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Jinfo Subscription Report

PatentInspiration is a global patent database allowing you to search and analyse patents through a freemium model. Patent information from over 100 countries is available and the product's key strength is in its analytics and visualisation tools.

This review:

  • Introduces parent company AULIVE, the PatentInspiration product and sister products ProductionInspiration, MoreInspiration and TestMyCreativity

  • Outlines the product's key advantages and value, including analytics

  • Looks at the development roadmap and upcoming innovations

  • Examines the sources and content of this database which currently holds records for over 77 million patents from over 100 countries

  • Thoroughly tests the user interface, alerts, visual analysis tools, search options and "analyse" widgets ranging from patent data over time to semantic analysis of text

  • Explains the pricing options

  • Highlights the help options

  • Discusses the competitor landscape, including Thomson Innovation, Minesoft PatBase, LexisNexis TotalPatent, Questel Orbit IP, Innography Advanced Analysis and CPA Global's Discover.

Reviewed by Scott Vine

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