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Jinfo Newsletter: 2018

Issues of the Jinfo Newsletter published in 2018.

Jinfo No.509
20th December 2018

Are you one of the many information professionals who makes the complex job they do look easy? Avoid being sidelined - find out how to better communicate your value.

  • Product review of Minesoft PatBase.
  • Taxonomies for information professionals.

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Jinfo No.508
6th December 2018

You're likely at crunch time for content purchasing and licensing negotiations, read our advice on how to get through this busy phase.

  • Mini review of IncFact.
  • How to transform your thinking for the AI revolution.

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Jinfo No.507
22nd November 2018

Vendor negotiations are a key part of content purchasing, find out how Jinfo's resources can strengthen your hand.

  • Jinfo report on technology clusters.
  • Nine ways intranets are evolving.

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Jinfo No.506
8th November 2018

Current awareness doesn't stand still and neither does the service you run to provide that intelligence - find out how to ensure your service is fit for the future.

  • Is premium content fuelling the value of your service?
  • Market landscape - Aroq.

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Jinfo No.505
25th October 2018

Find out how our new Insights and Actions report will help you prepare for changes coming in current awareness.

  • What's the best way to measure the value of your information service?
  • Product review of Onelog.

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Jinfo No.504
11th October 2018

How will the evolving current awareness landscape impact on you? Get prepared with our new Insights and Actions report.

  • Research Focus Insights and Actions "Intelligence systems - beyond awareness to action".
  • Product review of Knowledge360 from Cipher Systems.

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Jinfo No.503
20th September 2018

Find out how Jinfo's models can help you close the gap between today's reality and your desired future for your information centre.

  • Jinfo current awareness survey 2018.
  • Product review of Wide Narrow.

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Jinfo No.502
6th September 2018

Take some time to step back, re-energise and strategise. Find out how Jinfo's benchmarking research can help.

  • State of the industry - overview of current awareness suppliers.
  • Jinfo model - intelligence systems.

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Jinfo No.501
23rd August 2018

It's time to take stock of skills, strategy and positioning. Find out how Jinfo resources can help.

  • What problem does your information centre solve?
  • Market landscape - business intelligence and data visualisation platforms.

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Jinfo No.500
9th August 2018

Jinfo celebrates 20 years and its 500th Newsletter today and we're focused on helping you adapt and thrive for the next 20 years.

  • Managing the privacy risks posed by vendors.
  • How to benchmark your information team in 2018.

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Jinfo No.499
26th July 2018

Do you feel you've got the data or knowhow to benchmark your service? Find out how Jinfo can help.

  • Jinfo research on UK legal purchasing preferences and needs 2018.
  • Mini review of Manzama Insights.

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Jinfo No.498
12th July 2018

Find out how to use our resources to benchmark your information services against others in your sector or others with your structure.

  • Jinfo benchmarking research 2018.
  • Product walkthrough - Evalueserve's Researchstream.

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Jinfo No.497
21st June 2018

Find out how our customer survey helps direct our editorial and research, and how to register for a walkthrough for an overview of what a Jinfo Subscription offers.

  • Jinfo benchmarking research (part 1 - introduction).
  • Q&A with Clarivate Analytics.

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Jinfo No.496
7th June 2018

Find out how Jinfo's resources can help you carve out a clear role for your department.

  • Jinfo discovery report 2018.
  • Product review of NewsEdge from Acquire Media.

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Jinfo No.495
24th May 2018

Developing leadership skills involves more than vision and energy, find out how Jinfo's resources, events and briefings can help.

  • Mini review of TIBCO Spotfire.
  • Streamline your department using the artisan or the optimised model.

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Jinfo No.494
10th May 2018

Do you drive improvements or are you swept along by change? Find out how our latest Research Focus can help put you firmly in charge of leading your team and driving innovation.

  • Where do information professionals still beat AI?
  • Q&A with LibSource - how to choose a savvy approach to outsourcing.

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Jinfo No.493
26th April 2018

Does your team have the consultancy and influencing skills needed to be a true strategic partner to the business? Find out how our latest Research Focus can help.

  • Product review of RefTracker from Altarama.
  • Product review of InfoNgen.

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Jinfo No.492
12th April 2018

Find out more about our Research Focus, "The information team with the right stuff", and download your copy of our Insights and Actions report.

  • Interview with EY - managing a multinational information team.
  • Jinfo research - rethinking the role of information teams.

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Jinfo No.491
29th March 2018

The Jinfo Subscription is now easier than ever to use and packed with even more value.

  • Q&A with Acquire Media.
  • Innovation and development at UCB.

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Jinfo No.490
15th March 2018

Find out more about Jinfo's sharpened focus on the three key information management roles we support.

  • Product review of AlphaSense.
  • What will information management look like in 10 years?

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Jinfo No.489
1st March 2018

Are you proactively planning for a data-driven future? Find out how.

  • Product review of M-360.
  • Market landscape - company information sources.

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Jinfo No.488
15th February 2018

Find out what should be in your core strategy for 2018.

  • Product review of Aurora FirstLight.
  • Preparing information professionals for the future workplace.

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Jinfo No.487
25th January 2018

Find out what you need to do now to ensure you're involved in resolving data analytics challenges.

  • Product review of DrugPatentWatch.
  • Product walkthrough - RightFind XML for Mining.

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Jinfo No.486
11th January 2018

Ensure you're a key part of the emerging data analytics evolution.

  • Jinfo survey - data analytics needs and concerns 2017.
  • How to improve your newsletters.

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