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Jinfo Newsletter: 2011

Issues of the Jinfo Newsletter published in 2011.

FreePint No. 341
22nd December 2011

A look back ... and looking forward

  • Social Networks in the workplace - some data protection issues
  • Seven things I've learnt about organising a conference

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FreePint No. 340
8th December 2011

News: read all about it

  • Where the jobs are: Listings and resources for LIS professionals
  • Social media and the emergency services: Part 1 - Policing in your pocket

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FreePint No. 339
24th November 2011

Social media graces

  • "Predux" - How to improve conferences through peer-reviewed rehearsals
  • Reinventing librarians: Part 2 - Use knowledge of resources and use to enhance the procurement process

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FreePint No. 338
10th November 2011

Forecasting news needs

  • Communications industry resources on a budget
  • Influence: where next for industry on the social web?

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FreePint No. 337
27th October 2011

Conference planning

  • Connecting the Dots: A Semantic Web Primer
  • The Guardian Teacher Network: The Teacher As Consumer

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FreePint No. 336
13th October 2011

Fresh air and information governance

  • Powering up with predictive search
  • Government digital engagement activity

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FreePint No. 335
22nd September 2011

Intelligently competing

  • ProQuest Dialog for novice and experienced searchers
  • Some ways to use Storify

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FreePint No. 334
8th September 2011

Hot news in August

  • Managing Stakeholder Relationships
  • How organisations use Tumblr

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FreePint No. 333
18th August 2011

Stealth mode and exposing undercover information

  • A construction industry approach to using information
  • How Tumblr changed blogging

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FreePint No. 332
4th August 2011

Disruption for the better

  • Tricks of the trade show
  • SharePoint and the law firm intranet

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FreePint No. 331
21st July 2011

The science of "must-have" content

  • Reinventing Librarians: Part 1
  • Ebooks and libraries - a missed opportunity to evolve?

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FreePint No. 330
7th July 2011

Heed the mobile call

  • OrgIntel: Organisational intelligence for finding and influencing your stakeholders
  • Some lessons from the Utilities sector for managing risk, making decisions and providing governance.

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FreePint No. 329
23rd June 2011

Information resources that work with you

  • Using facets to support agile, highly-effective information management
  • BBC World Service and Twitter

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FreePint No. 328
9th June 2011

Exploring China information

  • LinkedIn: An awesome information resource for building your reputation, your connections and your knowledge
  • Archiving social media content/context - more questions than answers?

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FreePint No. 327
26th May 2011

Ready for the future, and community, at SLA

  • An introduction to "Linked and Open Data"
  • Managing the flow of information

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FreePint No. 326
12th May 2011

Information rich, time poor and seeking ROI

  • Online audio archives & repositories for research
  • Using co-design to innovate in libraries

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FreePint No. 325
28th April 2011

Facing the future of information interface

  • Managing information about people
  • Sharing data to support people with long term health conditions

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FreePint No. 324
14th April 2011

Thinking globally about information

  • Twitter for business intelligence
  • A Rose by any other name: a new approach to name authority

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FreePint No. 323
31st March 2011

An info pro by any other name

  • SharePint and the South Bank Centre: using analogies to sell a story
  • Information management lessons from "Austin Powers"

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FreePint No. 322
17th March 2011

Charting a clear copyright course

  • Tapping into the collective intelligence of social media to brainstorm a new project
  • Embedded Librarianship: A case study

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FreePint No. 321
3rd March 2011

Forming a constructive relationship with SharePoint

  • SharePoint - Face Your Fear
  • Content Analysis: Describing your Landscape

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FreePint No. 320
17th February 2011

Alchemy, Info pros and knowing better

  • Embedded Librarianship
  • Patents 101

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FreePint No. 319
3rd February 2011

Content To-go or Just Say No?

  • Mobile Technologies in Libraries
  • Putting the Office into Our Pockets

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FreePint No. 318
20th January 2011

Copyrights, Wrongs, and the Pursuit of Informed Users

  • HTML5 for Information Professionals
  • Improving Intranet Navigation with User Research & Testing

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FreePint No. 317
6th January 2011

  • Search engines revisited
  • Information skills for art and design

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