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Jinfo Newsletter No.482

Jinfo Newsletter 482

2nd November 2017

Jinfo helps information teams optimise their information sources, technology and value, through unique and practical Content, Community and Consulting. Find out how.

Robin Neidorf


Leverage the insights in our Research Focus, "Define and manage value for current awareness", through two great opportunities:

1. Free newsletter makeover

We've seen every style of current awareness newsletter out there, and we know the tweaks that get you maximum value while improving user experience.

We're offering tips and insights for every reader, along with the opportunity to have your newsletter chosen for a tailored makeover. 

Learn how to submit your newsletter for a custom makeover - no subscription necessary. Don't delay - closing date is 24th November.


2. Download our Insights & Actions report and share it with your team

Request your free copy of our Insights & Actions report, or if you have a Jinfo subscription, you can immediately download your copy.

Feedback tells us our Insights & Actions reports are invaluable to:

  • Share with teams - some organisations assign a section to each team member, who then analyses how it applies to their organisation and reports back
  • Reflect and compare your organisation against others
  • Spark ideas and drive innovation.

Get the report today, then start applying our insights and research to your situation.

Robin Neidorf
Director of Research

"Define and manage value for current awareness"
Our Research Focus for October to December 2017

Read about the Research Focus: Define and manage value for current awareness Many, if not most, information services provide current awareness and newsletters of various kinds to their stakeholders. Many, if not most, of the services that do so have a difficult time documenting and justifying the value of the time and money they invest to do so.

Over the decade that Jinfo has studied news and current awareness, we have documented and predicted important shifts in available technology, user needs and sources.

Learn more and request a free copy of the Insights & Actions report »


Articles, reports and webinars that help you save time and money and plan for the future... any time, without leaving your desk. Learn more




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An unmatched forum for frank, confidential discussions with your peers, based on our original insights and proprietary tools. Learn more

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Bring our insights in-house. We'll work with you to make strategic changes in operations, enhance stakeholder relationships and future-proof your information service. Learn more

Who benefits from a Jinfo Subscription?

Our all-original research is for you and your team if you are responsible for information strategy (26th October), content purchasing (4th September) and optimising your research service (2nd August).

Jinfo SubscriptionA Jinfo Subscription has these benefits:

  • Saves time by using our original research and practical resources
  • Define, communicate and measure information value
  • Reinvent information services through insight into what the best companies do

Pricing and benefits »

Jinfo TipTip: Check out our "What's new" section to see all our latest content, events and trending articles in one dashboard.


Jinfo Testimonials
"I do a lot of reading with Jinfo and other materials and what I really like about Jinfo is that it's one of those information sources really pertinent to us a small corporate research service centre. Sometimes sources only offer a component of what interests us - Jinfo is comprehensive so I really appreciate that. It really deals with the issues we're looking at."
Dany Lessard - Manager, Research and Information Centre, Business Development Bank of Canada
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