in Israel. | Organiser: Teldan Information Systems | Date: 14-16 May 2012 | Country: Israel

  • Internet tools for the advanced searcher
    This one day course reviews searching techniques both with and without search engines and covers more specialised areas... | Organiser: TFPL | Date: 12 Jun 2012 | Country: United Kingdom

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