Jinfo SubscriptionProduct Review of Findout

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Jinfo Subscription Report

Review of the recently-launched strategic decision support tool Findout, designed to identify relevant research content and competitive intelligence from the web.

This review:

  • Provides examples of key selling points and the value Findout provides purchasers.

  • Considers the large volume of web-based reports and documents available in Findout along with the pros and cons of this approach and also covers the way searching for data is handled.

  • Looks at the technology used to power Findout, which uncovers information from structured and unstructured data - Findout includes the use of big data algorithms, artificial intelligence and natural language processing to improve search results and identify and retrieve relevant sections within long documents in formats from PDF to Word and Excel.

  • Considers the product's suitability for use by both end-users and professional information researchers, in particular those interested in industry verticals. Finally he looks at the pricing, product maturity and planned enhancements to Findout. Products which may offer an alternative to Findout, including MarketResearch.com and ReportLinker, Factiva, Nexis, Meltwater and FirstRain, are covered, along with distinguishing features.

Reviewed by Andrew Lucas

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