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FreePint Newsletter No.356
9th August 2012


My Favourite Tipples

FreePint Features

  • Detecting online plagiarism
  • Let the collaboration continue

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  • Big content meets big data
  • Attensa StreamServer: Introduction and FreePint's View


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FreePint supports the value of information in the enterprise. We do this by publishing practical articles and reports on information practice, content and strategy.

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Robin NeidorfWe at FreePint spent July working hard on achieving simplicity. On 30 June, we were still publishing articles and reports under three different brands. On 31 July, everything was successfully consolidated and streamlined into a single FreePint Subscription.

Over the course of the month, FreePint Subscribers gained access to:

We've also opened up the entire archive of previous articles and reports to FreePint Subscribers. Altogether, consolidation and simplicity means that we can provide an unmatched collection of resources to support the value of information in your organisation. If you're not yet a subscriber, complete our online form "How can FreePint help?" to connect the dots between your needs and our resources.

New content development processes

In addition to the visible changes, we've made a lot of progress behind the scenes. I'm pleased to welcome Scott Brown as our new Content Development Editor. He's working hard on planning the next few months' worth of articles and reports, as well as this autumn's FreePint Webinars.

Scott, our production staff and I are collaborating through cloud-based software package called Kapost, where we can easily manage the workflow around developing ideas into articles and reports, and then working through the nitty-gritty of production.

Join the conversation

If collaboration looks to be a recurring theme in the articles in this issue of FreePint, that's no coincidence. In our increasingly connected world, collaboration is both easier and more important than ever. We rely on collaborative tools every day. I rarely see the people I work most closely with, and yet they are constantly present as I work.

We want you to be just as present to us as we plan, develop and publish articles and reports. Join the conversation by emailing any suggestions, ideas or editorial questions you have directly to Our best suggestions come from readers, because you tell us what you want YOUR FreePint to be.

By Robin Neidorf
Director of Research, FreePint

 My Favourite Tipples

Joan MorrisBy Joan Morris

My primary focus for the last year has been to follow trends and forecasts on a number of important issues affecting libraries today: E-books, E-readers, iPads, cloud computing, book apps and technology.

  • Bloomberg: using its iPad app I am checking out global stocks, and reading news on all the companies that I have on alerts. The industries are broad enough for me to get what I need.

  • Linked In groups such as American Library Association has good discussions on trends and professional development. Customer Management IQ is another group that emphasises delivering the best service that a company can offer. This group discusses the issues affecting the customers that use its services.

  • I use the articles that are on current content analysis, as well as upcoming trends with companies and industries.

  • is a great source for profiling startup tech companies. The writers are writing on the latest in gadgets and breaking tech news.

  • These databases have always been a great help to me. In my new role of helping clients write grants and raise money, it has become invaluable.

Joan Morris is a principal of JMF Solutions, a library consulting firm that tracks trends in the information industry, and specialises in financial services. In her most recent position as a senior vice-president for library services, she was chief negotiator for multi-million dollar vendor contracts, while overseeing a multi-million dollar budget in information systems, and an over-$1 million general library budget.

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FreePint Subscription

Coming Reports in the FreePint Subscription

On schedule for publication in the next four weeks:

  • Product review of Attensa StreamServer
  • Product review of Thomson Innovation
  • Semi-annual update: Research
  • Monthly update: Information services management
  • Monitoring and mining social media and news content

Your FreePint Subscription includes access to all reports, plus the ability to share them with anyone at your organisation, at any location. Login to MyFreePint at any time to access reports.

If you're not yet a subscriber, complete the form, "How can FreePint help?" to start the conversation.

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 FreePint Features

FreePint FeaturesFreePint Features offers the latest commentary on trends, issues and opportunities in the information world, as well as examples of how organisations use FreePint Family resources to raise the value of information.

Selection of the latest FreePint Features articles:

  • Detecting online plagiarism
    By Arthur Weiss on Wednesday, 8th August 2012
    Every organisation that publishes content on the web needs to be aware of the potential for plagiarism and how to stay alert to it. Plagiarism can risk your organisation's reputation, as well as put revenue at risk.

  • Let the collaboration continue
    By Robin Neidorf on Tuesday, 7th August 2012
    The articles highlighted in the latest issue of the Information Practice Newsletter are categorised by many job function categories, making plain the ever-present need to collaborate across roles and divisions to raise the value of information in your organisation. Further supporting this principles is the recently published FreePint Report: Enterprise Collaboration.

  • Introducing the FreePint Subscription
    By Robin Neidorf on Wednesday, 1st August 2012
    The FreePint Subscription is a newly consolidated offering with flexible delivery options to support the value of information in the enterprise. This brief video introduces the offering.

  • FreePint Report: Intranet Manager
    By Robin Neidorf on Tuesday, 31st July 2012
    Twice a year, FreePint publishes a compendium of articles supporting different areas of information work. This report collects six months' worth of articles for intranet managers.

  • Getting to essentials in FreePint publications
    By Robin Neidorf on Tuesday, 31st July 2012
    FreePint has changed the format of product reviews, starting with the current reviews of iSell from OneSource and Scopus from Elsevier. What's your opinion about these and other changes we've introduced as we continue to support your work in evaluating and licensing content products?

  • Getting control of policies and procedures at Edwards County Hospital
    By Theresa Cramer on Tuesday, 31st July 2012
    Although intranets have been around for many years, plenty of organisations have not yet maximised their usage... or even implemented one, despite their potential to improve internal communications, adherence to policy and workflow. A county hospital in Kansas took a process-oriented approach to develop a much-needed intranet, overcoming internal technical and cultural challenges along the way.

  • What's changed in the FreePint Subscription?
    By Robin Neidorf on Monday, 30th July 2012
    Past FreePint customers get expanded access and new features with the newly redeveloped FreePint Subscription. This brief video explains the changes.

  • ... More ...

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  • Staying informed about changes to critical sources
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 FreePint Subscription

FreePint SubscriptionArticles and reports included in a FreePint Subscription provide customer organisations with practical insight to support information practice, content purchasing and usage, and strategic planning.

Subscribers can click any link to login and view the full item. If you have not yet purchased a FreePint Subscription, learn more about the benefits now.

Selection of FreePint Subscription articles and reports:

  • Plagiarism: The problem, prevention and detection
    By Arthur Weiss on Wednesday, 8th August 2012
    Online plagiarism (or website plagiarism) is the copying of website or blog content and passing it off as one's own material on another website. Generally this also involves a breach of copyright. The problem for content owners is detecting online plagiarism and stopping it.

  • Source Update August 2012: What's happening with Nexis?
    By Anne Jordan on Tuesday, 7th August 2012
    Monthly update on changes to Nexis' source list.

  • Big content meets big data
    By Dale Moore on Monday, 6th August 2012
    What happens when big data meets big content? or vice versa? Is your organisation happily and successfully extracting meaningful insights from your analysis of data or are you still struggling to manage your content effectively and efficiently? A recently published report examines these subjects and suggests that structured data and unstructured content are inextricably linked and should be introduced to each other.

  • Social media - pick the winners or take the risk?
    By Tim Buckley Owen on Monday, 6th August 2012
    It's been an up and down week or so in the social media world - but at least no-one can accuse it of failing to provide challenges for anyone with information management responsibilities. Which makes it all the more extraordinary that many organisations still seem to be pursuing the high risk policy of ignoring - or even banning - social networking altogether.

  • Attensa StreamServer: Sources and coverage
    By Scott Brown on Thursday, 2nd August 2012
    As an awareness portal, content partners are critical for the success of Attensa StreamServer. Reviewer Scott Brown explains the coverage included in StreamServer, as well as the other sources of content that can be incorporated and managed though the product.

  • Attensa StreamServer: Introduction and FreePint's View
    By Scott Brown on Thursday, 2nd August 2012
    Reviewer Scott Brown tested Attensa StreamServer, an enterprise-scale content management and delivery application. This introduction explains the main features of the product, its intended audiences and uses and summarises Scott's key findings about strengths and weaknesses.

  • Edwards County Hospital takes control of internal communications with new intranet
    By Theresa Cramer on Tuesday, 31st July 2012
    Not every business benefits from a full customisable intranet solution. Many smaller and mid-sized organisations are in fact better off with a tool with an underlying design specific to their industry, which they can further customise to meet their unique needs. Such was the case with a county hospital in the U.S. when the time came to investigate intranet infrastructure.

  • FreePint Report: Intranet ManagerFreePint Report: Intranet Manager
    By Robin Neidorf on Tuesday, 31st July 2012
    This report, updated twice annually, collects the current content relevant to those responsible for intranet management in a convenient PDF package for downloading and offline reading.

  • FreePint Report: Information Services Management Monthly Update (July 2012)FreePint Report: Information Services Management Monthly Update (July 2012)
    Published on Monday, 30th July 2012
    This monthly update collects the current content relevant to those responsible for information service management, information strategy and content procurement in a convenient PDF package for download and offline reading.

  • FreePint Report: Enterprise CollaborationFreePint Report: Enterprise Collaboration
    By John DiGilio on Thursday, 26th July 2012
    This report supports information managers, intranet managers and knowledge managers with thinking strategically about different approaches to enterprise collaboration, as well as communicating with other stakeholders who need to be involved to achieve successful outcomes.

  • ... More ...

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