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Jinfo Subscription Report

Wide Narrow is workflow software designed to support the work of an intelligence team. Jinfo's full product review gives a detailed overview of the product which is used by both small and large companies alike and supports both continuous and ad-hoc intelligence workflows and is highly flexible.

This review:

  • Introduces the company and product

  • Looks at Wide Narrow's value and highlights its users

  • Discusses its content set, with partners including Factiva and content integrated from EIU, Bloomberg and Euromonitor

  • Explores the platform's technology, particularly its collaboration and customisation features, including a full overview of the product's use of clusters

  • Looks at the outputs and the product administration

  • Identifies competitors, including Cipher Systems Knowledge360, Comintelli Intelligence2day, and M-Brain's Intelligence Plaza

  • Outlines development plans

  • Explores the help and training available

  • Explains its pricing structure.

By: Scott Vine

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