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Jinfo SubscriptionBenchmark information services - optimise your structure

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Jinfo Subscription Report

As part of Jinfo's Research Focus, "Benchmark information roles - optimise your structure", we researched variables that contribute to the visibility, value and strategic importance of information expertise in successful companies.

This report includes:


  • Overview
  • Methodology and goals

Chapter 1: understanding the environment

  • Three clusters of responses
  • Centralisation/decentralisation
  • Four functions and where they sit
  • Complementary parts of the business
  • What it means/what you can do

Chapter 2: customers and services

  • 3 ways of describing customers
  • Real world customers vs. "on paper"
  • Two categories of response to pillars of service
  • Layering the "what" and the "how"
  • What you can do

Chapter 3: measuring success

  • Why do it?
  • How defined?
  • How measured?
  • Tools, reports and dashboards
  • What you can do

Chapter 4: vendor relations

  • Transparency
  • Changes
  • Pricing
  • Other issues
  • What you can do

Chapter 5: user needs are changing

  • What's driving changes
  • Training needs
  • Use of free and non-cost resources

Chapter 6: raw data

  • All tables and data from the benchmarking research

Produced by Robin Neidorf and Amy Burns

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