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Jinfo Newsletter: 2014

Issues of the Jinfo Newsletter published in 2014.

FreePint No.413
18th December 2014

Build your capabilities around strategy and value in 2015 and find out how FreePint can help.

  • Product Review of Factiva.
  • Specialist News Offerings - Pharma Sector.

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FreePint No.412
4th December 2014

Let FreePint help you make 2015 strategic, successful and focused on practical insights and results.

  • FreePint Feedback - How to Approach Current Awareness?
  • Mini Review of RepRisk.

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FreePint No.411
20th November 2014

2015 could be the year you make the change from "transactional" resource to internal strategic adviser more firmly cemented within strategy for your organisation. Help make the move by making the most of FreePint's fresh research insights and opportunities for networking with peers through our Webinars and Communities of Practice.

  • Evaluating Premium News Services Against Free Sources.
  • What's the Value of Current Awareness?

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FreePint No.410
6th November 2014

Keep updated on news and current awareness through our latest articles and reviews and upcoming webinars and Communities of Practice. Thinking about 2015 budgets? We can help you make the business case for resources.

  • Q&A - LexisNexis Takes Over Moreover.
  • Product Review of

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FreePint No.409
23rd October 2014

As a researcher, there's nothing quite as exciting to me as sharing insights and then working out their practical implications with smart people. As this Newsletter is being published, I'm doing just that, through a series of in-person Communities of Practice in Europe.

  • Mini Review of Red Flag Alert.
  • Q&A with Northern Light - Embracing the World of Web News.

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FreePint No.408
9th October 2014

How to make the most of FreePint resources and make time for FreePint in your busy schedule. Why not star items for later or schedule a webinar or Community of Practice for your professional development and strategy?

  • Product Review of NetProspex Workbench.
  • UK Legal Research - Introduction.

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FreePint No.407
25th September 2014

How FreePint keeps you up-to-date on information sources; gearing up for the launch of the new FreePint Topic Series: News, and Beyond - register now for free reports and more; Communities of Practice sessions tackle the subject of measuring value.

  • Pay As You Go Market Research Providers.
  • Mini Review: Nexis Analyser.

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FreePint No.406
11th September 2014

Introducing the new FreePint Topic Series: News, and Beyond; upcoming Community of Practice events range from improving information visibility to discussions about value.

  • Risk & Compliance - Free Online Resources.
  • Q&A with ProQuest Dialog - the Pi2 Acquisition.

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FreePint No.405
28th August 2014

The latest on the FreePint Topic Series: What You Need to Know Your Customer (KYC), upcoming Community of Practice events in Europe and the US, and the importance of discussing "value" not just "price".

  • Company Information Providers Under FreePint's Scrutiny.
  • FreePint Report: Product Review of Innography.

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FreePint No.404
14th August 2014

FreePint's current research projects include purchasing patterns and requirements in UK-based law firms; and the Eighth Annual FreePint Survey on News Needs and Preferences. Find out more.

  • KYC Initiatives for an Interconnected World.
  • Q&A with Dow Jones.

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FreePint No.403
31st July 2014

Register for the upcoming FreePint Topic Series: News, and Beyond, for insights, case studies and reviews in the areas of news and current awareness.

  • Information Support in the Product Lifecycle.
  • Product Review of Cortellis.

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FreePint No.402
10th July 2014

Keep up to speed on FreePint resources essential to your information strategy.

  • "Must-Haves" for Your Competitive Intelligence Toolkit.
  • Product Review of Precise MediaPlatform+.

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FreePint No.401
19th June 2014

Read our reviews and articles on the topic of "value"; get involved through our webinars and Communities of Practice.

  • Social & Savvy - FreePint for Legal Professionals.
  • Information Management Trends and Developments.

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FreePint No.400
5th June 2014

The FreePint Newsletter celebrates its 400th edition; find out about our latest webinar dates and meet us at SLA.

  • What do Vendors and Buyers Need from Each Other?
  • The Importance of an Early Warning Primary CI Network.

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FreePint No. 399
22nd May 2014

Highlighting details of our latest subscription content, and a focus on making information skills and services both central and strategic.

  • Developing a Knowledge Management Function: Relevant FreePint Resources.
  • Product Review of DiscoverOrg.

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FreePint No. 398
8th May 2014

We highlight details of recent items on the FreePint Blog. Find out about the new names for the FreePint Subscription levels.

  • Introducing the FreePint Topic Series: Next-Generation Competitive Intelligence.
  • FreePint Report: Product Review of RelSci.

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FreePint No. 397
24th April 2014

We highlight details of our latest product reviews, webinars & consulting projects. Get involved with our Communities of Practice or consulting projects.

  • CoPs: value put under the spotlight.
  • Consulting projects: how we can help.

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FreePint No. 396
10th April 2014

We highlight details of our latest product reviews, webinars & consulting projects. Find out about upcoming Community of Practice sessions.

  • Enhancements to FreePint Reviews.
  • Product Review of PharmaCircle.

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FreePint No. 395
27th March 2014

We highlight recent and upcoming content, community and consulting and provide details of two special FreePint Subscription offers.

  • FreePint for Banking & Finance Professionals.
  • Mini Review: Boardroom Insiders.

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FreePint No. 394
13th March 2014

FreePint continues its focus on the value offered by its own collection and on the ROI offered by the information products from vendors across the gamut of industries and organisations. Robin Neidorf looks at how FreePint signposts content through the blog pieces, Series and product reviews - and how these sources of information are complemented by regular Webinars and Community of Practice sessions.

  • Harness Multilingual Resources for Research.
  • Is Gamification Right for My Organisation?

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FreePint No. 393
27th February 2014

Keeping track of new products and services is essential - find out how FreePint's Community of Practice (CoP) sessions, reviews and Topic Series can help you stay on top of developments. Upcoming CoP sessions offer the opportunity to discuss how to determine the value of information investments, and the state of the industry as regards product development. Tools which allow PR professionals to monitor social media are also under the spotlight in the next couple of months.

  • Product Review of Digimind Social.
  • Social Media Monitoring: the Options.

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FreePint No. 392
13th February 2014

Tackling issues such as which are the most productive tools, strategy and measurement techniques for the social enterprise, plus examining key information products like emerging markets deals source Transactional Track Record and intellectual property research platform Innography, make FreePint essential reading for information managers. In addition, FreePint's Communities of Practice offer the opportunity to discuss key challenges openly with peers across a wide range of industry sectors.

  • Making Social Succeed: What Organisations Need To Do.
  • Is There Really an Alternative to SharePoint?

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FreePint No. 391
30th January 2014

The opportunity to keep on top of product launches and industry trends, and to read written commentary and analysis of industry developments, is essential to help interpret and identify the impact changes will have on your industry. Communities of Practice offer another level of knowledge through frank discussions with peers and industry experts, often resulting in information gains it would otherwise be impossible to attain. Find out how a FreePint Subscription can help develop your strategy.

  • FreePint Report: Product Review of Arachnys.
  • FreePint Report: Product Review of EMISPRO.

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FreePint No. 390
16th January 2014

This week saw FreePint's first in-person Community of Practice session in London. Participants discussed new and evolving ways to meet the need for news provision in their organisations, beyond traditional aggregator platforms. Further opportunities to meet peers face-to-face for frank discussion are upcoming along with telephone sessions. Recent product reviews highlight innovation and niche offers and our new FreePint Topic Series: The Social Enterprise launches this month, focusing on collaboration and connection.

  • Mini Review: Manzama.
  • Product Review of Euromonitor Passport.

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