Developing an information-savvy workforce through strategic alignments

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April - June 2017

Information skills are required at every level of an organisation. Yet rarely are these skills included in formal workforce development strategies. Nearly every information centre struggles with sub-optimal visibility of its expertise; nearly every organisation suffers from inefficiencies and missed opportunities around information.

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Developing an information-savvy workforce through strategic alignmentsThis Research Focus, which ran from April to June 2017, is designed to help you place information skills firmly on the strategic agenda for workforce development.

The must-read findings and actions from this Focus are:

  • Three things are missing from your efforts to develop information skills
  • You are under-using your best opportunity to develop an information-savvy workforce
  • Strategic and sustainable improvements in workforce information skills require alignment with HR.

Each of these key insights is discussed in the Insights and Actions Report from the Research Focus "Developing an information-savvy workforce through strategic alignments", along with actions you can take to work towards alignment.

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About this Research Focus

Co-producers Andrew Grave and Lynn Strand bring together their considerable experience to manage this Focus.

Andrew Grave is the owner of Research Counts Ltd which provides training and support to corporate information teams. His work has spanned competitive intelligence, vendor management and research and analysis.

Lynn Strand heads up a market intelligence research practice and provides in-depth research services as well as analysis and insights to clients. She specialises in working with clients in the technology, finance and consumer goods industries. Lynn is the SLA's Competitive Intelligence Division's Chair-elect.

Andrew Grave
Andrew Grave

Lynn Strand
Lynn Strand

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