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Developing an information-savvy workforce through strategic alignments

Jinfo Research Focus
April - June 2017

Information skills are required at every level of an organisation. Yet rarely are these skills included in formal workforce development strategies.

The resources we've published and planned for this Research Focus
Published and planned resources

Developing an information-savvy workforce through strategic alignmentsInformation professionals know that inept searching, document management and storage are rife, and result in poor decision-making and wasted resources. But the way to solve these problems is not through new or enhanced training programmes you have neither time nor expertise to develop and deliver. Real success in workforce development comes through strategic alignments with key areas of the business such as:

  • Human resources and training
  • Centres of innovation and strategic planning
  • Key business units, such as R&D and business development
  • Other hubs of development and cross-departmental services.

Through these partnerships and alignments, you gain the access, accountability, aptitude and authority to influence and drive towards an information-savvy workforce.

Use the resources in this Research Focus to name and address the risks associated with poor or nonexistent information skills and to develop an information-savvy workforce. It includes:

  • Examples of successful alignments and the difference they make to the value of information and interactions with information by workers throughout the business

  • Practical tips on gaining greater visibility for information skills, and developing/enhancing learning tools, training programmes and self-service resources

  • Guidance on becoming a sought-after partner

  • Tools for evaluating and deepening alignments

  • Risk analysis and forecasts associated with poor information interactions throughout a business.

Nearly every information centre struggles with sub-optimal visibility of its expertise; nearly every organisation suffers from inefficiencies and missed opportunities around information. This Research Focus will help you place information skills firmly on the strategic agenda for workforce development.


Developing an information-savvy workforce through strategic alignments
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About this Research Focus

Co-producers Andrew Grave and Lynn Strand bring together their considerable experience to manage this Focus.

Andrew Grave is the owner of Research Counts Ltd which provides training and support to corporate information teams. His work has spanned competitive intelligence, vendor management and research and analysis.

Lynn Strand heads up a market intelligence research practice and provides in-depth research services as well as analysis and insights to clients. She specialises in working with clients in the technology, finance and consumer goods industries. Lynn is the SLA's Competitive Intelligence Division's Chair-elect.

Andrew Grave
Andrew Grave

Lynn Strand
Lynn Strand

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