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Jinfo Newsletter: 2012

Issues of the Jinfo Newsletter published in 2012.

FreePint No. 365
20th December 2012

FreePint Subscribers now have access to some of our most popular reports of the year - our annual review of, and our annual comparison of news products reviewed in the past 12 months.

  • FreePint Report: Product Review of
  • FreePint Report: Comparative Report on News Products.

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FreePint No. 364
6th December 2012

Does it seem we spend at least as much time addressing the human side of information work as the technology side?

  • News Diligence: When "Good Enough" Just Isn't.
  • FreePint Report: Product Review of CisionPoint.

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FreePint No. 363
15th November 2012

Work today necessitates knowledge of a vast array of different requirements, many more than it did even five years ago, and the pace of change shows no sign of slowing down.

  • The Latest News on News Content.
  • FreePint Report: Knowledge Management.

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FreePint No. 362
1st November 2012

Labels like "free" and "fee" suggest firm boundaries between types of information, when the reality is quite a bit more fluid.

  • InfoMonitor: Turnkey Competitive Intelligence Newsletters.
  • FreePint Report: Private Company Research.

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FreePint No. 361
18th October 2012

Competitive intelligence is one of the most-covered topics in the FreePint Article database. Perhaps one reason for this coverage is the relative clarity of CI as a domain of practice.

  • Competitive Intelligence: Bringing Together Resources and Techniques.
  • FreePint Report: Competitive Intelligence.

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FreePint No. 360
4th October 2012

Recent articles and reports offer a number of perspectives on the news category, an evergreen topic here at FreePint.

  • Mobility Is Coming: Are You Ready?
  • FreePint Report: Review of The Big Free Three for News.

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FreePint No. 359
20th September 2012

Current articles in FreePint provide different views into the concept of "convenience" and what we're looking for in information tools and systems.

  • The challenge of information management compliance.
  • FreePint Report: Workflow Integration: Right content, right place.

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FreePint No. 358
6th September 2012

Global events provide a context for observing the scope of change in the information world: Social media was an essential component of coverage of the 2012 London Olympics, unlike the Beijing Olympics only 4 years before.

  • Expanding the borders of information access and analysis.
  • FreePint Report: Monitoring and Mining Social Media and News.

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FreePint No. 357
23rd August 2012

New ways of monitoring, organising and extracting meaning from information challenge product vendors as well as information professionals.

  • Big data at work.
  • Product Review of Attensa StreamServer.

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FreePint No. 356
9th August 2012

  • Detecting online plagiarism
  • Big content meets big data

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FreePint No. 355
26th July 2012

  • Sales prospecting with event triggers: iSell review
  • Enterprise collaboration

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FreePint No. 354
12th July 2012

  • Mind-map your project
  • Visual representation - information's beautiful future

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FreePint No. 353
21st June 2012

  • The more things change ...
  • Driving innovation with information

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FreePint No. 352
7th June 2012

  • Get a clear picture of information investments
  • Investing in compliance

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FreePint No. 351
24th May 2012

Insights on creative solutions to information problems

  • Information overload: fact, fantasy or filter failure?
  • Professional development at your desk

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FreePint No. 350
10th May 2012

Insights on putting information to work

  • Content evolution and the need to stay flexible to survive
  • "But what is it you DO?" Getting to simplicity in a complex world

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FreePint No. 349
19th April 2012

Insights on information value and engagement

  • Semantics questions
  • Putting Twitter in your knowledge management toolbox

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FreePint No. 348
5th April 2012

Categorically delivering information value

  • Is social networking behind the firewall just a pipe dream?
  • No Statistical Abstract? Get Creative

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FreePint No. 347
22nd March 2012

Libraries, learning and the bottom line

  • An app for every occasion
  • Facebook launches interest lists

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FreePint No. 346
8th March 2012

Big data discovery

  • The challenge of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)
  • Case studies - Part 1: The problem

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FreePint No. 345
23rd February 2012

Listening to the demands of the mobile enterprise

  • Scientific research news for non-scientists
  • KM and organisational change: M&A and onboarding

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FreePint No. 344
9th February 2012

Coupon cutting and free information sources

  • Finding your passion
  • You do what exactly?

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FreePint No. 343
26th January 2012

Fighting the good fight for copyright

  • Building an information professional community for all
  • "Frictionless sharing" - exploring the changes to Facebook

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FreePint No. 342
12th January 2012

Newsworthy information

  • A look at non-profit information websites
  • Social media and the emergency services: Part 2

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