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FreePint Newsletter No.354
12th July 2012


Robin NeidorfThe summer of 2012 brings evolution to FreePint. You can read about these developments to bring clarity and simplicity to FreePint offerings, but I'd be willing to bet that if you've been to the FreePint home page lately, you've already spotted many of the changes:

  • FreePint Subscription: All premium content is now consolidated in a FreePint Subscription, which provides article-level access to practical, expert-written items to support information practice, decisions around information content, and planning for information strategy

  • FreePint Features: Additional commentary on latest articles and reports, industry topics and how customers build value for their organisations with FreePint can be found at FreePint Features.

Consolidation offers a streamlined and comprehensive approach to thinking about and publishing for the information industry. Over the years of publishing product reviews under one brand (VIP), practical how-to articles under another brand (FUMSI), and research results under a third, we've often struggled with the fact that most topics we and our contributing editors want to write about cross over these boundaries.

Cross-promotion provided a mechanism for helping customers find what might be most useful to them. Consolidating everything in a single offering, however, is far more sensible, and easier for publisher, editor and customer alike.

Staying informed

As always, the FreePint Newsletter continues to be the central source for how to get value from our offerings, with links to recent articles, commentary on the industry, plus links to the latest Jinfo Events (if you seek professional development) and Jinfo Jobs (if you're looking for your next opportunity).

But this week marked the inaugural issue of the Information Content Newsletter, covering latest articles and reports specifically for those who work in information services management, information strategy and content procurement.

Next week watch for the Information Practice Newsletter, covering latest reports and articles for those who work in competitive intelligence, internal communications, intranet management, knowledge management, PR and external communications and research.

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How can FreePint help?

In our work to clarify and simplify our offerings, our focus has been on creating value to customers. The real result isn't in publishing a wide range of articles nor pulling together comprehensive reports and issues that support the value of information in organisations. The real result is in talking with customers about their needs, getting resources into their hands and enabling them to share those resources with the people who can benefit.

I invite you to start that conversation with us, by completing the form, "How can FreePint help?". As Director of Research, I personally review every form submission and make recommendations on usage of FreePint to get you value.

If you will be attending the SLA annual conference and exhibition in Chicago, then please visit the FreePint booth, #174. I'd love to give you a guided tour of our offerings and get your immediate feedback. Bring ideas for additional articles, reports and resources that would be valuable to you.

By Robin Neidorf
Director of Research, FreePint


My Favourite Tipples

FreePint Features

  • Mind-map your project
  • Company fundamentals: Still plenty of work to be done

FreePint Subscription

  • Visual representation - information's beautiful future
  • Why your users are more important than the social tool


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 My Favourite Tipples

Andrea SchulmanBy Andrea Schulman

In the academic business library where I work, we serve a variety of needs for our community including information for career/job search, academic research, and business plans. My very able colleagues contributed suggestions to this list, which reflects the varied interests of our clientele. Choosing just five was very difficult. You can find more of our suggestions collected on Delicious.

  • Boardsource provides tools and information on improving non-profit governance. Alumni and students who want to enter the non-profit sector find it very useful. It includes free papers, blogs and newsletters. Courses and books are available for sale.

  • If a picture (or a map) is worth 1,000 words, how many numbers is it worth? The eAtlas of World Development enables users to create maps and graphs that illustrate World Bank data.

  • iGoogle is the homepage on my default browser. I love being able to organize links (in conjunction with Google Bookmarks) and RSS feeds on a single page. Tabs allow you to have multiple pages for different purposes. I'd love to find a way to create iGoogle pages and make them public.

  • Mendeley is an increasingly popular citation manager that includes strong social features. It allows one to construct public or closed groups and store citations online or on the desktop. Like all citation managers it allows one to store citations and notes, link to documents and websites and provides word processing integration.

  • Academics are always looking for data. Statista is a site that facilitates locating and downloading statistics from government, industry and market research sources. A surprising amount is available for free. Premium accounts enable access to more sources.

Andrea Schulman manages the contemporary collections of Baker Library at the Harvard Business School. She contributes content to the library's webpage and helps library users achieve their goals with information and tools.

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 FreePint Features

FreePint FeaturesFreePint Features offers the latest commentary on trends, issues and opportunities in the information world, as well as examples of how organisations use FreePint Family resources to raise the value of information.

Selection of the latest FreePint Features articles:

  • Finding statistics in Latin America
    By Beth Bandy on Tuesday, 10th July 2012
    Emerging markets demand careful attention to data to identify opportunity and reduce risk. Sources of statistics for Latin America are put at your fingertips by a number of organisations.

  • Mind-map your project
    By Yulia Aspinall on Monday, 9th July 2012
    A variety of project management software exists that can assist with project initiation, planning, execution, monitoring and completion. A new trend towards using mind-mapping software is gaining attention. These tools are powerful enough to handle complex projects, yet intuitive enough for most users to pick up quickly.

  • Reviews, articles and reports for information managers: Information Content Newsletter
    By Robin Neidorf on Monday, 9th July 2012
    The latest articles for professionals working in information services management, information strategy and content procurement

  • All a-flap about maps
    By Joanna Ptolomey on Wednesday, 27th June 2012
    Mapping and visualisation tools are not only gaining popularity as an enabler for many of the products we use and project development on a day to day basis as I considered in a previous LiveWire post. The mapping products themselves are generating some interesting news around competition, market penetration and privacy.

  • Company fundamentals: Still plenty of work to be done
    By Tim Buckley Owen on Wednesday, 27th June 2012
    Company data is the bedrock of business information – so you'd be forgiven for believing that it must be comprehensively covered by now. Well, it isn't. Indeed, so patchy is company information provision generally that vendors continue to see gaps.

  • Evolution Summer 2012: FreePint Consolidates
    By Robin Neidorf on Wednesday, 27th June 2012
    In the summer of 2012, FreePint is undergoing evolution, consolidating its publishing brands into the single FreePint brand. Read about these changes and the expanded access and added value they will bring to you.

  • The evolution of SharePoint
    By James Mullan on Wednesday, 27th June 2012
    Many speculate that Microsoft's purchase of Yammer as well recent influx of search-centred add on products for SharePoint will improve the user-experience of this tool. Certainly, one wonders if these changes will really make a difference in how SharePoint is perceived amongst law firms, where SharePoint usage has become almost ubiquitous.

  • Cookies law already crumbling
    By Joanna Ptolomey on Wednesday, 27th June 2012
    The LiveWire has been following the countdown and the introduction of the new EU cookie over this last month or so. The questions now are so what and any impacts so far?

  • ... More ...

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FreePint SubscriptionArticles and reports included in a FreePint Subscription provide customer organisations with practical insight to support information practice, content purchasing and usage, and strategic planning.

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Selection of FreePint Subscription articles and reports:

  • Connecting knowledge via the new European Library
    By Penny Crossland on Tuesday, 10th July 2012
    European political integration may be unravelling under the strain of the financial crisis; however integration of another kind has gathered pace with the launch of the European Library's online portal.

  • Sources for Latin American Business and Financial Research
    By Beth Bandy on Tuesday, 10th July 2012
    Whether you are seeking insights into regional economic trends or need to find information about a particular company, there are many excellent resources available to help you find the information about Latin America that you need. The trick is knowing where to look.

  • Using mind mapping software for project management
    By Yulia Aspinall on Monday, 9th July 2012
    The ability to effectively and efficiently manage projects is an essential skill. A variety of project management software exists that can assist with project initiation, planning, execution, monitoring and completion. However, whilst software packages can make life easier, they are not all straightforward or simple to use. Worse, in some cases it takes longer to update the software than to do the work. As an alternative, mind mapping software is becoming increasingly popular as a project management tool.

  • Visual representation - information's beautiful future
    By Tim Buckley Owen on Sunday, 8th July 2012
    Images are becoming more important in business communications for relaying critical information. Major publishers like PR News Channel, Thomson Reuters and LexisNexis are taking on the challenge of the increasingly visual demands of workers who want to see their world, not just read about it.

  • Software or shelfware? Creating a collaborative culture
    By James Mullan on Thursday, 5th July 2012
    Does your workplace culture support or hinder your efforts to establish better use of social tools? Pay attention to the cultural requirements of your workers, or the best-implemented tool will founder.

  • Why your users are more important than the social tool
    By James Mullan on Thursday, 5th July 2012
    Social connections within organisations are increasingly facilitated by software and tools designed to be used behind the firewall. But prior to implementing a tool, have you given enough thought to the needs and motivations of the people who will (or won't!) be using them?

  • Visualising your emails
    By Dean Mason on Wednesday, 4th July 2012
    The average workplace email inbox will often see several hundred emails pouring in daily, but a recent study notes that "nearly two-thirds" of these emails "are nonessential". So how can we better manage and not get distracted by emails that are unimportant, but will need our attention at a later stage?

  • Microsoft buys Yammer -- now what?
    By Sarah Dillingham on Tuesday, 3rd July 2012
    Microsoft have acquired enterprise social media capability via Yammer. But what are they going to do with it, and how will it impact your roadmap for enterprise social media and SharePoint upgrades?

  • Thomson Reuters enhances MENA data with Zawya
    By Penny Crossland on Tuesday, 3rd July 2012
    Analysis of recent acquisition of MENA publisher Zawya by Thomson Reuters.

  • FUMSI Report: Folio on Knowledge Management and the Social Enterprise
    By Una O'Sullivan on Tuesday, 26th June 2012
    "Build it and they will come" no longer suffices as a content-sharing strategy. This Folio on Knowledge Management and the Social Enterprise examines the impact of social media on enterprises, drawing on predictions of the world of work in future as well as the experience of the early adopters.

  • VIP Report: Product Review of Dow Jones Risk & Compliance Portal
    By Perrin Kerravala on Tuesday, 19th June 2012
    Dow Jones Risk & Compliance Portal is a solution for assessing, investigating, and monitoring third parties for anti-bribery and corruption, regulatory compliance, and business risk.

  • VIP Report: Product Review of Profound
    By Jenny Robertson on Tuesday, 19th June 2012
    Aimed at corporate subscribers,'s Profound is a subscription-based market research procurement service, aggregating information from a large number of market research publishers and across more than 700 industry segments worldwide.

  • ... More ...

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