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Jinfo Subscription Report

Credinform Globas-i is an online database of Russian companies and entrepreneurs as well as businesses from the Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan. This review evaluates the English-language interface which gives access to very detailed reports on a wide range of companies, helping users to enhance efficiency and increase value in undertaking business in Russia or with Russian companies.

This review:

  • Introduces Credinform Globas-i, the online Russian company information service which was updated this year, and offers an English-language interface

  • Considers the key advantages it provides, including its extensive provision of business data and analytics from Russia, the Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan and access to detailed reports on a wide range of companies

  • Addresses the challenges in accessing data on Russian companies for international organisations

  • Looks at the extensive Russian company data collection in the product, covering 10.7 million Russian companies and 12.2 million sole entrepreneurs, plus over 1.8 million Ukrainian companies, about 1.3 million Belorussian companies and sole entrepreneurs and about 500,000 Kazakhstan companies

  • Gives a breakdown of the number of companies by region and the frequency of updates

  • Lists sources and how the data is normalised

  • Reviews the English-language user interface and the search capabilities of Globas-i

  • Considers how well the platform works for non-Russian speakers, including having to cope with Russian official industry classifications

  • Looks at the outputs, including detailed company reports, alerting functionality and the product administration

  • Notes the help and training available in English

  • Summarises competing offerings for Russian company data, including Globas-i's business partner Bureau van Dijk's Ruslana service; Dun & Bradstreet's joint venture with the Russian news agency Interfax; Interfax's own service, SPARK; and Euromoney's EMIS

  • Discusses development plans and also what Credinform thinks are the most interesting new features of the latest version for non-Russian speaking users

  • Explains the pricing model.

Reviewed by Andrew Lucas

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