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Jinfo SubscriptionProduct review of Comintelli Intelligence2day

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Jinfo Subscription Report

Comintelli's Intelligence2day provides a single point of access to information from multiple sources. The platform is designed for knowledge management and competitive intelligence professionals, to drastically decrease the amount of time and money spent on finding information. This review focuses on the key new features introduced since Jinfo's previous review of Knowledge XChanger, as it was then called, in 2014.

This review:

  • Introduces the platform's key advantages, for both the Professional and Enterprise versions

  • Looks at Intelligence2day's value and shows how the platform aggregates content from various sources and structures it using Topic Maps, so users can then focus on analysing the content and gaining insights rather than searching for it

  • Explains how 50 languages are available via Google Translate

  • Explores the platform's technology, particularly its user-friendly search and user interactions as well as its powerful workflow tools

  • Highlights its customised dashboards which can be tailored to suit specific user needs, visual analytics and Tracker, which allows administrators to see trends and patterns

  • Looks at the outputs and the product administration

  • Identifies competitors, including Northern Light's SinglePoint, Cipher Systems' Knowledge.Works, and M-Brain's Intelligence Plaza

  • Outlines development plans

  • Explains the pricing model for the Professional and Enterprise versions

  • Explores the help and training available.

Reviewed by Sophie Alexander


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