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Jinfo Subscription Report

Value is more than cost or usage, searches or seats; the definition varies across organisations and is hard to quantify. Jinfo's "Model for developing an approach to understanding and measuring value" which contains a number of activities to use in your own organisation to help you develop your own formula (or, more likely, set of formulas) to answer the question of value.

This model:

  • Describes how, before measuring value, you need to understand the organisation's goals

  • Outlines six categories of business goals

  • Includes a table to map the objectives against characteristics of information products and services

  • Explains how using this in your business can generate more meaningful discussions about return on investment

  • Reveals why it's important to research and understand what different stakeholders think about value and the different perspectives they bring through viewpoints, business objectives, engagement and influence

  • Includes a stakeholder mapping exercise

  • Explains how to achieve "best measurements" for your organisation and your business objectives, and where the data to feed into those measurements could come from

  • Includes an activity that will allow you to develop the right metrics to validate the impact of information products and services in your organisation

  • Contains our "checklist for reframing value approach and measurement" which will help you work through the components of value, and budget staff time every year to work on reviewing and revising your methods of measuring value, to respond to changing priorities.

Produced by Robin Neidorf

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