The Information Centre of Excellence - commercial, consultative, collaborative

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January - March 2020

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The Information Centre of Excellence - commercial, consultative, collaborativeJinfo's flexible model of the Information Centre of Excellence provides a framework for any information team - any size, industry, or range of services - to operate nimbly in our changing world.

Whether you focus primarily on enabling self-service, delivering white-glove service, or some combination thereof, the Information Centre of Excellence model helps you:

  • Balance your efforts based on value and impact
  • Communicate with business leaders in a language they understand
  • Get in front of change before it happens
  • Identify and fill gaps in your team's skills and success characteristics
  • Adapt to the future whilst maintaining your strategic focus.

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The Information Centre of Excellence - commercial, consultative, collaborative
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Jinfo Research ConsultingJinfo's model of an Information Centre of Excellence is a valuable tool for comparing your current service and operations to the most successful - and valuable - future you can imagine. Work with Jinfo Consulting to learn and adapt our approaches for strategic planning, value-based reporting and management, service alignment, optimisation of operations, staff development, executive communications and more.

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