Benchmark information services - progressing towards transformation

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July - September 2019

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Benchmark information services - progressing towards transformationNow in its third year, Jinfo's benchmarking Research Focus remains a unique resource specific to information professionals and essential for information centres around the world.

This year we concentrate on:

  • The importance of reporting lines when analysing your centre's value and potential
  • Why measuring your investment in time and resources is essential in order to benchmark team capacity, services delivered and the complexity of those services
  • Why the most meaningful metrics are based around operational data, and the importance of partnering with stakeholders and other departments to deliver maximum impact and value.

This year's enhancements include doubling the number of survey respondents and carrying out more detailed analysis on areas including banking and finance and adding an additional reporting line for procurement. Tap into our resources if you're seeking to:

  • Move to the next level of best practice
  • Understand how your reporting structure impacts on your service
  • Measure investments in services and how outputs are valued
  • Provide stakeholders with unbiased comparisons
  • Futureproof your service.

This Research Focus, "Benchmark information services - progressing towards transformation", will equip you with:

  • Maturity models
  • Datapoints to allow you to map where you are against facets of operation
  • Tools to help you identify improvements and put them into practice.

Find out more through our expert articles, reports, original research, webinars and Community sessions.

Benchmark information services - progressing towards transformation
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