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Jinfo SubscriptionProduct review of RefTracker from Altarama

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Jinfo Subscription Report

Altarama's RefTracker is a browser-based reference and enquiry management system whose clients are based all over the world in corporate clients from banking, finance, defence, energy, healthcare, insurance, law, manufacturing, media and pharmaceuticals as well as libraries, museums, federal and regulatory services.

Altarama's strength rests on the fact that it has focused exclusively on information request management problems in information centres for the past 20 years, resulting in rich product functionality.

This review: 

  • Introduces the company and product along with its value to users

  • Looks at the wide range of sources that can be incorporated into the product, including email, Office documents, image files and SMS

  • Explores its search capabilities, and how users can ask and answer questions and create a knowledge database

  • Highlights the wide range of languages available and use-cases to show the added value these bring to the product

  • Covers product maturity and development, including a whole new searching system with relevance-ranked results, and a new QuickText management system

  • Looks at the wide range of outputs including a variety of reports

  • Looks at the competitive environment, which includes EOS International, Lucidea's SydneyPlus, InMagic, Softlink's Ilumin, and dedicated tracking products, such as Compendium's DeskTracker, and Priory Solution's Quest

  • Dives into the product roadmap for the next 9-12 months and beyond

  • Covers pricing information.

Reviewed by: Scott Vine

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