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Jinfo Subscription Report

The newly launched BBC Monitoring Portal provides impartial monitoring of international news on a real-time basis. Material is available in 100 different languages and covers 150 countries. It is one of the most comprehensive sources of political news on the market today.

This review:

  • Introduces the product and the world-recognised organisation behind it, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
  • Outlines the key advantages and features of the new product
  • Covers the impressive range of coverage, both regionally and by type of publication, specialist topics and language
  • Discusses the types of content available, including news articles and reports from sources such as TV stations, radio, news agencies, as well as social media
  • Explains the portal's Media Guides, written by experts, which aim to provide a comprehensive view of a country in focus
  • Examines the technology behind the tool and describes how to navigate around the portal, as well as search options and outputs
  • Discusses stand-out features such as quick overviews and "Featured Experts"
  • Looks at reporting analytics and IP authentication
  • Describes BBC Monitoring's many attributes which make it difficult for other organisations to compete with
  • Looks at the competitive landscape including Northern Light, ProQuest Dialog, Reuters, and the EIU's country profiles, as well as more specialist products such as Jane's Defence Weekly and Control Risks
  • Summarises help & training
  • Discusses pricing, including full global subscriptions and options for specific regions, and gives Jinfo's view of value for money.

Reviewed by Sophie Alexander

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