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Vable is a current awareness platform that can automate the monitoring, gathering, indexing and sharing of information from public and subscription news sources. It is used by those in information-intensive organisations, with the majority of users being librarians and information managers. The platform started out as a way to improve the exchange of legal information within law firms and was first reviewed by Jinfo in 2014, when it was known as Linex Systems. It has since grown into a system for managing every aspect of current awareness, across all industry sectors and is a useful addition to the modern information professional's toolkit.

This review:

  • Introduces the platform's key advantages

  • Looks at how Vable sources information, the types of content that can be aggregated, and how it can be uploaded to the platform

  • Identifies the geographical markets covered including North America, Europe and Australia

  • Explores the platform's technology, particularly its user-friendly search and user interactions and looks at its natural language processing algorithm, Alchemy, powered by IBM Watson

  • Looks at its newsletter capabilities

  • Looks at the outputs and the product administration

  • Identifies competitors, including Manzama, BNAConvergence by Bloomberg, Newsdesk by LexisNexis and Attensa's Engage

  • Takes a comprehensive look at the help and training available

  • Explains the pricing model and outlines development plans

  • Explores the comprehensive help and training available.

Reviewed by Dale Moore

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