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Jinfo Subscription Report

This report shows Jinfo’s benchmarking data on information services based on data collected through January 2018.

In addition to review of the full dataset of 33 respondents, this report looks at results specific to the seven respondents from the financial services and insurance industry.

The financial services industry was added as a Phase 2 of Jinfo's benchmarking efforts of 2017. Doing so enabled us to work in Phase 1 on refining the approach and then in this phase on expanding it to an additional industry. Further industry-specific reporting to come in future phases.

In this report, we present the findings on areas including:

  • Reporting lines
  • Departmental structure
  • Services within the information centre
  • Customer sets of the information centre
  • Departmental strategy setting and frequency of review of the strategy
  • Time monitoring per key activity undertaken
  • Measuring success/results
  • Budgeting and changes in budget levels
  • Sources of funding
  • Staffing ratios.

Produced by Robin Neidorf

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