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Jinfo Newsletter: 2019

Issues of the Jinfo Newsletter published in 2019.

Jinfo No.533
19th December 2019

Information is constantly changing and your approach also needs to continually evolve to meet the needs of your end-users. Find out how continuous improvement can work for you and your team with Jinfo's resources.

  • Product review of RefTracker.
  • Improving success through project piloting.

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Jinfo No.532
5th December 2019

Information is constantly changing and your approach also needs to continually evolve to meet the needs of your end-users. Find out how continuous improvement can work for you and your team with Jinfo's resources.

  • Product review of RefTracker.
  • Improving success through project piloting.

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Jinfo No.531
21st November 2019

Jinfo has rethought how it sets out resources - articles, webinars, reports and Community sessions - for subscribers, and here's how.

  • Product review of ResearchMonitor.
  • The importance of communicating strategy to your team.

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Jinfo No.530
7th November 2019

Can you measure and demonstrate ROI on your intelligence systems, and improve them over time? Jinfo's Research Focus 'Intelligence systems - intelligence 2020' shows you how.

  • Jinfo research on UK legal purchasing preferences and needs.
  • Jinfo model - managing your portfolio as part of your strategy.

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Jinfo No.529
24th October 2019

Jinfo's latest newsletter points the way for information teams seeking how to balance the variables that allow them to filter and distribute business information to best effect.

  • Product review of LexisNexis Company Dossier.
  • Creating networks as part of your strategy.

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Jinfo No.528
10th October 2019

Find out how to make the best use of your time with Jinfo's research which is short, focused on action, and provides easy links to additional resources.

  • Research Focus Insights and Actions "Intelligence systems - intelligence 2020".
  • Product review of Manzama Insights.

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Jinfo No.527
26th September 2019

Don't get stuck at 'now what?' - Jinfo's assessment and planning workshop shows you how to get the best of bechmarking.

  • Comparison of satisfaction: Factiva and Nexis.
  • Jinfo survey - current awareness and intelligence 2020.

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Jinfo No.526
12th September 2019

Find out about our full range of benchmarking resources and how you can highlight the value of your information team.

  • Product review of Northern Light's SinglePoint.
  • Product review of

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Jinfo No.525
22nd August 2019

Highlighting the value your information team brings to stakeholders is vital. Find out how our analysis from our documenting the value chain report can help you make better decisions.

  • Adopting technology for discovery 2019.
  • Product review of Factiva.

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Jinfo No.524
8th August 2019

Benchmarking your information service requires good operational metrics about your department so you can make better decisions. Find out how Jinfo's useful resources and services can help you achieve this.

  • Product review of Orbis from Bureau van Dijk.
  • Mini review of FT Enterprise Tools.

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Jinfo No.523
18th July 2019

Find out how to access the top three things all information managers should be thinking about and incorporating into their strategies.

  • Product review of Article Galaxy.
  • Guide to value in the Jinfo Research Focus - benchmark information services.

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Jinfo No.522
4th July 2019

Find out how you can move your service forwards using Jinfo's unique benchmarking research and tools.

  • Leadership alignment interviews - engaging your stakeholders around value.
  • Jinfo benchmarking research 2019.

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Jinfo No.521
20th June 2019

Find out how Jinfo resources can help you translate your strategy into practical changes in process, services and teams to deliver lasting change.

  • Functional partnerships and information services - how about that IT/IS relationship?
  • Product review of AREUSConnect from Iconitel.

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Jinfo No.520
6th June 2019

Find out how you can hammer home the importance of information as an asset to the organisation.

  • Alteryx - applying technology to real world problems.
  • Jinfo model - maturity model on the scalability of services.

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Jinfo No.519
23rd May 2019

Find out how to make continuous improvements to your content strategy and results reporting.

  • Mini review of AnythingResearch - US industry and market data.
  • Jinfo report - effective work with procurement.

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Jinfo No.518
9th May 2019

Find out how you can use Jinfo's resources to carve out time for strategy, planning and those other items you always wish you could do more of.

  • Mapping priorities - procurement and content purchasing.
  • Market landscape - agribusiness.

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Jinfo No.517
25th April 2019

The 2nd insight in our Research Focus, 'Creating an Information Centre of Excellence' names the 6 most important characteristics for information teams to embody.

  • Mini review of Company Watch - UK and international company data and analytics.
  • Q&A with Synaptica - leading the way in taxonomy and ontology.

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Jinfo No.516
11th April 2019

Building an Information Centre of Excellence is within your reach.

  • Research Focus Insights and Actions "Creating an Information Centre of Excellence".
  • Coping with international copyright.

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Jinfo No.515
21st March 2019

We teach the Jinfo process for confronting the pressures of time using our acronym SOAPS: Streamline, Outsource, Automate and Push back or Stop doing. Read the newsletter to find out more.

  • Jinfo survey on developing an Information Centre of Excellence.
  • Product review of Nexis.

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Jinfo No.514
7th March 2019

Learn the keys to workflow optimisation.

  • Product walkthrough - Screen INFOmatch.
  • Jinfo model - components of a business.

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Jinfo No.513
21st February 2019

Find out how Jinfo can help shape your thinking and inform your action plans.

  • Mini review of Dimensions - discovery and analytics.
  • Components of a business (part 1 - design, delivery and customer relations).

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Jinfo No.512
7th February 2019

Fast-moving companies use continuous improvement to fuel success and growth. Learn new approaches with Jinfo.

  • Product review of CEIC CDMNext.
  • Product review of D&B Hoovers.

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Jinfo No.511
24th January 2019

Have you identified your information superpower? Find out how today.

  • Product review of TBRC's Global Market Model.
  • How technology is transforming professional services.

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Jinfo No.510
10th January 2019

Access our new Insights and Actions report to find out how to ensure your skills and department are tech-ready.

  • Jinfo survey on technology readiness in information centres.
  • Product review of M-Brain Intelligence Plaza.

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