Jinfo SubscriptionProduct Review of QUBE from just-auto

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Jinfo Subscription Report

QUBE from just-auto is a specialist online database for the light automotive industry, offering research, news, insights and analysis alongside forecasts and other competitive intelligence and analysis. Since our last review QUBE now includes a bolt-on option, PLDB: a database of lifecycle information on current and future car model programmes.

This review:

  • Introduces the light automotive industry, QUBE and PLDB

  • Describes key users in terms of role, industry type and academic area

  • Outlines the key advantages QUBE brings to users

  • Provides contact details

  • Introduces the content by type, intelligence and company sector

  • Explains the value-added aspect of the industry information as enriched through layers of analysis and forecasting

  • Highlights options such as graphs, bar charts and data tables and analysis options such as SWOT and PESTER

  • Outlines how QUBE was tested on a variety of platforms including PC, smartphone and tablet

  • Provides further information on value, including use-cases for QUBE and for PLDB

  • Looks ahead at development plans

  • Summarises the competitive landscape.

Reviewed by Mark Burnard

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