Jinfo SubscriptionProduct Review of Attensa

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Jinfo Subscription Report

Attensa is a current awareness, content management and delivery application. The product, recently redesigned and now cloud-based, aims to put relevant information into the hands of knowledge workers as quickly, simply and effortlessly as possible; wherever that information is to be found.

This review:

  • Looks at how well the product provides the ability to set up and manage content streams, which content sources customers can include, and how it allows users to create the exact mix of information needed.

  • Goes into detail about the technology behind Attensa. The ethos of the platform is not about finding relevant information but using what you already have. This adds up to a different take on the problem of dealing with information overload.

  • Looks at pricing and the way that the product is evolving, and also considers whether products such as awareness services NewsEdge.com and Linex, and also InfoDesk, LexisNexis Publisher and Manzama could be considered competitors.

Reviewed by Dale Moore

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