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Join confidential, research-based, facilitated discussion with peers across the industry. Monthly schedule of sessions; teleconference and in-person. Available to all users.
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More than 2 users costs £400 per user per year. More than 10 users costs £280 per user per year. For more than 20 users please mention in the 'Other comments' box below and we will quote.
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What happens next?

  1. After confirming your order with you, we will send you an invoice, for payment by credit card or to pass to your accounts department.

  2. We will ask you for the email address(es) of the named users who will have access to the articles, reports and webinars.

  3. You will be able to share Subscription Articles with your colleagues by emailing them a secure link through our system.

  4. Further guidance on getting the most out of your Subscription is available on the help page.

  5. We will contact you regarding your renewal two months before the end of the year.