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April - June 2020

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FAIR DataThe information world is shifting from products to data.

Just as information professionals needed to translate their skills from print to digital, so too do we need to reinterpret and reshape our expertise to deliver value in this new world.

Data is valued differently, moves differently into and through an organisation, and needs to be licensed differently. The concept of FAIR Data - Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable - was developed in academic research circles and has since been adopted in the pharmaceutical industry to describe the ideal state. But the truth is that no one is exactly sure yet what combination of technology, know-how and commercial contracts will get us to that state.

This Research Focus delves into FAIR Data - what it means for your organisation, you and your team, and how to cope with the significant stress of this change.

You'll find in our research:

  • Examples and case studies of data-driven projects and environments
  • State-of-the-industry for vendor approaches to data access, delivery and licensing
  • Comparisons of how information teams are contributing value and expertise to data-driven projects
  • Assessments to enable you to plan your pathway to the future
  • A how-to on developing the right data management strategy and foundation for ROI for your organisation.

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