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Jinfo Subscription Report

In this market landscape we look at 10 products which we consider to fall under the definition of "current awareness platforms" as defined in our recent article "Defining content aggregators in current awareness".

The products in the "current awareness platforms" category tend to offer a "less is more" approach - so you get the features you need to do the (challenging) job at hand, and really focus on making those features easy to use and effective. The article goes into further detail about key characteristics.

  • Acquire Media Newsedge
  • Attensa
  • EditorEye Catalyst
  • InfoDesk suite
  • InfoNgen
  • LexisNexis Newsdesk
  • Manzama
  • MarketScape MS4
  • Ozmosys
  • Vable (In September 2016 Linex Systems rebranded to become Vable).

We provide a brief description of each source, a link to the homepage and product page, and links to Jinfo coverage. We also cover typical users, special features, and value the product offers.

Produced by Sophie Alexander.

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