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Jinfo Subscription Report

We last reviewed InfoNgen, the web monitoring and aggregation service, in 2013 and in this fresh new review we revisit the product to see what's changed.

The InfoNgen discovery portal is a semantic web discovery platform that provides content discovery and text analytics solutions for competitive and market intelligence teams across a wide range of industries. According to the company, its search capabilities are what makes this product stand out and is driven by its semantic tagging engine, which applies tags to the content metadata in its native language.

This review:

  • Introduces the company and product

  • Highlights the extensive range of content added since our last review, including 200,000 web sources, which includes newswires, regulatory sites, specialised industry publications, press releases, academic journals, social media, blogs as well as a user’s own content and premium subscription sources

  • Looks at the product's value and use-cases, such as building searches to populate newsletters, alerts, and widgets for use in the wider organisation

  • Explores its search capabilities, one of the products key selling points, and covers its tagging engine which uses natural language processing (NLP) as well as its standardised and domain-specific taxonomies for the legal, pharmaceutical and financial markets

  • Looks at its key capabilities, such as news and research aggregation, text extraction and annotation, contextual tagging, filtering and faceting and content curation

  • Discusses the wide range of coverage, including its offering of over 30 languages

  • Covers product maturity, including the enablement of AI and voice-activated query building

  • Looks at the diverse range of outputs, including visualisation, emails, alerts, newsletters, and widgets

  • Covers pricing information

  • Looks at the competitive landscape, which includes Cision and Meltwater in the PR market, Manzama and LexisNexis Newsdesk in the legal market, and in the corporate sector, there is Digimind, Dow Jones Factiva, and Comintelli.

By Andrew Lucas.

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