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FreePint FreePint Newsletter No.351
24th May 2012

My Favourite Tipples

FreePint Research

  • Information overload: fact, fantasy or filter failure?
  • Professional development at your desk


  • From shelves to bytes: one law library's journey to a visual eLibrary
  • Latest FUMSI Focus articles


  • Product reviews of Alacra Compliance and Newsdesk from Moreover Technologies
  • Latest LiveWire articles



  • Connecting to Compete 2012: Trade Logistics in the Global Economy
  • Military and Security Developments Involving the People's Republic of China, 2012


  • Wolfram Finance Platform Debuts
  • Google Unveils Knowledge Graph

About FreePint


By Michelle Manafy

Michelle ManafyWelcome to this issue of the FreePint Newsletter, which features a range of insights on creative solutions to information problems. A FUMSI guest editor sets the tone in viewing change as an opportunity, while contributors offer some approaches for CI on a budget and controlling collaboration. In my FreePint Features article, Information overload: fact, fantasy or filter failure?, I look at some current thinking on that subject and, as do all of the articles in this issue, try to help you take control of your information resources.

Remember that the FreePint Newsletter is only a taste of everything we provide to raise the value of information in your organisation. If you'd like to explore further, please complete the online form, "How can FreePint Help?"

Michelle Manafy
Director of Content, FreePint

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 My Favourite Tipples

Jennifer SmithBy Jennifer Smith

Running a rapidly growing company and coordinating a thriving networking community, I love finding tools that help save me time and enable me to do my job effectively. Here are five tools that I find really useful.

  • Remember the Milk: I read about this tool a couple of years ago but finally started using it last month. In just a few weeks it has had an extraordinary impact on my productivity. It took hardly any time to get started, then I just throw in my tasks, and it displays an up to date list of what I need to do today, what's really important, or what I need to do for particular projects. It's free and comes with a handy iPhone App so I can spend train journeys productively organising my to do list. Highly recommended if you're juggling lots of different projects.

  • Time Zone Converter: The internet makes it easy for even a young company like mine to have international clients. I've tried a few different time zone sites when scheduling meetings, and this is the best I've found for ease and speed of use. Handily it allows you to search either for your time or the time in another zone, so if you're scheduling a tele-meeting you can quickly find a time that's convenient for the other person.

  • Balsamiq: Balsamiq is a great tool to quickly mock-up web pages. I use it to explain designs for clients, but equally you could use it when commissioning software development to try out designs, or to make sure the developer understands what you want. It costs around £49/$79 but is well worth it if you're commissioning expensive development, as it helps to avoid misunderstandings that could result in costly mistakes.

  • Wufoo: Wufoo provides a service for putting together web forms. It's very quick to produce a form and incredibly easy for others to complete. At LIKE (London Information & Knowledge Exchange), we use Wufoo to capture bookings for our monthly speaker and dinner events. It's free for three forms at a time. It costs a small monthly fee if you need more.

  • LIKE Events: Attending the LIKE monthly speaker dinners in London UK is one of the best ways I've found for keeping up to date on developments and discussion in the information sector (and not just because I'm involved with the organisation, either). If you're not able to make it to London, then check out the LIKE past events page for reviews of each event from those who attended. LIKE is hosting a conference on The Business of Social Media, on 29th June in London, which might be of particular interest.

Jennifer Smith is the Managing Director of ONEIS, an information management platform. Jennifer is a Chartered Librarian with over 12 years of experience in library and information management. She is the co-founder and organiser of the London information community, LIKE. She can be found on Twitter at

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  • From shelves to bytes: one law library's journey to a visual eLibrary by Camille Reynolds
    Economic changes impact where investments are made and how clients are served. Many of these changes are the direct result of clients shining the spotlight on the delivery and pricing of legal services. Smart organisations focus more on efficiency and cost savings as they continue to grow and adapt services to meet client needs in a better way. Full article »

  • Put information management skills to work for Digital Asset Management by Deb Hunt
    The Exploratorium is an interactive, hands-on museum of science, art and human perception, located in San Francisco, California. It has assets in all sorts of formats and in every condition, from hi-8 tapes to 35mm slides and everything in between. In 2003, the museum applied for and received an Institute of Museum and Library Services grant to begin creating a metadata schema, building a taxonomy and indexing Exploratorium digital assets, and it relied on digital librarians to get the job done. Full article »

  • How to create a win/loss analysis programme to do better business by Ellen Naylor
    Win/loss analysis is a wonderful way to collect sales and tactical competitive intelligence, since you are querying and listening to your customers and those who selected another provider. The communication is two-way and immediate. Analyse the results of numerous interviews and learn how you can win more business. Full article »

  • Need anytime, anywhere access to official government data? There's an app for that by Africa S. Hands
    We can all agree that there is no shortage of apps available in the marketplace. With such a wide variety of apps on the market and untold numbers of developers, it's important that information workers use quality, reputable apps especially when relying on the app for data, news and information to be reported to clients. Not all are essential to the information professional's toolbox; the following apps are a good start for on-the-go access to data and historical information reported by government agencies. Full article »

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  • Competitive intelligence on a budget by James Mullan
    Are you using Google or proprietary software to undertake business, client or competitor intelligence? If you are, but you're budgets are being squeezed then you might want to think about how you can use open source and free tools as part of your intelligence arsenal. Full article »

  • Mobile access explodes by Sarah Dillingham
    More people have access to mobile than have access to electricity or running water. What does this astonishing statistic mean for your organisation? Full article »

  • Change as opportunity by Carolyn J. Sosnowski
    Information managers and other information professionals may not have fully realised that our talents apply outside the walls of the traditional research or library setting, but by now we are, or should be, on our way to reinventing and expanding our sphere of influence. Full article »

  • Controlling collaboration by James Mullan
    Organisations face a unique challenge when implementing any collaboration technology, namely how to encourage the viral, grassroots participation and growth, but at the same time keep the tool productive so that it doesn't spiral out of control. Because a major part of a collaboration tools success is people, can collaboration be controlled? Full article »

  • ... more ...

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  • Product Review of Alacra Compliance by Perrin Kerravala
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  • Newsdesk [Focus On] by Scott Brown
    Newsdesk, from Moreover Technologies, Inc., is an enterprise media monitoring, competitive intelligence tracking and news distribution tool. Full article »

  • Alacra Compliance [Focus On] by Perrin Kerravala
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