Jinfo SubscriptionProduct Review of Northern Light SinglePoint

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Jinfo Subscription Report

Northern Light's SinglePoint provides a single point of access to all of a client's internal and external research information including high quality data from some of the world's leading technology and industry research analysts.

This review:

  • Introduces the company and product and provides contact details

  • Looks at what's changed since Jinfo's 2013 review

  • Outlines the key advantages SinglePoint brings to users in Europe and the US, and how quickly ROI might be achieved

  • Looks at current content partners, how clients can add their own internal research to the portal, and how a bespoke portal might also include Northern Light business news, white papers, social media and more, in 18 languages

  • Examines the technology and tests the product's focused delivery of pertinent content

  • Covers the dashboard functionality, explains Northern Light's MI Analyst technology, and how collaboration and sharing of research content is encouraged

  • Outlines the help options available for both users and administrators

  • Looks at new developments in the pipeline and competitors including Factiva and MuseGlobal

  • Summarises the product's value and how the company's maturity has led to an increasingly sophisticated product.

Reviewed by Sophie Alexander

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