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Jinfo Subscription Report

Softlink's Illumin is a web-based knowledge, request and enquiry management solution designed to support research management. It is used by knowledge managers and content specialists to create, capture and share knowledge more effectively.

This review:

  • Outlines Illumin's key advantages

  • Introduces the product and explains how it allows the growth of a Knowledge Base over time and how it can be shared throughout the organisation

  • Looks at how two different types of organisation have used Illumin's research request handling

  • Describes the choice of installation models, and features such as how to switch languages

  • Gives a detailed description of search and admin features including integration with Softlink's Liberty (ILS)

  • Walks through custom request forms, ways of representing statistical information and the creation of a Knowledge Base

  • Highlights help and training available

  • Captures the product maturity and new development plans

  • Covers the competitive landscape, which includes RefTracker by Altarama and ResearchMonitor by Priory Solutions

  • Explains the pricing structure.

 Reviewed by: Sophie Alexander

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