Slow Motion Train Crashes and How to Avoid Them - Tips for Terrified Trainers

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By Tim Buckley Owen

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Many people find the prospect of running a training course pretty scary - and sometimes with good reason. You may, for example, experience the feeling of a slow motion train crash as you realise that what you've prepared is too elementary for your audience. You may find that the demonstration that you planned so carefully inexplicably refuses to work. And what do you do when one of your course participants starts crying?

With many years' practice as a professional trainer, Tim Buckley Owen has experienced all of this and more. He also freely admits to having made most of his mistakes publicly, in front of paying punters. This, however, could make him well qualified to offer some pithy advice to apprehensive trainers on how to avoid the worst disasters and turn their training sessions into a really rewarding experience for the course participants - and for themselves.

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