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FreePint FreePint Newsletter No.352
7th June 2012

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About FreePint


By Michelle Manafy

Michelle ManafyWelcome to this issue of the FreePint Newsletter, which offers a particularly interesting look into the future of intranets to help you avoid bandwagon-jumping and focus on delivering value. This issue also includes interesting information resources on infrastructure as well as efforts to automate social networks. In my FreePint Features article, I consider the challenge and importance of evaluating information investments. That's what we're here for, after all: to help you make the most of your valuable information resources.

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Michelle Manafy
Editor-in-Chief, FreePint

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 My Favourite Tipples

Penny CrosslandBy Penny Crossland

Most of my work as an independent business researcher involves open source intelligence using the "deep web", i.e. going beyond Google and the other major search engines. While some of the data I use for compiling due diligence reports on companies and individuals can only be found in commercial databases, I also have a checklist of free sources that are invaluable to my work.

  • KYC360 acts as a forum and information portal for compliance professionals and others involved in anti-money laundering activities. The site has links to articles and videos on compliance-related issues, however the most useful aspect of KYC360 from my point of view is the free sanctions search tool called RiskScreen. This runs individuals' names through its database of sanctions, and checks them for PEP status (political exposure) and any adverse news.

  • There are several sites which offer free company and director searches. A relatively new kid on the block is Duedil, which continues to add features to its site. There are currently 9 million UK companies and 9 million directors on its database. Duedil provides numerical and graphical analyses of companies' financials, access to annual reports and a red flag feature, which highlights litigation or regulatory issues. The site also has advanced filters, which enables company searches by industry sector.

  • The World Legal Information Institute, or Worldlii is a legal research facility which provides access to worldwide law. It also acts as a single search facility for decisions of international courts and tribunals - currently 48 jurisdictions in 20 countries are covered - and is an invaluable tool for anybody searching for litigation involving companies or individuals.

  • There are numerous people search sites on the web, which all have their merits. The site I use most frequently is Pipl, which is billed as the "most comprehensive people search on the web". It has location and age filters and searches for mentions of individuals in social media as well as news and government sources. Although there appears to be a bias towards US sources, it is also useful for searching European entities.

  • Finally, when I am working on projects I often set up news alerts on the entities I am researching and my favourite tool for that purpose is Silobreaker. It is an excellent news monitoring service, which provides context to stories by searching conventional news sources, Twitter, blogs and videos. One of my favourite Silobreaker features is the network tool, which shows connections between entities. This has, for example, helped me find the names of known associates of individuals.

Penny Crossland is the owner of CH Business Research, a consultancy specialising in investigative research and market intelligence. Penny conducts research projects for clients from a variety of industry sectors, including management and corporate intelligence consultancy, financial services, and FMCG.

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  • Get a clear picture of information investments by Michelle Manafy
    There are so many intangibles in information work that it can be incredibly challenging to evaluate the efficacy of our efforts. How rare and lovely are those moments when you can point to an information resource that resulted in clear business advantage? What's needed is a good basis for comparison on information investment and resources, but it's very difficult to come by. Full article »

  • Investing in compliance by Robin Neidorf
    Some expenses can never be avoided. Even when content budgets are slashed, spending on compliance-related products remains stable or even grows. If regulatory compliance is part of your job, learn about FreePint Family resources that can help -- including the free FreePint Report: Buyer's Guide on Compliance. Full article »

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FUMSI SubscriptionA FUMSI Subscription helps you benefit from enhanced skills and resources to raise the value of information in your organisation.

Latest FUMSI Subscription articles:

  • From shelves to bytes: one law library's journey to a visual eLibrary by Camille Reynolds
    Economic changes impact where investments are made and how clients are served. Many of these changes are the direct result of clients shining the spotlight on the delivery and pricing of legal services. Smart organisations focus more on efficiency and cost savings as they continue to grow and adapt services to meet client needs in a better way. Full article »

  • Put information management skills to work for Digital Asset Management by Deb Hunt
    The Exploratorium is an interactive, hands-on museum of science, art and human perception, located in San Francisco, California. It has assets in all sorts of formats and in every condition, from hi-8 tapes to 35mm slides and everything in between. In 2003, the museum applied for and received an Institute of Museum and Library Services grant to begin creating a metadata schema, building a taxonomy and indexing Exploratorium digital assets, and it relied on digital librarians to get the job done. Full article »

  • How to create a win/loss analysis programme to do better business by Ellen Naylor
    Win/loss analysis is a wonderful way to collect sales and tactical competitive intelligence, since you are querying and listening to your customers and those who selected another provider. The communication is two-way and immediate. Analyse the results of numerous interviews and learn how you can win more business. Full article »

  • Need anytime, anywhere access to official government data? There's an app for that by Africa S. Hands
    We can all agree that there is no shortage of apps available in the marketplace. With such a wide variety of apps on the market and untold numbers of developers, it's important that information workers use quality, reputable apps especially when relying on the app for data, news and information to be reported to clients. Not all are essential to the information professional's toolbox; the following apps are a good start for on-the-go access to data and historical information reported by government agencies. Full article »

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FUMSI FocusFUMSI Focus Articles provide sponsor-supported tips and features, written by information practitioners, provide practical insight for finding, using, managing and sharing information.

Latest FUMSI Focus articles:

  • Creating an automatic social network by James Mullan
    We all know how well social networks work when individuals are sharing content with their friends and to some extent peers within the sector they work in. You only have to look at the success of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to see the evidence. However internal or enterprise social networks haven't had the same success, a new way of sharing content could be about to change that. Full article »

  • Competitive Intelligence - a FUMSI Editorial by Jeanette Eldridge
    Competitive intelligence draws on the insights developed from gathering a wide range of factual information and sentiment reporting, together with knowledge and inferences built through an understanding of what makes your competitors, your industry regulators and your consumers tick. Full article »

  • Infrastructure project research - a look at some niche tools by Sarah Dillingham
    Governments are looking to infrastructure projects to grow during recession. How can infrastructure practitioners keep up to speed on market developments? We review three key products: IJ online, Inspiratia and Infra News. Full article »

  • Future intranets by James Mullan
    What will the intranet of the future look like? It's hard to know for certain but most people agree that the intranets of the future will be social, which involves having more and more social tools integrated into them. But is this the only way intranets are heading? Not necessarily. Full article »

  • The fallacy of information overload by James Mullan
    A lot of the talk around social media in the last year has been around information overload. Social media has provided us with new and exciting ways to create content. But it has also meant learning new ways to manage and engage with social media tools. Are we teetering on the edge of an information overload precipice? Full article »

  • ... more ...

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    Newsdesk, from Moreover Technologies, Inc., positions itself as an enterprise media monitoring, competitive intelligence tracking and news distribution tool. It allows users to track a wide variety of "traditional" news, print and broadcast sources, as well as social sources. Full article »

  • Product Review of Alacra Compliance by Perrin Kerravala
    Alacra Compliance is a workflow application that helps organisations comply with the US Patriot Act, Bank Secrecy Act and UK Financial Services Authority regulations regarding anti-money laundering (AML), anti-terrorist financing, "know your customer" (KYC) and Customer Identification Program (CIP) requirements. Full article »

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    FreePint Research tries not to miss an opportunity to gather data, and the recent FreePint Webinar: Mobile Content Evolution in the Enterprise provided the chance to learn from over 100 attendees about their current mobile status, priorities and areas for development. Full article »

  • Executive summary of product review of Newsdesk by Scott Brown
    Newsdesk, from Moreover Technologies, Inc., is an enterprise media monitoring, competitive intelligence tracking and news distribution tool. Full article »

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  • People - we need your big data by Joanna Ptolomey
    The McKinsey Global Institute reports that if the US healthcare system were to use big data creatively the result would be a $300 billion value every year. So what about people information or patient derived information? Surely this is a huge missing chunk of big data that is also floating around in the digital information world. Full article »

  • Cookies - who will be the first to be clobbered? by Tim Buckley Owen
    Cookie compliance day - the introduction in the United Kingdom of regulations requiring all website owners to ask users actively to opt into the use of cookies - has come and gone, and there's still plenty of evidence that neither companies nor public bodies are ready yet. What consequences should they fear - and do users actually care? Full article »

  • Quilting big data threads by Joanna Ptolomey
    Recently I have found myself cooing over visualisation maps (and heat maps) of health and well being resources. The content rich data is overlayed with mapping technologies, and some interesting themes and patterns are emerging. Full article »

  • Knowledge Graph and to deflect from Facebook by Penny Crossland
    While media attention has focussed on Facebook's IPO, the major search engines have quietly launched new products, which could give Facebook a run for its money. Google's Knowledge Graph, introduced on Google's blog, is being hailed as a significant step towards the semantic web. Full article »

  • ... more ...

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