Jinfo SubscriptionFreePint Report: Product Review of iSell from OneSource

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Jinfo Subscription Report

iSell from OneSource is an online, browser-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) prospecting tool for US/North America and the United Kingdom. This product allows anyone involved in sales and lead generation to focus on locating and targeting the "right prospect at the right time". By offering a personalised approach to lead generation, users are able to identify not only the companies and personnel to contact, but potentially when best to contact them. Sales teams, individual sales representatives and anyone working in a sales or marketing role needing to identity target companies and contacts via list generation will receive great value from this product.

Reviewed by Jan Knight

  • Introduction and FreePint's View
  • Sources and Coverage
  • Searching and Interface
  • Search Results and Displays
  • Outputs
  • Help, Support and Costs
  • Other Products
  • FreePint Buyer's Guide: People information
  • About the Reviewer

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