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FreePint FreePint Newsletter No.353
21st June 2012

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FreePint Features

  • The more things change ...
  • Investing in compliance

Information Practice

  • Driving innovation with information
  • Latest FUMSI Focus articles

Information Content

  • Product Review of Dow Jones Risk & Compliance Portal
  • Latest LiveWire articles



  • Twitter Use 2012
  • UK: #Intelligence


  • Older Adults and the Internet
  • The Power of Like 2: How Social Marketing Works

About FreePint


By Michelle Manafy

Michelle ManafyWelcome to this issue of the FreePint Newsletter, which provides a particularly insightful take on how information drives innovation. To wit, the issue also includes some essential resources for biopharma research. Our contributors take a fresh look at the value of information audits to help you ensure - as is ever our goal here at FreePint - that you make the most of your information investments.

Remember that the FreePint Newsletter is only a taste of everything we provide to raise the value of information in your organisation. If you'd like to explore further, please complete the online form, "How can FreePint Help?"

Michelle Manafy
Editor-in-Chief, FreePint

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 My Favourite Tipples

Carolyn J. SosnowskiBy Carolyn J. Sosnowski

I am always looking for ways to learn more or improve what I do. I can't always sit down with a book, but these sites offer ideas, insight and inspiration - with just a little bit of time commitment.

  • HBR Blog Network: I find such value in these timely posts, which are written by a variety of business leaders. The posts are short, and can be read fairly quickly, but also refer to related resources if you want to explore the topic further. Find out about trends, best practises, and recent research in marketing, business practise, leadership, customer service. No matter what your industry, you'll find some valuable takeaways. Subscribe by RSS or e-mail.

  • Daily Infographic: No subject is off-limits for an infographic. Read about health-related topics, e-books, the law, cats, social networking, and the economy. Not only are these infographics informational, but they are a source of great concept and design inspiration for infographics of your own. Have you thought about using the infographic format to share the top ten reasons your clients should use your info centre? Or to target market your services? Or to present research findings?

  • Information Wants to Be Free: I have been reading this blog for several years, and I am never disappointed. Meredith Farkas thoughtfully writes about many of the things we are all thinking about priorities, struggles with administration, and challenges in designing and maintaining library services. I appreciate her candour and willingness to share what she's learned, resources and tools she finds valuable, and processes she has developed. Although she many times speaks about the academic library experience, there are lessons here for all types of info pros.

  • iLibrarian: I love lists: top ten best of this, seven reasons to do that. They are easy to skim and concisely organise the presented information. Ellyssa Kroski rounds up lists of tips, strategies, and resources so you don't have to. Learn about social networking tools, sites, apps, library issues.

  • Roger Ebert's Journal: Yes, Roger Ebert is a film critic, but his blog is so much more than about film. He eloquently writes about books, people, culture, music, life and even death. Roger has always been an interesting writer, but his inability to speak due to cancer surgery, I think, has made him an even more keen observer of what it means to be human, and how life is so interesting and multi-layered and we should acknowledge that. Embrace it. Follow Roger on Twitter: @ebertchicago.

Carolyn J. Sosnowski is the Director of Education and Information Services at the Special Libraries Association. She began at SLA as an information specialist, conducting research for staff and assisting members with requests for information on topics such as the value proposition, salary benchmarks, and strategic planning. Currently, her primary role is planning and executing professional development programming for information professionals through SLA's Click University.

Carolyn develops and produces several webinars each year, administers the increasingly popular copyright and knowledge management certificate programmes, and is the content manager for SLA's annual conference. She is a member of SLA's Information Ethics Advisory Council, which in 2010 produced professional ethics guidelines for SLA members, and is also part of the task force that is updating SLA's competencies for information professionals. Prior to her joining SLA in 2003, Carolyn worked in both for-profit and non-profit organisations, including Medco, Mercer, the Corporate Executive Board, and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, in a variety of information management roles. Follow her on Twitter.

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FreePint FeaturesFreePint Features offers the latest commentary on trends, issues and opportunities in the information world, as well as examples of how organisations use FreePint Family resources to raise the value of information.

Latest FreePint Features articles:

  • The more things change ... by Michelle Manafy
    Some tensions may persist in perpetuity. Consider that between sagacious seasoned veterans and, say, kids today. There's no end of research that demonstrates, for example, how different the work ethic (or at least generational perception of it) is between older and younger workers. For example, a Workplace Options survey revealed that almost 70% of managers believe that Millennial workers are less motivated than their older counterparts. At the same time, almost 80% of respondents believe that Millennials are more tech savvy as well, which 70% believe is an advantage for them in the workplace. Full article »

  • Investing in compliance by Robin Neidorf
    Some expenses can never be avoided. Even when content budgets are slashed, spending on compliance-related products remains stable or even grows. If regulatory compliance is part of your job, learn about FreePint Family resources that can help -- including the free FreePint Report: Buyer's Guide on Compliance. Full article »

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Latest FreePint Subscription articles to support information practice:

  • Maximise your return on information investments with an information audit by Cynthia Shamel
    While the phrase "information audit" has risen and fallen in popularity, the need has remained steady if not grown. Most enterprises can benefit from an information audit, looking closely at how workers acquire, store, locate, share and use information. Done well, the process will identify opportunities to increase information access, save time, save money, or some combination of the three. Full article »

  • Driving innovation with information by Melanie Browne
    Information sharing and information services should spark innovative ideas. Librarians and information professionals need to be entrepreneurial change catalysts. They can do this by providing information services that are creative and encourage innovation within organisations and help work around the challenges that may derail success. Full article »

  • Essential resources for competitive intelligence research in biopharma by Yulia Aspinall
    Against a backdrop of shrinking development pipelines, global constraints on healthcare expenditure and increasing market access and reimbursement hurdles, no company can make smart decisions without a thorough understanding of its competitors and the competitive environment. Thus, identifying the best resources for research is essential for success. Full article »

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VIP LiveWire The VIP LiveWire has daily comment from VIP contributing editors about what's happening in the industry.

Latest LiveWire articles:

  • The cloud in Europe - everything's fine! by Tim Buckley Owen
    Even though it's scarcely new any more, there's still plenty of caution about moving to the cloud. But the people holding back - and those saying "go for it" - are not always the ones you might expect. Full article »

  • Leveling the playing field in the journal publishing game by Joanna Ptolomey
    You know the saying - not all research is equal and that is one significant factor that can be reflected in which journal opts to publish your research. But what if you don't know how to play the game, have limited knowledge of western publishing, few contacts and English is not your first language - what are your options? Full article »

  • Social media benefits for the healthcare business by Joanna Ptolomey
    Medical director for the Mayo Clinic, Farris Timimi MD, believes that social media is not an addition to your job as a doctor and healthcare provider. It is a part of your job as a doctor and it cannot be ignored as a potential benefit to the system. So, if we trust doctors with a scalpel and surgical procedures should we not we not trust them with social media tools? Full article »

  • The future of information - commoditisation is key by Penny Crossland
    The London Information Knowledge Exchange (LIKE) recently featured a talk by Dr Martin De Saulles of the University of Brighton. Promoting his new book Information 2.0 - new models of information production, distribution and consumption, De Saulles provided us with his vision of the information future in the UK, now that the technology revolution is finally coming to a head. Full article »

  • Apps - a retrograde step? by Tim Buckley Owen
    Remember when you needed some information and you'd simply visit a website to get it? Now, with the internet available from such a plethora of devices, you're likely to have to download an app first. It feels like a backward step - but how much longer will it last? Full article »

  • ... more ...

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