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Product review of PatentAdvisor, the patent analytics tool produced by LexisNexis company Reed Tech.

This review:

  • Introduces the US-focused product which provides in-depth profiles of US patent filings and USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) patent examiners, describes how the analyses are made, the product's goals, primary customer groups and contact details.

  • Examines how PatentAdvisor analyses content in the patent approval process, how the data can be viewed, Examiner Profiles and Appeal statistics.

  • Looks at the technology, tests out the web-based product's interface and the use of widgets for its two main areas: search functions within the Prosecution Manager widget, and the manipulation and analysis of data within the Portfolio Manager.

  • Looks at value and development, and comments on the cost and time savings resulting from faster patent approval times when using the tool, and also calculates intangible value such as providing IP professionals with insight into the patent application performance, and the ability to share data with decision-makers across the organisation. PatentAdvisor's main competitor is identified as Juristat.

Reviewed by Robyn Smith

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Claire Laybats, Head of Commercial Development

Claire Laybats
Head of Commercial Development

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