Benchmark information services - progressing towards transformation

Jinfo Research Focus
July - September 2019

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Benchmark information services - progressing towards transformationNow in its third year, this Research Focus gives you tools, analysis and the original data you need in order to benchmark your information service against peers.

Gain our three key insights around:

  1. The most important variable for benchmarking may surprise you
  2. Do you have your measurements?
  3. Yes, you can measure impact.

Find out more through our articles, models, original research, webinars and Community sessions.

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Research Focus Insights and Actions reportIn the "Insights and Actions" report (PDF) you'll discover the top 3 insights from Jinfo's director of research - plus the practical actions you should take and full index of content from the Research Focus.

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Jinfo Research ConsultingWe leverage our unique data to provide tailored assessments on information staffing, services, customers and strategy. Get a research-based view of your real peer groups, analysis of how you compare with industry and with different subgroups of information teams, and a roadmap for future development.

Learn more about Jinfo Consulting, view our case studies, and check out our workshops, including the "Assessment and planning workshop". Then be in touch to learn how we can apply our benchmarking-based insights to your unique environment.

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