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Jinfo Newsletter No.508

Jinfo Newsletter 508

6th December

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Robin NeidorfWhen I talk with customers at this time of year, whether one-on-one or in our popular Community sessions, there's a whole lot of extra tension in those conversations around a particular topic: content pricing and negotiations.

Let's put that in boldface: content pricing and negotiations.

If just reading that phrase ratcheted up your own anxiety, you're hardly alone. That's why the resources and events offered through our focus on Jinfo for Content Purchasing are among the most valued by customers with a Jinfo Subscription.

Every information manager with responsibility for content purchasing and licensing is playing 3-dimensional chess, managing:

  • Changes in pricing structures
  • Evolving business needs
  • Constricted budgets
  • Data compatibility.

And this time of year also brings more renewals, along with the pressures of planning for the next calendar year.

Plan for 2019 success... later

Our best advice for reducing the stress of crunch season is to create a practical plan around the real-world challenges in YOUR environment, be they financial, political, technological, or rooted in arcane procurement practices.

But later. Not now. Put the following in your calendar:

  1. Check out the February 2019 Community session, "Jinfo for content purchasing". This is a great opportunity to debrief with other people in the same role about how you coped with end-of-year, and what is within your control to improve for next time.

  2. Pencil in the January and February Community sessions on "State of the industry, 2019", during which we'll discuss trends in vendor strategies, pricing and licensing.

  3. Contact Claire Laybats, Jinfo's head of commercial development, and request a time to chat in January about bringing in the Jinfo Consulting workshop, "Holistic content portfolio management" to help your team think, plan and act more strategically around content licensing.

The time to deal with the next year's busy period is just after the end of this year's. That's when the challenges are still fresh in your mind, and you have time to do something about them.

And in the meantime, keep pushing through the urgent and difficult discussions. We're rooting for you.

Robin Neidorf
Director of Research and Head of Consulting

Final days to participate in Jinfo Survey on technology readiness

We're finishing data collection on the Jinfo Survey on technology, and we're looking for 30 more responses

Become one of them, and you'll get a copy of the report upon publication as our thank you.

So far we've learned:

  • User authentication, user experience and text mining are the most urgent needs
  • Most respondents have insufficient funding or human resources to meet their technology needs
  • Around one-third are looking to hire new skills, and over half are looking to train for new skills in technology.

What about you? Take 10 minutes to complete the survey now.


A Jinfo Subscription connects your team with the practical tools, original research and expertise to build and support information strategy in your organisation.

Articles, reports and events that help you save time and money and plan for the future... any time, without leaving your desk. Learn more.

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Jinfo TipSubscription Tip: Book now for our popular "State of the industry" Community sessions for 2019


Who benefits from a Jinfo Subscription?

Our all-original research is for you and your team if you are responsible for content purchasing, information strategy or optimising your research service.

Jinfo SubscriptionA Jinfo Subscription has these benefits:

  • Saves time by using our original research and practical resources
  • Define, communicate and measure information value
  • Reinvent information services through insight into what the best companies do.

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Bring our insights in-house. We'll work with you to make strategic changes in operations, enhance stakeholder relationships and future-proof your information service. Learn more

"Intelligence systems - beyond awareness to action"
Our Research Focus for October to December

Read about the Research Focus: Intelligence systems - beyond awareness to actionFor over a decade we've researched developments in news and current awareness. This year our focus is on the shift from current awareness to intelligence systems - those which encompass features such as collaborative elements, taxonomy, dashboards and visualisations.

This Research Focus provides tools, research and the original data you need to evaluate your current awareness provision and plot where you are in the movement towards intelligence systems.

Learn more and request a free copy of the Insights and Actions report »

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  • Jinfo for optimising your research service on 29th November
    How can you unpack and optimise your team's workflow and what are the key elements of workflow analysis? Find out and review the latest Jinfo reports, articles, webinars and Community sessions most relevant to managers running a research service.

  • IncFact - major information on midsized companies on 27th November
    If your work involves researching private companies in the US, you'll be interested in why we recently published a mini review of IncFact, a company information and business discovery engine that covers around 3 million mainly privately held, midsized US companies.

  • Research update - take charge of renewal season on 22nd November
    Vendor negotiations are a key part of content purchasing, find out how Jinfo's resources can strengthen your hand.

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Jinfo Testimonials
"The models and materials presented in today's Community session will be incredibly useful for us - I'm going to look at us doing this mapping internally, in line with the Jinfo model for current awareness."
Izzie Finlayson, Senior Specialist, Wood Mackenzie Ltd
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