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Jinfo SubscriptionJinfo discovery report 2018

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Jinfo Subscription Report

Through this research we sought to examine drivers around three goals for content discovery: creating a single point of entry to diverse content collections, improving back-end integration of multiple databases, and generating fresh insights through use of data analytics.

We used a survey to collect data from around 50 respondents across pharma/biotech, computer science, applied computing, electronics and engineering, chemistry and materials science and other areas such as defence and food/agriculture. We also conducted in-depth interviews with selected individuals.

This builds on our 2017 discovery research where we explored how information professionals define content discovery and what user needs they sought to address.

The report covers:

  • How respondents rank the three main goals of content discovery
  • Whether technology currently has the right capabilities to meet those goals
  • Whether solutions vendors understand information professionals' discovery goals
  • Whether increased budget or staff time is required to meet those goals
  • The importance respondents place on having a single point of entry to a diverse collection of content
  • Which web-scale discovery services are currently in use
  • Whether services meet information professionals goals for functionality
  • Which services were used for discovery but have been replaced
  • How likely respondents are to change discovery tool
  • Which discovery platforms are currently being trialled
  • How to improve the performance of link resolvers and IP authentication
  • Issues around back-end integration
  • Technology and services for back-end integration including key features and tools in use
  • How content discovery can be enhanced by data analytics
  • Tools used for data analytics
  • Key perceptions and concerns around implementing analytics tools.

Produced by Elizabeth Trudell.

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